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Tuesday, March 25

MCQs of English in Nust (NET-1 2014)

1) Ali is a ……. Name in Pakistan?
a) Common
b) Frequent

2) Obscure means?
a) Approval
b) Hidden
c) Excuse
d) None

3) Meaning of obsolete?
4) Antonym of erode?
5) Soggy means?

6) Please go and get some _______ prints of this.
a) Color
b) Colored
c) Coloring
d) Colorized

7) What is the meaning of Arbitrary?
8) Knave means?

9) Synonym of eager.
a) Indifferent
b) Thoughtful

10) Approbation means?
11) Fitful means?
12) Meaning of baleful?
13) Meaning of procrastination?

14) Correct spelling
a) Aquire
b) Acquire
c) Acquaire
d) Acquirae

15) Correct spelling
a) Allegiance
b) Alligance
c) Alligience
d) Alligenice

16) Meaning of adorable?

17) Opposite of pit?
a) Peak
b) Plain

18) Achromatic means?
19) Synonym of Lacuna?
20) Opposite of Belligerent?
21) Opposite of tranquil?
22) Opposite of singular?


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