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Tuesday, October 21

Preparation of NUST Entrance Test

Preparation of NUST Entrance Test

Online Session for Nust Test Preparation By ETP and NUSTgrads

Nust will be conducting 3 Entry Tests for the year 2015 i.e. NET-1, NET-2 and NET-3. The first test of the series will be held in December 2014, second in March 2015 and the third in June 2015. Nust Entrance Test is much different from the other tests like ECAT, MCAT, NTS etc. So if someone lacks proper guide he/she may not be able to score higher marks in the test. Instead of working hard students should work intelligently. This is what we will teach you i.e. how to gain the maximum marks.

We have arranged a session for the preparation of Nust Entrance Test. The session will be online and will start in the first week of November and will last till January. If you join this session you won't need to join any academy for the preparation of test. The salient features of the session are listed below:

  • Preparatory Guide
  • Pre Entry Tests ( Mock Tests/Practice Tests )
  • Practice Questions
  • Daily Guide
  • Stats and Data
  • Notes
  • Learning how to learn
Preparatory Guide
This is an important part of our session. We'll guide the members about the type of questions which are commonly asked in the test, about the topics which are hot favorite for the test setters, and the topics to which they should be giving less time. In other words we will train you how to work intelligently. Each and every detail of the tests will be covered.

Mock Tests
We will arrange online mock tests, just like the computerized test of Nust which members can solve at their homes. 3 or 4 Mock tests will be arranged after a gap of a week. This will help you in knowing how good your preparation is. Mock tests can be solved as many times as you wish to.

Practice Questions
Daily we will be providing practice questions and papers to the members. These will also include about 3000+ questions from the past papers of NUST. Every year some of the questions are added from the previous years, so going through our question bank can help you in gaining much more marks.

Daily Guide
This will be very interesting activity for the registered members. We'll fix one or two hour daily during which members can contact us via Facebook, email , cell phone, Skype or any other source and discuss the problems if they have any.

Stats and Data
Many people are confused about merit of NUST and all such matters. We'll guide about the merit, merit record of previous years, how much marks can help you to be on safe side and all such required info will be provided including the scholarships being offered in NUST. Registrations dates and deadlines will also be shared time and again infact we will make sure that all our members will be registered for the test.

The explanation and solution of important and confusing problems/statements will be shared with you people. This will help you a lot in building up your concepts and will also help in all other tests. Moreover we'll also share the books containing useful content. You can also meet us just before you actual test in NUST to get some tips and tricks. 

Learning How to Learn
This is the most interesting part of our online session in which we will train you how to score maximum marks with preparation in minimum amount of time. You'll observe the difference from the very first day. These unique methods which are learned over the time will also help you in next life and higher studies where time is less but syllabus to be covered is huge. So join us in this fruitful session and prepare for your tests.

Why Join Us?
We are a team of life long learners who are working on a Facebook page, a couple of blogs, and website since last 3 years. The purpose of all is to train the students for the Entry Tests. We have more than 54,000 members on our Facebook page and our blogs are read more than 2 million times. In this period we have gained much experience, and we use this experience to train the new students. Our team members who will be guiding are from NUST, GIKI, PIEAS, AMC, KE, AIMC, LUMS and a few other colleges. In short we have collected members from the best institutes of our country to guide you. 
Moreover the fee of this session is much less and easily affordable (i.e Rs 1000) as compared to the giant academies who charge Rs. 30,000 for a few days only.

Details About the session

The fee of the session if Rs. 1000 per member. This will cover up all the things mentioned above. The fee can be paid via easy paisa or money order. To register for the session fill the form available on the following link:
Register for Online NET Session
You'll receive the confirmation message after 25th October. Once you have paid the dues we'll add you a secret Facebook group where only registered members and admins will be present. Hope to have a great session. After this session you can score about 50% more marks in the tests and even your FSc exams. Good luck :)

In case of any confusion feel free to ask. 

Thursday, October 16

FMH Entrance Test

FMH conducts its Entrance test every year for admissions in MBBS and BDS programs. 150 seats for MBBS and 75 seats for BDS are offered in FMH. 

Pattern of FMH Entrance Test

  • Biology: 10 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 10 MCQs
  • Physics: 10 MCQs
  • English: 15 MCQs
  • General Knowledge: 15 MCQs
  • Total MCQs: 60
  • Time allotted: 1 Hour
The test is computer based. Students are made to sit according to their roll numbers and the seating plan made by FMH. 
We'll share the MCQs from paper of 2013 soon. Stay connected.

Get more details about FMH from the following links:

CMH Past Paper ( 2012 Paper)

Past Paper of CMH

Below are some of the questions which were in the test of CMH held in 2012.

1) Which one is not a vector quantity?
a) Pressure
b) Impulse
c) Moment of force
d) Torque

2) For ATP synthesis which process is used?
a) Chemiosmosis
b) Photosynthesis
c) Phosphorylatn
d) Chemiosynthesis

3) Synonym of following words were asked:
i) morphine
iii) insipid

4) In CaCl2, calcium have which of the following type of hybridization
a) sp3
b) sp2
c) sp

5) Which of the following will have a half filled p-orbital on removal of an electron?
a) N-
b) N
c) C-
d) O+

6) Liver produces all of the following except
a) cholesterol
b) vitamin D
c) urea
d) plasma albumin

7) Amount of heat used to raise the temperature of the body by one degree is
a) molar heat
b) fermi heat
c) specific heat
d) latent heat

8) Tentative explanation after observation is known as:
a) law
b) theory
c) hypothesis
d) statement

9) Linear sequence of amino acids in enzyme is :
a) Primary structure
b) Secondary structure
c) Tertiary structure
d) Quaternary structure

10) Plasma membrane is mainly composed of
a) phospholipid and protein
b)carbohydrate and lipid

11) What sequence of bases is not found in the complementary DNA?
a) A-U
b) A-T
c) C-G
d) G-U

12) Number of floating ribs is ?

13) What is the function of megakaryocytes?

14) Red blood cells are produced in ?

15) Which one of these is not double membranous?
a) vacuole
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus

Wednesday, October 15

Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy (AICP)

Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy Admissions 2014-15

Admission are Open in AICP-Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy. Last date to apply for the admissions is Nov 5, 2014.

Eligibility Criteria
Students from Fsc pre medical having at-least 60% marks in Fsc can apply. You can apply only if you appeared in MCAT.

Selection Criteria of AICP
Following is the selection criteria of AICP
  • Matric 20%
  • FSC 50%
  • MCAT 30%
How many seats are offered in AICP?
There are total 20 seats for DPT. 10 for boys and 10 for girls. 40% seats are for Lahore district and 60% for rest of Punjab. 

Merit of AICP 2013
Last year the merit closed on about 85%. So if you are above 85% this time you have good chances of admission.

Fee of AICP

  • Tuition fee per Annum : Rs. 15,980
  • AICP Annum students activity fund  : Rs. 5,000/-
  • Total Annual Fee : Rs 20,980/-
Registration Fee
The registration fee is Rs. 1000 which is to be submitted in HBL. 

Merit list of 2014
The merit list will be displayed on the website of Nov 24, 2014.

Register on the following link for AICP 

Tuesday, October 14

Closing merits of Nust Medical 2012

Below are the closing merit positions of Nust Medical for the year 2012.

Open Merit

  • MBBS              238
  • BDS                 417
  • Bio-Sciences 913
SAT National

  • MBBS               10
  • BDS                  23
  • Bio-Sciences  50

SAT International

  • MBBS               54
  • BDS                  55
Closing merits of 2013 are available on the following link:
Closing merits of Nust Medical 2013
Closing merits of 2014 are available on the following link:
Closing merits of Nust Medical 2014

Monday, October 13

FMDC Entry Test Date 2014


Administration of FMDC says that admissions will start after November 15, 2014. Admission forms will be available on nts website, you are to download that, fill that and send via post to address mentioned in the form. Test will be held in December 2014. 

Federal Medical and Dental College (FMDC) was banned by PMDC as it was not meeting the PMDC requirements of a fine medical college. It was banned about 11 months before, a few days after it conducted its Entrance test for the year 2013. No official news about the lifting of ban has been received yet. Website of PMDC still state that admissions are not allowed in FMDC.


Saturday, October 11

Closing Merits of Nust Medical 2014

Merit list of Nust
In this post the closing merits of all merit lists of medical will be added . Last year there were 14 merit lists for Medical programs. Despite 14 lists the merit does not fall much. Merit of MBBS closed on 199 , BDS on  436 and Bio-sciences on 637. You should expect the same scenario this year as well. These are the closing merits of students who applied on basis of NET.

Closing merits of First Merit List for NUST Medical 2014
Closing Merits of First List 2014
MBBS BDS Bio-sciences
Closing Merits 43 65 100
Closing merits of Second Merit List for NUST Medical 2014
Closing Merits of Second List 2014
MBBS BDS Bio-sciences
Closing Merits 88 104 250
Closing merits of Third Merit List for NUST Medical 2014
The Third List for Medical will be uploaded on 24th of October.
Merit lists of 2013 are available on the following link: Merit list of Nust Medical 2013

Closing merits of Nust Medical 2013

merit list of nust
Below are the closing merits of Nust Medical. We added the merits of all the lists we had in our record. These are the merit records of the students who applied on basis of NET(Nust Entrance Test) . 

Closing merits of 2nd List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 114 146 403

Closing merits of 3rd List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 142 171 637

Closing merits of 4th List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 145 193 637

Closing merits of 5th List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 145 210 637

Closing merits of 6th List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 154 229 637

Closing merits of 7th List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 197 283 637

Closing merits of Last List
MBBS BDS Bio-Sciences
Closing Merits 199 436 637

Wednesday, October 1

Merit List of FJWU

Given Below are the closing merits of second merit list of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

Closing Merit(%)
Business Administration 68.045
Computer arts 64.127
Computer Science 69.954
Behavioral Sciences 67.527
Public Administration 56.527
Software Engineering 71.727
Comm. and Media St. 64.245
Defense and Diplomatic St. 57.718
Economics 59.318
Education 53.781
English 66.509
Environmental Sciences 67.181
Fine Arts 59.745
Gender Studies 45.063
Islamic Studies  45.063
Mathematics 66.8

Tuesday, September 30

50 percents seats for boys and girls in Medical

Latest Update About UHS 

PMDC issued a notice which stated that equal seats will be available for both boys and girls in all Medical colleges. Now this created a confusion if this decision will be implemented this year or the next. Different news channels give different news about this matter. A fellow went UHS last day and asked them about this topic, here is what she got:
"I went to UHS and talked to Atif the director of media and publications of UHS. He said 50% quota system is not applicable this year. And was astonished why people are thinking so when it's clearly mentioned in the prospectus".