The Road to MCAT 2012

A very well Article written by Ahsan. Find out who he managed to make through in MCAT 2012.

Let Them Choose Their Path

Allow the students to select the fields of their choice..

How To Prepare for Math

An Article written to describe how one should be preparing for maths during Fsc and Entrance Tests.

Thursday, July 17

Fee Structure of Nust

Fee Structure of Nust
For Under-Graduate Students.

Fee of Engineering Students

  • Existing students : Rs. 70,000 per semester
  • New Students : Rs 75,000 per semester
Fee of Medical Students

  • 175,000 pear yer for all students.
Fee of Business Studies and Social Sciences

  • Existing students : Rs. 82,000 per semester
  • New Students : Rs 87,000 per semester
Moreover at time of admission students have to pay admission processing fee (35,000) and a security deposit (10,000).

Note: These do not include the hostel and mess charges.

Hostel Charges:

  • Biseater room: 4000 per month
  • Triseater room: 3300 per month.
Mess charges:

  • Rs 120 per day.

Tuesday, July 15

ECAT 2014 Registerations

ECAT 2014 Registrations

Dates to Remember:

  • Registration starting from July 14, 2014.
  • Last date to register for ECAT : August 8, 2014
  • Date of Test: August 24, 2014
  • Announcement of Result: August 31, 2014
How to Apply:
You can apply online or by visiting the test center.

Online process:

  • Fill the form given on the link: UET admissions 
  • After completing the form get a print out of your application form and the challan form.
  • Submit the challan from in any HBL branch.
  • 2 or 3 days after submitting the fee the admit card will be added to the website which you can download.
By Visiting Test Center:

  • Fill the form given on the link above and get the challan form and submit it.
  • Visit the test center in which you want to appear.
  • Carry your CNIC or B-Form, two passport sized photographs and copy of challan form.
  • On submitting this material you will be provided the admit card at the spot.
About The Test:

There will be a total of 100 mcqs in the test.
  1. 10 English
  2. 30 Maths
  3. 30 Physics
  4. 30 Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics
Time allowed for the test will be 100 mins. 4 mark for each correct answer and -1 for each wrong answer.
In English portion there will be only comprehension passage , from which 10 questions will be asked. 

Some commonly asked questions.

On basis of ECAT we can apply in which institutes?
You can apply in all campuses of UET, the test is same for all however later on for admission process you have to apply separately for UET taxilla. Some other government institutes consider ECAT for admission in engineering programs like PU (university of Punjab) , UOG (university of gujrat).

What is the merit criteria of UET?
70% Fsc and 30% test marks.

Will ECAT be held in provinces other than Punjab?
No, it will be held only in various cities of Punjab.

In case of any confusion feel free to ask.

Tuesday, July 8

Find out your expected merit position in NUST

Almost ever student who appeared in NET ask this question that in which field will he be able to get admission in NUST. Given below is a simple program which calculates your merit position on basis of your aggregate. The merits positions are calculated on basis of the result of previous year, i.e the merit position which you will be shown will be the one which last year a student with same aggregate would have achieved. This year the trend will almost be the same. There can be a slight change but not too much.
To find out your position you need to calculate your aggregate first of all.
Use this link to calculate your aggregate:
Merit Calculator

Now enter this aggregate in the box below to find out your merit position.

Note: This program has been made for the students of Engineering only. Moreover it is made on basis of closing aggregates of the final merit list i.e the 6th list of 2013. In first list of 2014 the scenario will be different but ultimately in last list you will get selected in the field mention with your position most probably.

Enter your aggregate %

Click the button to know your result

Thursday, July 3

Aggregate Calculator for NUST Medical

This aggregate calculator calculates the aggregate for MBBS and BDS only based on Marks of Fsc part 1, matric and test marks.

Total Matric Marks

Obtained Marks in Matric

Obtained Marks in F.Sc Part 1

Obtained Marks in Test

Aggregate %

Aggregate Calculator for NUST

Aggregate Calculator for Following Fields of NUST

Business Studies
Architecture and Industrial Design
BS Physics
BS Maths

Total Matric Marks

Obtained Marks in Matric

Obtained Marks in F.Sc Part 1

Obtained Marks in Test

Aggregate %

P.S. This calculator is designed for students of Fsc.

Tuesday, July 1

ECAT and MCAT 2014 Schedule


Orientation Seminars: 14th to 20th July, 2014
Availability & Submission of Entrance Test Kits (Admission Forms): 4th to 9th August, 2014
Issuance of Admittance Cards: 11th to 16th August, 2014 (excluding 14 Aug)
Entrance Test: 31st August, 2014

Registration Dates: 14-07-2014  to 08-08-2014
Test Date: SUNDAY, 24-08-2014 at 10.00 A.M
Result Date: 31-08-2014  (Midnight) 

Saturday, June 28

Merit List of IST 2013

Closing Merits of IST in 2013
Field Closing Merit
Aerospace Engineering 80.36%
Mechanical Engineering 78.62%
Electrical Engineering 77.93%
Material Engineering 75.62%
Space Science 73.53%

MCQs of NET-3 2014 (NUST Entrance Test)

MCQs of NET-3

1) The electric effects of friction are due to:
a) electrostatics
b) electromagnetics
c) electrodynamics
d) All

2) Heat energy absorbed by a body does not depend upon:
a) mass of the body
b) specific heat
c) change in temperature
d) duration of heating

3) If electron jumps from 3rd to 1st orbit, its speed :
a) decreases 9 times
b) increases 9 times
c) decreases 3 times
d) increases 3 times

4) Which of the following has unit kgm/s
a) Impulse
b) force
c) momentum
d) impulse and momentum

5) If the amplitude of oscillating body is halved, its frequency becomes:
a) 2f
b) f/2
c) 0
d) 1.5f

6) A mass spring system oscillates between 10cm and 50cm. It has max. P.E. at
a) 10cm
b) 20cm
c) 30cm
d) 40cm

7) Which of the following is soluble in hot water:
a) keratin
b) silk fibres
c) fibrin
d) none

8) Choose the Odd one out
a) magazine
b) dictionary
c) novel
d) thesis

9) If RTTHHX encodes for purify, then for blanch

10) Al evolves Hydrogen by reacting with
a) I , II
b) II , III
c) III
d) all
e) none

11) What is the correct meaning of AMBULATORY
a) moving
b) emergency
c) automatic
d) none

12) Choose the correct spelling :
a) endevor
b) endevour
c) endeavour
d) endavour

13) Give the antonym of ARCHAIC
a) ancient
b) modern
c) straight
d) courteous

14) What is the meaning of ABASH ?
a) bash
b) surprised
c) embarrass
d) none

15) Art is lasting, Time is ___ :
a) ferried
b) fallow
c) nebulous
d) evanescent

16) Ostwald's viscometer measures _______ viscosity :
a) standard
b) relative
c) absolute
d) coefficient of

17) formula of resonance frequency

18) meaning of mediation

19) if the frequency of RLC circuit is low, the circuit will behave as a) capacitor b) inductor c) RC circuit d) RL circuit

20) cos(300) (maths)

21)Pick the odd one out a) snake b) frog c) turtle d) snail

22) Find the next number. 25, 5, 36, 6, 81, 9, 121,...... 
A. 11 
B. 12 
D. 13

23) One chlorine atom is enough to destroy ___ ozone molecules??
a-3 million
c-11 million
d-none of above

24) Fear rage pleasure is controlled by which part of brain?
a-mid brain 
b-hind brain
c- limbic system
d-none of above

25) The angle of the vector -4 under root 3 i +4 j with + ive y axis is

Thursday, June 26

Relation between Momentum and K.E

 Relation between Momentum and K.E

If Momentum of a body is increased by 20%, what is percentage change in the K.E of the body?
a) 40%
b) 44%
c) 20%
d) 10%


Let the original momentum of the body be P, Then:
Momentum is increased by 20%, so new momentum will be:
P' = P + 20%P
P' = P + 0.2P = 1.2P

K.E = 0.5 mv^2
        =0.5 m^2v^2/m                          (multiply and divide by m)
K.E  = 0.5 P^2 / m                              ---------- (i)

New K.E = K.E'
                = 0.5 (P')^2/m
                = 0.5 (1.2P)^2 / m
                = 0.5  (1.44) P^2 / m
                = 1.44 K.E                              (using i)

Percentage Change in K.E = (New K.E - Old K.E) /Old K.E x 100%
                                         = (1.44K.E - K.E)/K.E x 100%
                                         = 44%

Second Method:

Momentum of a body is given by :
P = mv
P can be varied by varying either m or v. Since mass of a body is a constant quantity so we can change momentum of a body by changing its velocity.
Momentum will be increased by 20% if the velocity is changed by 20%, since its a linear relation between the two.
mass = m = 10kg
velocity = v = 100m/s
Momentum with these values = P = 1000 kgm/s
K.E with these values = K.E = 50000 J

After 20% increase velocity becomes = v' = 120m/s
so new momentum = 1200 kgm/s
Change in momentum = (1200-1000)/1000  x 100%
                                 = 0.2 x 100%
                                 = 20%

New K.E = 72000 J
Change in K.E = (72000 - 50000)/50000  x 100%
                       = 0.44 x 100%
                       = 44%

Which agrees with the above result.

Formula to be used for finding the percentage change:

Percentage Change = New Value - Old value/Old value x 100%
In case of increment the change is positive.
In case of decrement the change is negative.

Friday, May 30

Closing aggregates of NUST in 2013

Closing aggregates of NUST in 2013 
Your admission in Nust depends not only on your marks of the test but also Fsc and matric grades. For the admission process your aggregate is calculated depending upon in which field you applied.
Below is the list of aggregates on which the merit closed last year. For most of the fields the merit will almost be the same, however, for some it will vary much.

Closing Aggregate
Civil Engineering (Risalpur)67.3%
Environmental Engineering (Islamabad)64.9%
Civil Engineering (Islamabad)69.9%
Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad)63.9%
Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)74.7%
Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi)65.58%
Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi)66.2%
Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi)74.2%
Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi)73.77%
Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi)65.1%
Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi)70.73%
Electrical Engineering (Karachi)65.46%
Mechanical Engineering (Karachi)70.43%
Mechanical Engineering (Winter Session) (Karachi)65.4%
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Karachi)63%
Avionics Engineering (Risalpur)71.1%
Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur)73.25%
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad)72.85%
Software Engineering (Islamabad)67.89%
Computer Science (Islamabad)65.4%
Chemical Engineering (Islamabad)68.87%
Material Engineering (Islamabad)65.58%
MBBS (AMC Rawalpindi)86%
BDS (AMC Rawalpindi)81.57%
Army seat for MBBS78%
Navy seat for MBBS82.5%
Biosciences ( Islamabad )80%

Note: The above data is not 100% accurate. It is calculated on basis of the data provided by the students who got enrolled in Nust last year. These are not the official figures. There can be the difference of a few decimals between these figures and the official ones. But these are enough to give you the idea that how many marks you should score to get admission in Nust. Using your marks of Fsc and matric and the above percentage you can calculate marks needed in NET. In case of any issue feel free to contact us on facebook:
For detailed guidelines on the preparation visit the link:

On the basis of these aggregates you can calculate how much marks you need to get this much percentage.
Here is the merit calculator which will do this work for you:
 merit calculator.

P.S. Do mention the credits if you are going to copy this post. Thank you :)