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Friday, June 12

Conflict in Test Dates of GIKI & NUST

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Entrance Test for GIKI 2015 Admissions is scheduled on July 5. The paper based test of NUST, that will be held in Karachi & Quetta is also scheduled on July 5. Students of Engineering are confused in which test they should appear. 

The best possible option is appear in both by appearing in computer based test of NUST which will be held in Islamabad. In this case students of Karachi & Quetta will have to travel to Islamabad to appear in computer based test. I contacted rector GIKI, and asked him if there is any possibility of change in the date. Given below is the reply received from the admission office of GIKI:

"NUST test was originally scheduled in June but is being conducted on July 05, 2015 due to some reason and hence conflict has arisen. As GIK Institute test is conducted simultaneously in seven major cities across Pakistan and advance booking of venues has been done, therefore it is not possible to change test date or timings, however, NUST has agreed to conduct CBT (Computer Based Test) for those interested in admission at GIK Institute, provided they can travel to Islamabad for the purpose. This may not be best of solution but under the circumstances no better solution is available."

The contact details of admission office of GIKI are as below:
Muhammad Faheem Akhtar
Director (Admissions & Examinations)
G03, HU Beg Administration Block
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
Topi 23640, District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PAKISTAN
Tel: +92-938-281026 Ext. 2205
Fax: +92-938-281052
Email: faheem@giki.edu.pk 
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Thursday, April 23

Merit List of FMDC 2015

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  • AJK - 75.228%
  • BALOCHISTAN - 72.983%
  • FATA - 73.624%
  • FEDERAL - 76.226%
  • GILGIT BALTISTAN - 73.121%
  • KPK - 75.122%
  • MERIT - 82.411%
  • PUNJAB -  78.334%
  • SINDH(RURAL) - 70.67%
  • SINDH(URBAN) - 69.452%
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Saturday, March 14

GIKI Admission Schedule

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GIKI Admission Schedule for Under Graduate Programs

                                                                               GIKI Admission Calender
Sr. No Date Activity
1 April 26, 2015    Online Submission of Application Form Starts
2 April 27, 2015    Availability of Prospectus
3 June 19, 2015    Online Submission of Admission Form Ends
4 June 19, 2015    Last Date for Payment of Processing Fee
5 June 19, 2015    Last Date for Dispatch of Admission  Documents & Processing Fee By Applicants 
6 June 22, 2015    Last Date for Receipt of Admission  Documents at GIK Institute 
7 June 27, 2015    Last Date for Dispatch of Dispatch of Admit Cards From GIK Institute 
8 July 5, 2015    Admission Test
9 July 7, 2015    Last Date for Receipt of SAT-2 Scores (Overseas Applicants)
10 July 11, 2015    Admission Test Result Posted on website
11 August 22 - 23, 2015    Induction Ceremony
12 August 24, 2015    Semester Starts
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Past Paper of FMDC

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Paper of 2013

English Portion

1) Lesion is closest in meaning to:
a) Treasure
b) Injury
c) Honor
d) Esteem

2) Pick out the synonyms of Lethal:
a) Philosophical
b) Unique
c) Wholesome
d) Deadly

3) Pick out the antonyms of Obsolete:
a) Old
b) Outdated
c) Modern
d) Unused

4) Pick out the antonyms of Blunt:
a) Subtle
b) Obtuse
c) Rounded
d) Careful

5) Complete the following sentence:
She got so much _______ in her work that she was ______ to the noise surrounding her.

6) You will feel much better if u _____ that tooth out.
a) will have had.
b) have
c) had

7) A comprehension passage on sharks was given and students were to answer the questions from that passage.

Biology Portion

1) Nematocysts are the characteristics of ?
a) annelida
b) porifera
c) protozoa
d) echinoderm
e) cnidarians

2) In floral formula what is (k) ??
a) calyx
b) corolla
c) androecium
d) gynoceium

3) Hordeum vulgare is the scientific name of?
a) wheat
b) oat
c) barley

4) What is the function of liver
a) decreases glucose level.
b) increases glucose level
c) synthesize glucose
d) all of the above

5) The photosynthetic product from leaves go to all the parts by ?
a) vascular bundles.
b) xylem
c) phloeum
d) stomata

6) Internal fertilization e.g duck bill platypus and spiny ant eater
a) oviparous.
b) ovoviviparous.
c) viviparous.

7) Estrogen level is highest during which two points?
a) immediately before and aftr ovulation.
b) during pregnancy and menstruation.
c) during ovulation and menstruation.

8) Time of leuteal phase is
a) 4-6 days
b) 10-12 days.
c)12-14 days
d) 8-10 days.

9) What is the role of decomposers in nitrogen cycle?

10) During the course of glycolysis what happens?
a) nadh is reduced to nad+
b) nad+ is oxidized to nad
c) both a and b.
d) glucose breaks down to 2 molecules of pyruvate.

11) In plants what is the stimulus of touch?
a) thigmo
b) nastic
c) mechanical

12) Which of the following is wrong about enzymes
a) lower the activation energy
b) are used up in chemical reaction.
c) are specific

13) What is meant by residual volume of lungs?

Chemistry Portion

1-Alkali metals  _____ than alkaline earth metals...
a) harder
b) have low ionization energy.
c) lower ionic radius.

2) Bleaching agent is good
1) oxidizing agent.
2) reducing agent.
3) dehdrating agent.

3) In CaC2 how many bonds are present?
a) 2 sigma 1 pi.
b)1 sigma 2 pi.
c) 2 sigma.
d)1 pi and 2 bonds.

4) The diffusion of gas depends upon.
a) molecular mass.
b) reactivity.
c) ionization energy.

5) The ozone layer is destroyed by which radical?
a) chloride
b) fluoride

6) Which xylene is more likely to get sulphonated?
a) ortho
b) para.
c) meta.
d) all will get equally.

7) In H2SO4 the total number of electrons in the covalent bond surrounding sulfer is?
a) 12
c) 8
d) 6

Physics Portion

1) Two equal resistors are connected in parallel. What will be their equivalent resistance?
a) 2/R
b) R/2
c) 3R/2

2) Two capacitors 2 micro F and 4 micro F are connected in series with 100V supply. What will be there effective capacitance?

3) A ball is thrown upward with the velocity 196 m/s how high does the ball rise ?
a) 1960
b) 2960
c) 1000
d) 1100

4) Definition of Len'z law

5) The total momentum of an isolated system of interacting bodies remains constant is the statement of which law?

6) Efficiency of Carnot Engine will be 100% when temperature of its sink will be?

7) Vector which only specifies direction is?
a) position vector
b) null vector
c) unit vector
d) all

8) A body is moving in circle.Which of the following is correct ?
a) its displacement is zero
b) its acceleration is zero
c) its velocity is zero
d) it is not moving with uniform velocity

9) A car has 1000 kg mass and accelerate from 0 to 25m/s in 10s. What should be the power of the car to have this acceleration?

10) A convex lens is in contact with a concave lens with focal lengths 25cm and 45cm respectively. What should be there combined power in diopters?

11) Which statement describes the potential difference between two points in a wire that carries a current?
a) the force required to move a unit positive charge between the points
b) the ratio of energy dissipated
c) the ratio of power dissipated between the points & the current
d) the ratio of power dissipated between the points & charge moved

12) 80 Joules of heat is provided to a body which does a work of 100 Joules. Its internal energy will be?

13) Ultraviolet rays are preferred for photo electric effect over visible light because?
a) they have longer wavelength
b) their energy is more than visible light

14) A pendulum is hanging from the ceiling in a train, if the train starts moving with constant speed of 10m/s the time period of pendulum will
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

15) Find acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity of 90km/h in a circle of 100 m radius

16) Region of space around the charge in which its effect can be observed is?

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Wednesday, March 11

Mock Tests for NET-2

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What are the Mock Tests?

A mock test(Pre Entry Test) is a test made on the same pattern as the original tests are made and these help the students to identify how good their level of preparation is. These help the students to identify the areas in which they lag and hence the students can prepare accordingly and  improve those portions.

Benefits of taking the test with us:

  • Will be on the same pattern as the original NET is .
  • Same difficulty level as the NET.
  • Can be attempted at any time and as many times as you wish to.
  • Results and Solutions shown right after you complete the test. 
  • The correct answer of each question will be shown after completion of the test..
  • Will help you realize the weak portions and the areas where you need improvements.
  • Will be helpful in managing the time in NET. 
  • Last year many MCQs from our Mocks were in the real tests, so it proved a great help for those who appeared in our Tests.
  • The students scoring highest marks in our test will get free access to our Online Session for NET-3 preparation, during which we will train you to score maximum marks in NET.
Charges of the test

Test is offered for
  • NET Engineering
  • NET Medical
  • NET Business
  • NET Architecture
Charges of test of one of the field from above 4 are Rs 250.
If you wish to receive helping stuff along with the test you are to pay an additional 250 Rs. Helping stuff includes:
  • An outline of important chapters.
  • A detailed guide on how to solve Intelligence portion.
  • Essential Word list for NET.
  • Tips/Tricks for NET.
  • Guide to Solve Analogy portion in English.
Where the tests will be conducted?
Tests will be conducted online on our website (oetp.pk)

When will the test be conducted?
Test will be uploaded on March 20th, 2015 on our website, which only registered members can access. However if you register before 20th you can get the helping stuff  if you paid for it. 

Registration Timeline:
You need to register at-least 1 day before you want to appear in the Mock Test.

How to register?
Fill the form given on the following link: Registration Form and submit the fee (Fee submission details are shown after you submit the form)
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Saturday, February 21

How to Concentrate on studies?

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How to Concentrate on studies?

If you are having cell phone in your hand, TV in front of you and complaining that you cant concentrate on studies, then Sorry nothing can be done about that. If you want to concentrate on what you are doing firstly make sure that you are away from all sorts of distractions (cell phone, tv, computers etc). 
Secondly don't just start and spend 4,5 hours on studying without any break. Study for half an hour or an hour and take 5-10 minutes break. The breaks after half an hour are more effective. During these breaks do small tasks that you like, for example talking to friends, checking out Facebook etc but only for 5-10 minutes.  These breaks help in establishing the strong neural connections. Try revising the things you learned during entire day just before going to sleep. This helps in transfer of that data from short term memory to long term memory. And most probably you'll dream about the thing you studied just before sleeping. 
If day dreaming is a hurdle in your way then change your study habits. Most of the students study while sitting. If you do so, study while walking. This will reduce the incoming of the thoughts in your mind. Keep on changing the rooms in which you study. If there is a noise at your place and you cant find a quite place, prefer to do written work during that time. For example solving numericals. 
These small efforts will have a huge impact on your performance. In case of any confusion/problem feel free to comment below. 
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Sunday, February 15

First Year Chronicles

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Getting admission in KEMU DPT is usually the best thing that happens to you after you don’t get in MBBS and naturally it pretty much explains low morale of the first year class. If you’ve got into KEMU, you probably worked hard and are currently disappointed. You probably feel cheated by the MCAT and may be under the impression that you haven’t been treated fairly. You also believe that you can do better next year and there are solid chances of you getting into MBBS unless you’ve already tried two to three times.

The first thing you encounter when you come here in KEMU are the seniors waiting for your lecture to end and start their siege of fooling and many of the first year class dislike this whole process of standing in the anatomical position and singing songs they don’t want to sing. Believe me when I tell you that these songs and fooling days are the days you’ll cherish forever, so enjoy while it lasts, blend in and make the best of it.

Now by now you do understand that some of the classes will be held in School of Physiotherapy while the basic sciences including anatomy and physiology will be taught in KEMU by the respective departments. The thing about KEMU departments is that they don’t discriminate between you and MBBS students and demand the same hard work in basic sciences by DPT students. The point is, take them seriously and go through lectures regularly. The subjects taught in school of physiotherapy are relatively easy and require less time to process but it doesn’t mean you can totally ignore them. On a second thought, you can ignore them; you’ll be able to catch up if you start prep 3 months before First Professional.

There are only two kinds of students, the ones who get all emotional and purchase every single book they are recommended and the ones who don’t purchase anything. Don’t be either of them, buy only what you can read and nothing more.  You have to understand that working hard isn’t going to cut it, you need to work intelligently and efficiently. 

If you are thinking of re-attempting the MCAT this year, keep your attendance good the rest of the year, concentrate on anatomy and physiology as these two will help you there in the test too. Take one month off before the test, nothing more or things will get messy and you wouldn’t be able to handle the situation. Most of you won’t qualify for the MCAT and you’ll have to make peace with your situation here. Keeping in view every aspect of life here, you should know that currently you are enrolled in Pakistan’s most prestigious university, in your field your school holds absolute control, the heads of 95 percent of physiotherapy colleges/universities in Punjab are from KEMU. The graduates from your university are respected in your field for being the best at what we do. Despite everything, you should be proud.

Asbar Javaid ( 
Final Year DPT, 2010-2014)
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AKU Admissions 2015

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Agha Khan Admission Schedule 2015

Bachelor of Science In Nusrsing(BScN)
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Diploma in Dental Hygiene(DDH)
Application Acceptance
March 16 - May 4
Admission Test
BScN and DDH: Saturday June 13
AKU Test
MBBS: Sunday June 14
Test Centers
Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Chitral, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Dubai 
Submission of SAT 1, SAT 2  and MCAT for International candidates
June 30
Last date to submit A level results and Certification results for all systems of education other than Pakistani Intermediate Examination
August 25
Last date to submit Pakistani Intermediate(HSC) Examination results
September 30
Submission of Test Results administered by National Testing Service or Provincial Governments for admission to MBBS programme (If applicable)
October 1
Class Commencement 
Mid December

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Wednesday, January 21

Online NET Preparation Session

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Online NET-2 Preparation Session

First Online Preparation Session for NET-2 began on 1st of February. The response of the students was good enough. About 120 students joined the session. The second Online session for NET will start form 1st March and will continue till end of April. The registrations will begin soon .

Details About next sessions
Online Preparatory session for NET-3 will start from May.

In case of any question feel free to ask...
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Tuesday, January 20

Closing Aggregates of Nust in 2014

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Closing Aggregates of Nust in 2014

This post contains the exact closing aggregates of NUST for the year 2014. The fields whose closing aggregates are confirmed are mentioned below, aggregates of all the fields will be added as soon as they are verified.

  • MBBS (AMC)
    Closing aggregate: 84.929%
    The merit position of the student was 201. (In 15th merit list)
  • Software Engineering (SEECS)
    Closing aggregate: 70.26%
    The merit position of the student was 1580. 
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