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Tuesday, March 25

MCQs of Maths in Nust (NET-1 2014)

1) A chord passing through the center of circle is called
a) The secant of the circle
b) The tangent of the circle
c) The arc of then circle
d) The diameter of the circle

2) (-x,2y) =(2,0) then x,y are
a) 2,0
b) 0,2
c) -2,0
d) 0,-2

3) What is the area of the rectangular room  with the length of 5-3i and width of 2i
a) 6+10i
b) 5-i
c) 1- i
d) None of these

4) According to addition properties of inequalities a+c
a) a<b
b) a
c) a=b
d) a<c

5) If a plane passes via a vertex of the cone then the intersection is
a) An ellipse
b) A hyperbola
c) A point circle
d) A parabola

6) Graph of horizontal straight line represent?
7) Which geometric series has r 0.5?
8) When a point divides internally a line then finds the coordinates?
9) If A is subset of B then B is super set of A this condition holds for which option?
10) A function is even when?

11) Parametric equation represents?
a) A parabola
b) A hyperbola
c) An ellipse
d) A circle

12) Find the radius and center of a circle from a given line.

13) lim x -> ∞ (lnx/x) =
a) 0
b) 1
c) -1
d) None

14) tn = ((-1/3)^n)*t (n-1) (n-1 is in subscript of t), and t1 = 1 this is in
a) AP
b) GP
c) HP
d) None

15) A is a subset of phie
a) A= [0]
b) A=[0,phie]
c) A is undefined
d) A=[phie]

16) What is the probability that you pick a queen or a face card from a set of 52 cards?
a) 14/3

17) Permutation of COCOCOLA.
18) What is the order of differential equations?
19) What is the order of highest derivative?
20) Integral of 0 is?
21) Additive inverse of complex number (a,b)
22) P(2,2), Q (-2,2) and R(k,2) find value of k if right angle is at P.

23) If the area of a square is 625, then its perimeter will be
a) 100
b) 50
c) 25
d) 200

24) The sum of all fourth root of unity is
a) 1
b) 0
c) -1
d) W

25) Solve cos[cos-1(4/5)+sin-1(3/5)].
26) Solve: value of a in x^4+x^3+ax+1 when the root of equation is 1.

27) sum of all 100 integers:
a) 8050
b) 8500
c) 8550
d) 5050

28) What is derivative of cosФ w.r.t to tanФ?

29) a quadrilateral having opposite angles congruent is
a) square
b) triangle
c) parallelogram
d) rectangle

30) Calculate the length of diagonal if its width is 8 cm and length is 10cm?
a) under root 64
b) Under root 36
c) 12
d) 9

31) (1+tan^2x)(1-sin^2)=?


  1. kis kis ka answer chahye ??

  2. please answers bhe likh dain

  3. first one answer is d

  4. you are great thanks mathmaster admin :)

  5. question lacks some data ..

  6. yar 11 ka answer btao, parametric equation tw circle ki b hti ha parabola ki b ?

  7. admin 25 and 26 kaisa karna ha ?

  8. 30 or 31 i guess pora question ni ha ?

  9. 30 me shape ka name missing ha, most probably it would be rectangle.
    31st me options ka keh rae ap ?

  10. 26th me replace x by 1 and find value of a by placing it equal to zero

  11. equations given thein wo btana tha kis shape ki hain

  12. which one ?

  13. Oh its sin^2x .

  14. thora guide kar do , koi theorem lagta ha ya direct karna ha, i always get confuse in it

  15. I think the is one

  16. can you post more PP questions on Trigonometry ,integration and differentiation , i remember i got a question in NET 1 regarding differentiation , it was like find dy/dx of function which had no trigonometry ratios in it but the choices were in trigonometric terms , it will be great if you can find this mcq :)

  17. ok will try our best to do so :)

  18. how much marks needed fo machanical engineering

  19. 74% aggregate

  20. its sin^2x ..
    x is missing ..

  21. nust main kia hisab ha aggregate ka?

  22. read this:

  23. I got 122/200 in net, 80% equivalence olevel and 79% in Alevel what are my chance for CS

  24. Bhai tera kuch nai ho sakta.. :p

  25. bahi chance to hai pakistaniyo ka isi pe kam chalta hai

  26. how much mark is required for Architecture and industrial designing? out of 200?

  27. about 130 are fine

  28. I have 70% mks (383) in fsc n 89% mks (931) in matric. How much marks i need in net to get admission in Civil Engg H-12 (SCEE/ NICE)? :)

  29. Muhammad Umair Sajid14 April 2014 at 12:28

    iGot 139 in NEt-2
    fsc 60% and matrik is 80%
    can i get admition in any enggenring????

  30. score near 140 to be on safe side

  31. I also attended NET-2 I remember some MCQ's Given below

    General questions were about Slopes...Simple equations were given. We had to find slopes....Some Simple questions were about sequences and series like in book...also Some trigonometry portion....simple...but tough...Chemistry include boiling point point of methanol....Who first draw graph between volumes and atomic mass....

  32. i got 103 in bba net 2 and 802 in fsc and 828 in matric. do i have any chance?

  33. its difficult.. try improving scores in NET-3 , score near 130

  34. Can someone tell me about some sample tests or past papers of NUST... I have applied in NET 3.... Help me plz..... I got 62% marks in fsc and 76% marks in matric.
    How many marks i requred in NET 3 to get admission in CS OR software engeenering??????

  35. sample test

  36. Can u suggest me some books or some other help?????

  37. I have joined kips sialkot...... Can u tell me the that from where i got complete NET1 or NET2 paper....

  38. can u please prefer me Any bo0k for NUST preparation if there is any ???

  39. u cant get complete paper from any source..

  40. Which chapters of math and physics i thorighly read to get good score in NET3???

  41. muhammad farhan4 June 2014 at 12:54

    i got 59% in fsc part 1 nd 69 % in matric..how many marks required in NET3 to get admsn in mechatronics engnrng..plz tell me admin

  42. muhammad farhan4 June 2014 at 13:02

    rply plzzzz admin

  43. Shayan Zulfiqar5 June 2014 at 12:01

    Sir i have got 83 %marks in matric and 77.8% marks in fsc part 1... 107 in net 2 can i get admission in civil engineering.....
    how much i have to score in net 3 to ensure my admission...

  44. nust men HAFIZ ke number hote hen ??

  45. nust k test mai kitny percent Basic Mathematics hota hy? n kitny % advance maths hota hy?

  46. muhammad farhan11 June 2014 at 23:13

    admin mei bi studnt hi hoon...;p..plz rply

  47. how many marks should i get in NET 3 to get into BS mathematics??

  48. I got 92 % marks in part 1 fsc and 91% in matric and 126 in net 2 will I get admission in software

  49. how much marks do I need for BBA(HONS)??? I got 85% in matric and 78% in HSSC-1

  50. Brother what is net 1,2,3 .

  51. sir i have filled my form so there is no response from ur side what should i do??

  52. man go for abroad scholarships :)

  53. i hv scored 88% marks in matric n 80% marks in fsc part 1. I wanna get admission in civil eng. what should be my score in net1?

  54. you will get full scolorship in nust .....lolz you are thinking for admission..

  55. 75% in matric and 76% in fsc hw much i scrd in net to get admsn in mechanical engineering

  56. 75%in matric and 76%in fsc hw much u scrd in net 1 to get admission in mechanical engineering

  57. ni ,question ki samaj e ni ai kia karna ha ? if i'm wrong do correct me please !

  58. so much worried about mathematix portion ... my f.sc and matric marks are 86%... how much marks should i secure to get admission there in civil engg ?????

  59. Shayan Zulfiqar

  60. i have got 81 % in fsc and 89% in matric how much marks do i need for civil engineering

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