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Wednesday, November 25

FJMC Admission for Federal Government Employee reserved seats

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A test will be conducted by Fatima Jinnah Medical College via NTS for daughters of Federal Government Employees (reserved seats).

Eligibility Criteria
Female Students with atleast 60% or higher marks in FSc or equivalent can apply for these 07 seats. 

Number of Seats
There are 07 seats in Fatima Jinnah Medical College reserved for the Federal Government serving civilian employees. (04 for BS-1 to BS-15 and 03 for BS-16 and above)

Registration and Test Dates
The last date to submit the application is December 7th, 2015 and the test shall be conducted on December 27th, 2015.

About the Test
All the registered students will have to appear in a written test, the pattern of the test is:
  • Biology - 30 MCQs
  • Chemistry - 30 MCQs
  • Physics -  30 MCQs
  • English - 10 MCQs
  • Total - 100 MCQs
For Biology, Chemistry and Physics you need to study the FSc books and for English the questions will be from synonyms, antonyms, analogy, comprehension and grammar.

How to register?
The registration form is available on NTS website. Download the form, fill it and send back to NTS office by post till December 7th, 2015. The registration form, along with sample paper and other details is available here: FJMC admission form

Preparing for the test:
For the 90 marks of Sciences you need to learn and remember the 6 books of Fsc (Both Part 1 and Part 2). In the tests arranged by NTS biology is simple, physics is bit tough as it involves numericals and chemistry is usually conceptual. The test is equally difficult for students of FSc and A levels. 

We will be conducting an Online Test Session to help the students to prepare for this test. Following stuff will be provided to the registered students:
  • Chapter Wise MCQs of Chm, Phy and Bio
  • MCQs from the past papers of NTS for FJMC seats
  • MCQs from past papers of NTS for other medical tests (This will give you an idea of the difficulty level of tests)
  • A word list and tests for English
  • A guide on which topics to focus more 
and similar more stuff and help will be provided. Students will have the chance to discuss any question/issue with us either on our site forum or via facebook. 

How to register for Session?
Those who wish to join us fill the form attached below. The fee of the session is Rs. 2000. The fee covers all the stuff that will be provided to the students. When you will fill the form and submit it you will be shown the fee and account details. You will be added to the session the same day you submit the fee, within 2-3 hours.

In case of any issue/confusion you can contact us via our Facebook page ( facebook.com/Etest.Prep ) or you can contact on cell ( 03456712289 - Hassan Shahbaz ).
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Sunday, November 8


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National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)
Constituent Colleges:

The existing medical colleges of the armed forces would come under the umbrella of this university i.e.
  1. Army Medical College (AMC) Rawalpindi
  2. Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences
  3. CMH Lahore Medical College 
will be under NUMS and these will follow one standard course format.

One of the reasons to establish NUMS is to increase the intake of the army cadets. 

NUMS Entry Test:
Entry Test for above mentioned colleges will be conducted once a year. The test will be conducted in October - November. Those students who wish to apply on civilian seats or as paying cadets will have to appear in this test.

Pattern of the Test:
  • Biology 20 MCQs
  • Chemistry 20 MCQs
  • Physics 20 MCQs
  • English 20 MCQs
  • Intelligence 20 MCQs
Total MCQs = 100. Time allowed to solve the test will be 2 hours. The Good thing is there will be no negative marking in the test.
The type of the questions will be the same as they used to be in Nust entrance Test. So going through NUST Past Papers can be helpful if you wish to appear in test of NUMS.

About AMC:
The fee and number of seats in AMC might change. There is a chance of increment in both. However it is not confirm yet. We will update the post as soon as we get some official news about this topic.

Getting Past Papers of NUST:
The Past Papers of NUST along with the test of NUMS 2015 that was held for admissions in CMH is available along with their solutions. Get the details from here: Past Papers of NUST

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Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST
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Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

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Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

By now most of you would have heard about separation of AMC from NUST. For 2016 and onwards, the admissions in AMC will not be via NUST, these will be via NUMS. Read more about NUMS here: NUMS

So now medical students can not apply for MBBS and BDS in NUST. However there are few other fields for which medical students can apply. These include:
  • Applied Bio Sciences
  • Business Studies & Social Sciences
Under Business Studies & Social Sciences there are following fields in which pre med students can apply:
  • BBA
  • BS Mass Communication
  • BS Economics
  • BS Public Administration
Getting admission in these fields is relatively easier as compared to MBBS and BDS. The closing merit of Bio Sciences is near 74%. For the fields of Business Studies the merit near 63% is fine enough for admission. The students whose marks are bit less in FSc must apply in these fields.

The pattern of test of Bio Sciences is the same as that of MBBS/BDS test. While for Business Studies the pattern is:
  • English 40%
  • Basic Maths 40%
  • Intelligence 20%
In order to help students prepare for these tests we are conducting Online Preparatory Sessions in which we provide:
  • Daily Tests with answers & solutions
  • Book with 1000+ solved Past Papers of NUST
  • Guides, Discussion
and much more.

The fee of the session is Rs 2500 only which covers all the stuff (past papers, daily tests, guides, tips etc). Those who wish to register for the Online Session or get more info visit this link: OETP Online NET Preparation Session

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Thursday, October 29

Merit List of FMDC 2015

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Merit List of FMDC 2015

The list of selected students has been pasted on the notice board of the college. The list will soon be available on NTS website. The closing merits of the list are given below:
  • AJK - 81.529%
  • BALOCHISTAN - 77.57%
  • FATA - 75.446%
  • FEDERAL - 80.333%
  • KPK - 78.938%
  • OPEN MERIT - 83.485%
  • PUNJAB -  81.37%
  • SINDH(RURAL) - 78.304%
  • SINDH(URBAN) - 81.659%
The name of the selected students along with their merits is available here: FMDC merit list 2015
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Monday, October 26

Test Session For CMH & FMH

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Test Session For CMH & FMH
Fee = Rs 1000 Only

Entrance Test of CMH for the admission year 2015 is scheduled to be conducted on 8th Nov, 2015. There will be 5 portions in the test:
  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. English
  5. Intelligence
Total 100 questions will be there from these 5 subjects, 20 from each of these. Total time provided to solve the paper is 2 hours.

Entrance Test of FMH are staring from 2 November, 2015 and they will continue for about a week as these are computerized tests. There will be 5 portions in the test:
  1. Biology - 10 MCQs
  2. Physics - 10 MCQs
  3. Chemistry - 10 MCQs
  4. English - 15 MCQs
  5. General Knowledge - 15 MCQs
Full Books of Fsc are to be covered for Sciences (Bio, Chm, Phy). For English questions will be from synonyms, antonyms, grammar and comprehension.

About the test Session:
In this session we will provide chapter wise tests of Bio, Chm and Phy (all chapters). These will be online tests. When you will solve the test you will be shown the correct answers and the solutions of all the questions. Moreover a guide on how to solve the intelligence questions (For CMH) along with practice questions will also be provided to the registered students. Notes about general knowledge (For FMH) will be provided. Questions from past papers, which we could, will be shared with the students.

How to register?
Open the course page ( link : http://oetp.pk/course/online-test-session-for-cmh-fmh/ ), click on Take This Course option, a form will appear, fill and click on Place The Order. Fee details will be shown to you, you will also receive a receipt via email to your email address. Submit the fee in HBL and send a picture of the paid deposit slip via email to us and your course will be approved.

In case of any issue feel free to contact.

Contact Details:
Cell Number: 03456712289 (Hassan Shahbaz)

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Thursday, October 15

Format of interview in shifa

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Format of interview in Shifa College of Medicine

It is MMI (Multiple Mini Interview). Students had to go through 7 - 9 stations (in 2014 there were 8 stations) where they are given a scenario and they had to do a conversation/decide on the given scenario e.g in 2014 in first station the scenario was:
"You are conducting a job interview and one of the applicants says that due to his father illness he was unable to complete the job application in time. He is now asking for an interview what would you do now?"

You are tested in following three domains:
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Communication Skills 
  • Knowledge of Health care system

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Monday, October 12

Closing Merits of NUST Medical 2015

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Closing Merits of NUST Medical 2015

The first selection list of NUST medical was uploaded on October 12th. Second Selection list of NUST Medical was uploaded on October 20th. Third Selection list of NUST Medical was uploaded on November 4th. The 6th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on November 26th.The 7th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 2nd. The 8th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 8th.The 9th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 14th. The 10th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 18th. The 11th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 22nd. The 13th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 29th.  The 14th Selection List of NUST Medical was uploaded on December 31st.

Note: This year there are 40 seats for MBBS and 7 for BDS on open merit.

Closing merits of NUST Medical 2015
   Bio Sciences   

In 14th Selection List Merit of BDS closed at 251.
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Monday, October 5

FMDC 2014 Entry Test Paper

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FMDC 2014 Entry Test Paper

FMDC did not conduct any test in 2014 but the test for the admission year 2014 was conducted in April of 2015. The MCQs given below are from the test of April 2015.
Note: These questions were submitted by students after the test. After your test do submit the questions you remember (on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Etest.Prep) so that those can be shared with your juniors.

1) Cactus is a
A. Mesophyte
B. Xerophyte
C. Hydrophyte
D. Halophyte.

2) There are two stars one having mass M and the other having 2M .Both are present at equal distance from the center of earth .What will be the ration of gravitational force?

3) which of these have no nuclei
a monera
b protista
c fungi
d plantae
e animalia

4) Suppose there is a battery having Voltage X is connected across a Conductor and Charge Y is established in circuit .. What will be capacitance ?

5) Meaning of abolish

6) Which of the following Contains unpaired Electrons
1) cu+2
2) zn+2
3) k+1
4) ti+4

6) which has lowest ksp value

7) Which kingdom have organisms with out  nucleus

8) which of the following has an unpaired electron?
a- Ti+4
b- Zn+2
c- Cu+4
d- K+1

9) which one of following is true about protein structures for each statement
1-polypeptide chain bends and folds upon itself forming a globular structure
2-they comprises number and sequence of amino acid
3-they usually coil into helix or some other regular configuration
    statement 1   statement 2  statement 3
a- secondary     tertiary          primary
b- tertiary          secondary     primary
c- tertiary           primary        secondary

10) Pepsin is activated in the presence of which of the following.

11) Malpigan tubules excretes into?

12) A question related to skeletal muscles

13) A question related to punnet square

14) Antonym of weaken

15) Antonym of retain

16) Synonym of exceedingly

17) Synonym of Exceedingly

18) What makes community.
Food web.
Same species.
All species living in a habitat.

19) A ball strikes with a wall,the wall forces it back with same speed, which of following is true:

20) removel of skin from hands in embryonic life is example of
convergent evolution


22) Bessemer converter is used to manufacture
a) pig iron
b) wrought iron
c) cast iron
d) steel

23) Alkenes undergo what type of reactions....
.electrophilic addition reactions

24) if charges are doubled and distance b/w them is also doubled...what will be the effect on electrostatic force?

25) malpighian tubules are found in
Earth worm

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Applied Biosciences as a Career

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Our universe is teemed with microorganisms; they are so ubiquitous that even hundreds and thousands of them are on our skin. So automatically we are susceptible to a number of diseases. But why are we not in hospital every second day? What is it that makes us immune to them? 

How an eye cell knows it has to become an eye cell and a liver cell knows it has to become a liver cell when both of them have same kind of genetic information? Why is there not an eye cell in a liver tissue and a liver cell in retina? What is it that maintains homogeneity? Why every person in the world, even the identical twins, has different finger prints? Have you ever wondered? Do you want to know the answers to these questions? If yes, then Applied Biosciences is your field.

So the first that clicked to your mind is what is Applied Biosciences, right? Okay, you are lucky then as I am here with an answer today. Science basically has two domains: the Basic and the Applied science. Applied Biosciences is the application of basic science of biology.  It provides the solutions to the problems encountered by us humans. It has provided us with best health facilities (Immunology), with food and shelter (Biotechnology), with drugs to cure ailments (pharmacology) etc. 

The next question that comes in your mind is what would you study in Applied Biosciences? The courses that are offered in Applied Biosciences include Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Immunology, Vaccinology, Crop Production, Anti-viral Approaches etc. For further details, follow this link: Course Curriculum

The next question would be why should people join this field? The answer is one of the perks of opting Applied Biosciences is that you can study all the field of biology during this four year program and you can do research in any of the field you find fascinating.  So you are away from the disappointment that one has to face when he/she has opted for a single field, say Biochemistry, and in the middle of their four year program they find out that they were made for Genetics or Bioinformatics or Biotechnology or something else. Further, you were made for applied biosciences if:
  • You want to be a researcher and solve the potential problems.
  • You have an inquisitive mind
  • You are a keen observer and a problem solver
  • You want to lessen the pain of someone 
  • You take things as a challenge
You can become a researcher (immunologist, microbiologist etc.); can work in a research institution, Healthcare industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry and Agriculture industry. You can work as a scientific officer in Diagnostic labs and forensics. You can opt for Biomedical Engineering, Stem cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Synthetic Biotechnology etc. after having this program.

Applied Biosciences is a vast program that covers all the aspects of Biology. It has obvious implications in our daily life. From getting infected to getting cured is all you study in Applied Biosciences.

Written By: Zunaira Qureshi, Student of ASAB - NUST (3rd Year)
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Saturday, October 3

Past Paper of Shifa

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MCQs from Shifa Entrance Test 2014

Given below are the questions/points from the Entrance Test of Shifa held in 2014.

1. Valves of heart which close due to pressure changes in chambers 
2. Ultra structure of leaf 
3. Which parts of leaf contain chloroplasts 
4. Test for identification of aldehydes and ketones 
5. Reactivity of alcohols 
6. Projectile motion from physics had numericals that were simple 
7. Energy changes and forces acting on a projectile during different points of motion. 
8. Kinetic energy of a body at ground when falling from a given height 
9. Distance between nodes and anti-nodes in a stationary wave 
10. Questions were there from thermal physics regarding energy changes and laws of thermodynamics 
11. Chemistry had basic questions which tested basic concepts like ionization energy trends, reactivity trends etc 
12. Antonym of palatable?
Ans: Tasteless
13. Antonym of circumlocution?
Ans: Directness
14. Synonym of morose?
Ans: Bad  tempered
15. If perimeter of a rectangle is 120ft and its length is 48ft what is the width?
Solution: Perimeter = 2 (length + width)
120 = 2 (48 + width)
60 = 48 + width
width = 12ft
16. a:b=3:7 and b:c=5:9 then a:b:c=?
17. If the roots grow upward in dark then this process is called 
a) negative geotropism
b) positive geotropism
c) positive phototropism
d) negative phototropism
18. the intetinial capillaries carry nutrients from intestine to______
a) kidney
b) liver
c) heart
19. A few questions were difficult which were meant to differentiate between a average and best student.

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