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Sunday, November 8

Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

Options for Pre Medical Students in NUST

By now most of you would have heard about separation of AMC from NUST. For 2016 and onwards, the admissions in AMC will not be via NUST, these will be via NUMS. Read more about NUMS here: NUMS

So now medical students can not apply for MBBS and BDS in NUST. However there are few other fields for which medical students can apply. These include:
  • Applied Bio Sciences
  • Business Studies & Social Sciences
Under Business Studies & Social Sciences there are following fields in which pre med students can apply:
  • BBA
  • BS Mass Communication
  • BS Economics
  • BS Public Administration
Getting admission in these fields is relatively easier as compared to MBBS and BDS. The closing merit of Bio Sciences is near 74%. For the fields of Business Studies the merit near 63% is fine enough for admission. The students whose marks are bit less in FSc must apply in these fields.

The pattern of test of Bio Sciences is the same as that of MBBS/BDS test. While for Business Studies the pattern is:
  • English 40%
  • Basic Maths 40%
  • Intelligence 20%
In order to help students prepare for these tests we are conducting Online Preparatory Sessions in which we provide:
  • Daily Tests with answers & solutions
  • Book with 1000+ solved Past Papers of NUST
  • Guides, Discussion
and much more.

The fee of the session is Rs 2500 only which covers all the stuff (past papers, daily tests, guides, tips etc). Those who wish to register for the Online Session or get more info visit this link: OETP Online NET Preparation Session


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