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13 April 2014

PIEAS 2014 Admission Guideline

PIEAS 2014 Admissions

PIEAS announced the admission schedule for the year 2014, the details of the program as as under.

Q1) Which Programs are being offered at PIEAS at undergraduate level? 

The following two undergraduate programs are being offered at PIEAS:

  • BS Electrical Engineering 
  • BS Mechanical Engineering 
Q2) What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 60% marks or equivalent in both Matriculation/O‐level and Intermediate/A‐level examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects.  
  • Candidates with pre medical background, who have given additional paper of Mathematics are also
    eligible to apply. 
  • Those waiting for their results may also apply. However, the intermediate/A‐level result with at least
    60% marks or equivalent is required at the time of joining the BS program.  
Ineligibility Criteria

Anyone having any of the following deficiencies is not eligible to apply for admission at PIEAS: 

  • Having less than 60% marks in Matric and FSc. 
  • Failed/not appeared in any subject in FSc Part‐I/II. 
  • Having less than 60% marks in O/A level as per equivalence certificate issued by IBCC. 
  • Diploma holders are not eligible. 
Q3) What is the Application Processing Fee ?

  • Application processing fee within due date
    Rs 1200 for on‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within due date
    Rs 1700 for off‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within two weeks after due date  
    Rs 2000 for on‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within two weeks after due date  
    Rs 2250 for off‐line submission 
Q4) How to apply?

You can apply either by filling an online form or by offline form filling, details are as under:


  • Preferably apply online; application forms should be submitted on‐line at PIEAS web site.  
  • Copy of online bank deposit slip will be generated after submission of application form. Save a copy of the bank receipt for your record as well. 

  • The form can be downloaded from the PIEAS web site  
  • Copy of online bank deposit slip is also available at PIEAS website. Save a copy of the bank receipt for your record as well. 
Q5) How to submit the Fee?

For both modes of application form submission, the application processing fee must be deposited in the PIEAS University  online  Account  No. 0010002084620041  (Title of Account: PIEAS‐APF)  Allied Bank Limited, Cabinet Division Branch (Code No. 0793), Islamabad. Application form along with the Bank receipt of processing fee must reach the Registrar Office not later than the advertised deadline. However, there will be no bank service charges for submission of processing fee through any branch of ABL.

Q6 ) Which Documents are Required with the Application Form ?

The following documents must reach Registrar Office not later than the advertised deadline at the following
address and preferably, documents should be sent through Pakistan Post, TCS, OCS or Leopard services.

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
Nilore, Islamabad

  • Application Form (if applying off‐line)  
  • Original bank receipt 
  • A passport size photograph 
  • Attested copy of Matric / O‐Level* Transcript 
  • Attested copy of F.Sc. / A‐Level or F.Sc. (Part I) Transcript 
*‐ For O‐Level / A‐Level students equivalence certificate of O‐level from Inter Board Chairman Committee
(IBCC) is mandatory.
**‐ Applications without above mentioned documents will not be entertained.

Q7 ) What is the last date to submit the application?
Last date to submit the application is May 5, 2014. Form is available at: PIEAS admission form

Q8 ) What is the merit Criteria?

Selection of candidates is made on the basis of Matric /O‐level, F.Sc./A‐level grades and written test as per
  • PIEAS Written Test      60%  
  • Matric            15% 
  • F.Sc or F.Sc (Part I)   25% 
  • O‐Level / A‐Level   40% of O‐Level equivalence from Inter Board Chairman Committee (IBCC)  
Test shall be conducted in major cities of Pakistan as mentioned on the application forms. The test will be
MCQs based on English Comprehension, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Sample paper is available at PIEAS website.

Admission on the basis of SAT Scores

PIEAS has reserved some seats for admission in BS programs through SAT scores.

  • All Pakistani nationals of both Matric / F.Sc. or O / A level streams are eligible to compete on the basis of SAT score. 
  • Admission shall be based on SAT II result of three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics level II)  
  • The SAT score should be at least 2000 or more to be eligible for admission 
  • Merit list on the basis of SAT score shall be prepared separately for admission in BS programs.  
  • SAT scores may be sent to Registrar, PIEAS at the latest by the deadline mentioned in admission 
  • advertisement. 
  • The PIEAS institutional code to receive SAT scores is 7272. 
Q9) What is the paper pattern?
There would be a total 100 MCQs in the test . 25 from each Math, Physics, Chemistry and English.

Q10) How much time is available for the test?
You will have 3 hours to solve the test. 100 mcqs in 3 hours. A lot of time infact. If your preparation is good you will solve the entire paper in less than 2 hours.

Q11) Is there any negative marking in the test?
Yes there is negative marking in the test. Negative one for each wrong answer.

Q12) Is the calculator allowed in the test?
Yes calculator is allowed during the test. Do take your calculator with you.

Q13) Is sample or past paper of PIEAS available?
Yes these are available.
You can get the sample paper from here: PIEAS sample paper
Past Paper: Past paper of PIEAS

9 April 2014

AKU Admission Guidelines 2014

Admission Guideline for AKU (Agha Khan University)

Agha Khan University announced the Admission Schedule for the year 2014 for its medical programs, the details and guidelines are mentioned below.

Q1: Admissions for which fields are open in AKU?
Interested candidates can apply for the following two fields:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BScM)
Q2: When is the last date to apply?
One can apply for the admission from 7th April to 30th May for BScN and MBBS, but these dates are divided into categories:

  • Early birds
  • Regular Birds
Early Birds:
The registration fee for Early birds is Rs. 4800 and the dates for this category are 7th April - 15th May.

Regular Birds:
The registration fee for Regular birds is Rs. 7200 and dates for this category are 16th May - 30th May. 
No application will be accepted after 30th May.

For BScM the dates of application are from January 13th till May 15th 2014.

Q3: What are the test and interview dates:
Test will be held in various cities of Pakistan on following dates:

  • BScN : June 21st, 2014
  • BScM: June 21st, 2014
  • MBBS: June 22nd, 2014
Tests will be held in following cities Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Chitral, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar.

For International Candidates:Last date for submission of SAT I, SAT II and MCAT scores is 25th July, 2014.
The students who will qualify in the Entrance Tests will have to appear in the interview which will be scheduled in August - September
The classes will start from mid December 2014.

Q4: From where to Download the application form?
Forms are available on the following links:
MBBS Admission form
BScN application form

Q5: What is the procedure to apply?

The detailed procedure can be read at the following links:
For MBBS :MBBS program details
For BScN : How to apply for BScN

Q6: What is the annual fee at AKU?

The detailed fee structure of AKU is available on the following link:
Fee and Funding

Q7: Is any scholarship offered in AKU?
Yes AKU offers Need based scholarship and scholarship on loan basis. The forms for the scholarships are available on the above link i.e of fee and funding.

Q8: How to prepare for the test and the interview?
A detailed guide on aku test and interview was published in our magazine "New Direction". Those who will be appearing in the test of AKU can get the magazine by filling this form,
New Direction

Q9: Can we get past paper/sample paper of AKU from any where? 
We are working on the past paper. It will be uploaded soon and we will notify about it on our page :

In case of any question/confusion feel free to ask

4 April 2014

Questions of NET-2

Below are some of the questions which were a part of Nust Entrance Test - 2 ( NET-2). These were provided by different members who appeared in the test. If anyone of you appeared in the test kindly help in the collection of questions by providing the questions of the following link:
NET-2 Questions collection.

1) In interference pattern, energy is
a) created at position of maximum
b) destroyed at position of maximum
c) conserved but is redistributed
d) none of above

2) The relation v = fh(lambda), holds for
a) sound waves
b) light waves
c) heat waves
d) All of the above

3) When an electron moves through magnetic field, the magnitude force on electron
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains same
d) none of above

4) Light observes:
a) Interference
b) diffraction
c) Doppler's effect
d) both a and b
e) All of these

5) All the following variables are used to describe gases except
a) Pressure
b) Volume
c) Moles
d) Density

6) In the following properties of waves, which one is independent of other..
a) Amplitude
b) Velocity
c) Frequency
d) wavelength

7) _____ was stolen yesterday
a. My brother bag
b. My brother's bags
c. My brother's bag
d my brothers' bag

8) Nuclear reactions are
d.none of these

9) In Life cycle of leaf which of following is included
a. Over topping
b. Plantation
c. Both.
d none

10) power house of the cell is
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) lysosomes
d) ribosomes

11) Select the odd one out
a. Trunk
b. Leaf
c. Flower
d. Tree

12) What is the rate of radiation whose activity is 3 Becquerel. ?

13) which is not scalar ?
b) pressure
c) work
d) weight

14) pick the odd one
a) ear
b) nose
c) throat
d) tongue

15)  Leaves are produced by
A. Lateral meristem
B. Intercallary meristem
C. Apical meristem
D. None

16) In formation of Esters which of the following is released from carboxylic acids
B. H
C. Both
D. None

17) Tides are due to which force?

18) Which one is the Unit of Magnetic Flux?

19) Which of the fllowings is a prime number
D.All of these

20)  Complete the series :
9, 32, 63, 96,?

21) Which of the folwing is tropic movemnt
A Hydrotropism
B epinasty
C nutation
D sleep movement

22) Other name of cell membrane is ?

23) pick odd one out
A mountain
B mound
C peak
D valley

24) percentage of DNA in bacterial cell is ?

25) power factor for inductor is?

26) Which property of light more accurately define wave nature?
a) Reflection
b) Refraction
c) Scattering
d) Polarization

2 April 2014

Change of test date for NET ( Nust Entrance Test )

Once we have paid the fee and selected the date of our test, can we change the date of our test?

This question is asked by many fellows, as most of the students try to get the last possible date. The answer to this question is YES. 
There is a possibility that the date of your test can be changed provided you have a solid reason for it. It can be done in two ways:

  • Via email
  • Via call 
You can send an email to Nust or you can make a phone call and describe the issue you are facing. Remember you must have a solid reason to convince them else they will just ignore your application. If you say them that you want more time for the preparation they won entertain you i.e your application wont be accepted. So those who were thinking to extend the time so that they may get more time for preparation should focus on their preparation instead. Plus a day or two more cannot help you in getting in Nust if you didn't prepare well before. Its not a game of a day or two. Its a game of two complete years. How you spent the time during your FSc will actually decide if you will get in Nust or not. 
The contact number and email id which can be used to contact Nust are as follows:







27 March 2014

Nust School of Health Sciences ( NSHS )

Nust School of Health Sciences

A new Medical school is being constructed in Nust, Nust School of Health Sciences. The first block of the school is under construction. The construction was started on December 1st, 2013 and expected date of completion of the structure is December 1st, 2014. Probably the classes will start in 2015. 
The total cost of this first block is about 435 million rupees. There will be an attached hospital with the school which can accommodate up-to 500 patients. 
The number of students which will be enrolled in the medical school for the first year would be about 300, a good news for the students of pre medical :D 
All these seats will be for civilian students. Moreover it is being expected that after the completion of NSHS Army Medical College (AMC) will be delinked from Nust and will be under Pakistan army totally. The same is expected for other campuses of Nust. All the civilian students will be studying in H-12 Islamabad, and those who wish to serve army will be joining army colleges (EME, AMC etc).

26 March 2014

Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University MBBS admissions

Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University MBBS admissions

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Fsc pre medical with minimum 60% marks.
  • A level/Grade 12 American school, IBCC equivalent certificate with at least 60% marks.
  • For overseas SAT-II having minimum score 5.50 or pass Entry test.
Admission Schedule:

  • Last date for submitting the application form: March 28, 2014
  • Test Date: March 29, 2014
  • Display of first merit list: March 31, 2014
  • Last date pf payment of fee: April 4, 2014
  • Commencement of classes:  April 7, 2014
Entry Test Venues:

  • MIMC, Mirpur AJK
  • MIU, I-9 markaz Islamabad
Distribution of seats:

  • Open merit: 65
  • AJK Government Nominees: 20
  • Overseas/Expatriates and foreigners: 15

From where to get the form? 
Application form can obtained from the Mohi-ud-Din Medical College Mirpur and Camp office I-9 markaz, Islamabad 
Can be downloaded from University or College websites.
Processing fee is 2500 Rs. 

NOTE: No application form will be entertained without provincial/ Govt/ NTS entry test mark sheet. 

25 March 2014

MCQs of Maths in Nust (NET-1 2014)

1) A chord passing through the center of circle is called
a) The secant of the circle
b) The tangent of the circle
c) The arc of then circle
d) The diameter of the circle

2) (-x,2y) =(2,0) then x,y are
a) 2,0
b) 0,2
c) -2,0
d) 0,-2

3) What is the area of the rectangular room  with the length of 5-3i and width of 2i
a) 6+10i
b) 5-i
c) 1- i
d) None of these

4) According to addition properties of inequalities a+c
a) a<b
b) a
c) a=b
d) a<c

5) If a plane passes via a vertex of the cone then the intersection is
a) An ellipse
b) A hyperbola
c) A point circle
d) A parabola

6) Graph of horizontal straight line represent?
7) Which geometric series has r 0.5?
8) When a point divides internally a line then finds the coordinates?
9) If A is subset of B then B is super set of A this condition holds for which option?
10) A function is even when?

11) Parametric equation represents?
a) A parabola
b) A hyperbola
c) An ellipse
d) A circle

12) Find the radius and center of a circle from a given line.

13) lim x -> ∞ (lnx/x) =
a) 0
b) 1
c) -1
d) None

14) tn = ((-1/3)^n)*t (n-1) (n-1 is in subscript of t), and t1 = 1 this is in
a) AP
b) GP
c) HP
d) None

15) A is a subset of phie
a) A= [0]
b) A=[0,phie]
c) A is undefined
d) A=[phie]

16) What is the probability that you pick a queen or a face card from a set of 52 cards?
a) 14/3

17) Permutation of COCOCOLA.
18) What is the order of differential equations?
19) What is the order of highest derivative?
20) Integral of 0 is?
21) Additive inverse of complex number (a,b)
22) P(2,2), Q (-2,2) and R(k,2) find value of k if right angle is at P.

23) If the area of a square is 625, then its perimeter will be
a) 100
b) 50
c) 25
d) 200

24) The sum of all fourth root of unity is
a) 1
b) 0
c) -1
d) W

25) Solve cos[cos-1(4/5)+sin-1(3/5)].
26) Solve: value of a in x^4+x^3+ax+1 when the root of equation is 1.

27) sum of all 100 integers:
a) 8050
b) 8500
c) 8550
d) 5050

28) What is derivative of cosФ w.r.t to tanФ?

29) a quadrilateral having opposite angles congruent is
a) square
b) triangle
c) parallelogram
d) rectangle

30) Calculate the length of diagonal if its width is 8 cm and length is 10cm?
a) under root 64
b) Under root 36
c) 12
d) 9

31) (1+tan^2x)(1-sin^2)=?

MCQs of Physics in NUST (NET-1 2014)

1) The unit of vector is used to determine
a) Direction
b) Magnitude

2) A body can have zero velocity and still be accelerating
a) True
b) False
c) We cannot say unless the mass of the body is known
d) None of these

3) When two suspended objects are seen to attract each other electrically:
a) They are both charged
b) They must be charged
c) Either (a) or (b) is charged
d) Neither (a) nor (b) is true

4) Which series li in UV region?
5) Definition of temperature Constant?
6) Acceleration of body executing SHM is directed towards?
7) Voltage lags behind current in RC circuit?

8) Unit of acceleration is.?
a) m.s^-1
b) m.s^-2
c) m.s^2
d) m.s^1

9) Dimension of angle?
10) If you push a box on the floor which force acts against your action?

11) Galvanometer becomes Ammeter when connected in?
a) Series
b) Parallel

12) The electric flux is …….quantity?
13) Unit of permibility of free space?
14) S.I unit of acceleration?
15) What is the speed of sound in Vacuum?

16) Which of the following can be considered as ideal for being stationary?
a) Earth
b) Galaxy
c) Space
d) Nothing

17) Unit of impulse?
18) Definition of isothermal processes.
19) Definition of faraday’s law.
20) Definition of mass spectrometer.

21) In which circuit fraction of voltage is obtained as compared to voltage supplied
a) Resistor
b) Capacitor
c) Inductor
d) All

22) Rf value =?
23) Electric current cannot pass via….
24) Simen is SI unit of?
25) Unit of weber is equal to?
26) Unit of angular momentum?

27) What is the radius of second orbital?
a) 0
b) 15A-2
c) 2A-2
d) 3A

28) Which of the following represents electronegativity?

29) Newton is unit of
a) Force
b) Area
c) momentum
d) Acceleration

30) Alpha scattering experiment was conducted in which year?
a) 1908
b) 1922
c) 1925
d) 1911

MCQs of English in Nust (NET-1 2014)

1) Ali is a ……. Name in Pakistan?
a) Common
b) Frequent

2) Obscure means?
a) Approval
b) Hidden
c) Excuse
d) None

3) Meaning of obsolete?
4) Antonym of erode?
5) Soggy means?

6) Please go and get some _______ prints of this.
a) Color
b) Colored
c) Coloring
d) Colorized

7) What is the meaning of Arbitrary?
8) Knave means?

9) Synonym of eager.
a) Indifferent
b) Thoughtful

10) Approbation means?
11) Fitful means?
12) Meaning of baleful?
13) Meaning of procrastination?

14) Correct spelling
a) Aquire
b) Acquire
c) Acquaire
d) Acquirae

15) Correct spelling
a) Allegiance
b) Alligance
c) Alligience
d) Alligenice

16) Meaning of adorable?

17) Opposite of pit?
a) Peak
b) Plain

18) Achromatic means?
19) Synonym of Lacuna?
20) Opposite of Belligerent?
21) Opposite of tranquil?
22) Opposite of singular?

MCQs of Chemistry in NUST (NET-1)

Below are the MCQs of Chemistry which were in NET-1. 

1) Select the one that is paramagnetic?
a) Bismuth
b) Chromium
c) Water
d) Mercury

2) Ph of pepsin?

3) Which of the following has maximum specific heat?
a) Copper
b) Aluminium
c) Iron
d) Ice

4) Hydrolysis of acetals gives
a) Carboxylic acid
b) Ketone
c) Aldehydes
d) Ethers

5) Molecule in which the distance between the two adjective carbon atoms is largest is
a) Ethane
b) Ethene
c) Ethyne
d) Benzene

6) The temperature at which a gas liquefies under 1 atm of pressure is called
a) Critical temperature
b) Boiling point
c) Normal boiling point
d) Triple point

7) The law which describes the relationship between the volume and temperature of a gas at constant pressure is called
a) Boyle's law
b) Avogadro's law
c) Charle's law
d) Graham's law

8) Percentage of nitrogen in ammonia?
9) Slow cooling causes crystals of ……..length?

10) What will we get as the last product of fractional distillation of petroleum
a) Gasoline
b) Petrol
c) Diesel
d) Kerosene oil

11) What is the nature of surfactant whose deficiency causes a syndrome?

12) Which of the following will be separated by filtration?
a) Salt and water
b) Sugar and water
c) Alcohol and water

13) What is the formula to calculate a molecular weight of solute using freezing constant?
14) Slow cooling result in ……..crystals??

15) Highest ionization potential?
a) Na
b) Ca

16) Commercial source of noble gas is?
17) Energy in one ton coal.

18) What is the color of epsum salt?
a) Reddish
b) Bluish
c) Greenish
d) Colorless

19) Metallic character ……downs the group in 5A.

20) Which of the following causes suffocation?
a) S02
b) C02
c) Fog

21) Solid waste incineration produces carcinogen
a) HOX
b) Dioxin

22) Why does electronegativity decreases down the group?

23) % composition of ammonia in ammonium nitrate?
a) 47%
b) 32%
c) 87%

24) Carbon does not form which of the following bonds?
a) C=c
b) c=o
c) C triple bond S
d) C triple bond N

25) Conversion of solid waste into oil and gas is not associated with which process?
a) Pyrolysis
b) Hydrolysis
c) Hydrogenation
d) Bicamation

26) Indoform test is used to distinguish ketones from ……..?
27) Which catalyst is used in oxidization of benzene?
28) What is produced in thermal decomposition of lead oxide?
29) What is used in orange products as artificial sweetener?
30) PVC contains which halogen?

31) Which of the following is wood sprit
a) Ethanol
b) Ethanal
c) Methnal
d) Methnol

32) Who invented company name Celera?
33) Reaction by which potassium magnate is produced?
34) Who explained earth by catastrophism?
35) By which process solid wastes are not degraded?
36) Use of asbestos in gooch crucible?

37) What is used in cement manufacture?
a) Limestone
b) Starch

38) Ph of catalase?
39) Alcohol, phenol and ethers are derivatives of?