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Tuesday, March 25

Past Paper of Nust (Architecture)

The weight-age of different portions in test of Architecture is listed below:

Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) / Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID)
  • Cognitive and Aptitude ​40%         
  • Mathematics 20% ( 40 mcqs )
  • English Comprehension ​20% ( 40 mcqs )
  • Physics 15% ( 30 mcqs )
  • ​Intelligence ​5% ( 10 mcqs )
Time allotted = 4 hours ( 2 hours for cognitive/aptitude portion and 2 hours for the rest )
Cognitive and aptitude portion will be in written form, the rest will be the Mcqs based.
Total MCQs = 120

Questions from NET-2014:

1) If architecture was not an option what would you choose and why? Explain in 4 lines only.

2) What do you consider yourself?
a) Creative
b) Imaginative
c) Scientific
d) Lazy

3) What do you see the place where you are sitting as?
a) A huge hall
b) A cubic volume
c) An atrium

4) The word which is the opposite in the meaning to LUCID
a) Disturbed
b) Confused
c) Evoked

5) There was an abstract pattern on an A4 size paper, and a 2' x 2' square had to be chosen and redrawn and colored using glaze paper. and a half drawing was given with a woman facing the other way and a window and vase on the right, and the drawing had to be completed and a drawing of one's right shoe and left hand had to be added in the complete picture.

The question 4 was the part of the MCQs portion (English) while the rest were included in the Cognitive and Aptitude portion. I hope this will give an idea to you people what sort of questions are asked in the test of arts. 

Questions from NET-1 2015 cognitive Portion:

Write down your strengths and weakness.

2) Describe yourself in 3 sentences.

3) If you had not chosen which other field you would have chosen?

4) How architecture suits you? Answer in light of your abilities and interest.

5) What do you consider yourself?
a) Creative
b) Lazy
(There were 2 more options)
Tip: Always select the positive answer in such questions.

6) Who planned Islamabad city?

7) There was a drawing of LOCK and we had to redraw it and also had to create an imaginary environment/setting around it.


  1. ahan..in k answers apni marzi k dent ya examiner ki marzi k?
    e.g i choose to be lazy but examiner wants creative so???

  2. no they just want to check u k apki personality kis type ki ha.
    so koe bhi answer select kar lo ap is me u'll get some point.

  3. ahan...right these msqs arent considerable that much?

  4. can be said but try to select the positive option.

  5. okay thankyou :)

  6. what abt question 5?? I don't get it...we would have to draw?

  7. there are 2 different questions in 5th ..
    u confused in first part or second ??

  8. in 2nd part 50% portion of a drawing was given u were to complete it. it can be any drawing.

  9. i have got 147 marks in net-2. 978 in matric nd 1020 in fsc . can i get admision in nust at mbbs?

  10. whtats the aggregate of Architecture in nust sada?

  11. no. improve the marks in NET

  12. let me calculate ur aggregate. w8 a while :)

  13. QaNdeel Abbasi2 May 2014 at 17:29


  14. how to do preparatn for architectre test?? i'd given NET-2 test. i was bit confuse in writtn portn coz it was having such questns tht r not genrly tought to us in colleges... may b arts studnts hve knwlede abut ths but how can science studnts solve these ques... can u recomnd me any book?

  15. can u quote some of those questions?

  16. marks of aptitude tests are calculated in the entry test or not?

  17. I couldn't understand Question no.5 ... can anyone elaborate it a bit plzz ??!!

  18. ganday ;/ i m jealous

  19. You are to draw a sketch basically

  20. what kind of sketch ??

  21. in 2013 you were to draw sketch of a man, in test that was held on 23rd december you were to draw a key and a lock.

  22. ok thnku soo much :) :)

  23. plx tel me NUST mn MS in architecture ha ???? agr ha to us k liye b koi test ha ???

  24. does nust, sada, offers phd or bachelors in architectural engineering?

  25. this is an idiotic question bt still em askin..
    plz tell me how much % i should b having and in what ...to gt an admission ??

  26. lachman das khatri7 April 2015 at 10:45

    Sir, could you please tell me that when will the Architecture test be held and will it be held on the same day as other Engineering tests?

  27. Muhammad Hassan18 June 2015 at 11:21

    Arch.Test Also Has 200 Marks As Enginerring Test,Is That True?? And Have You Any Idea That How Minimum Marks required In entry test to get Addmission in Nust In Architecture..??

  28. yes.. n u need 130+ i think for architecture...

  29. if the date was same the test should be held on same date as other engineering test

  30. i think u have to read past sample papers of net !it may be helpful for uh :)

  31. Plz tell me from where I can check the result of B architecture held on 24 June 2015


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