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Monday, November 25

Guidelines for the preparation of Math portion of NET

This portion can give you really a hard time if you arent good at maths and it can also be a piece of cake for you if you have a good grip on FSc mathematics. 
There will be 80 mcqs from maths in the test of engineering. Maximum time given to this portion should be 90 minutes. There are basically three types of questions:

  • Very Easy
  • Medium
  • A Bit Hard
Questions from first category would be solved in a few seconds, for example what is square of iota. Questions from second category would require about half a minute to solve, in which you have to use a formula to get the answer. While in last category you might need more than a minute to get to the correct answer. This is not because questions are lengthy, this is because the question is asked in such a manner that you need time to reach to its solution. However if you have done enough practice you can do such questions in less than a minute. 

Now the question arises on which topics should we focus?
The chapter 6 of Part 1 and the chapter 6 of part 2 are very very important. These must be at your finger tips if you want to perform well in NET. You must know each and every formula from these chapters and you must have good concepts from these chapters.

After these the trigonometry should be well prepared. Learn the formulas from this section. Almost in all the questions you would have to get the answer using some formula. There can be some other sort of questions like a you can be asked about the period of some function, domain and range of some trigonometric function and so on.

Chapter 4 of Part 2 maths should be well prepared. The most important chapters from Part 2 maths are chapter 4 and chapter 6. Some of you might be thinking why not chapter 2 and 3? Well from chapter 2 and 3 there are some questions but not equal to those given from Chapter 4 and 6 , this is because most of the questions from differentiation and integration are lengthy questions. Almost equal weightage is given to the rest of the chapters. Moreover, must read out the book lines. Questions can be made from those lines as well. 
The thing which you all must focus on is the learning of formulas. My maths portion went well in all exams because I learnt the formulas by heart. I will share with you how I used to learn the formulas.

Take an empty register, write all the formulas of the book. Start cramming the formulas chapter wise. When you learn the formulae of one chapter start writing them down orally, if you forget some formula skip it and write down the next. Once you are done with this open the register and go through the formulas you wrote down and revise them, pay special attention to those which you forgot. Practice this for each and every chapter till the time you can write all the formulas without forgetting even a single formula. Once you are able to do this, write down the formula of entire book and follow the same procedure. Within a month all the formulas will be on your finger tips. Whenever you find some free time start writing down the formulae. I did the same and I remember most of the formula even after 3 years. You are able to remember the formula because they are transferred to your long term memory which can be very powerful tool for the students. 

Secondly practice the questions as much as you can. Decrease your leisure time and increase your work time, it will certainly work. In case of any confusion fell free to ask.


  1. Abdullah Qureshi8 March 2014 at 00:17

    from where should students applying for business studies prepare maths portion ?

  2. I'll make a separate post for these students . just give me few hours :)

  3. AOA bro i am going to appear in net 2 but i have only days
    can u guide me how should i study ?? plzz i m very confusing .i m repeater my fsc marks are 922

  4. I hope u are from pre engineering.
    For maths chapter 6th part 1 and part 2 are very important . Must prepare.

  5. adnan ahmad khan30 March 2014 at 13:24

    i am very much worried about mathematics portion at nust.., my f.sc and matric marks are 86%... i am going to appear at test on 3rd april.. how much marks should i need to get admission
    in civil engg at nust?????

  6. about 140 are fine

  7. calculator allowed ha

  8. mathmaster admin i got 413 in fsc part 1 how much should i get in fsc part 2 and entry test for software eng ??

  9. Hey sir i got 86 % in matric and 85 in fsc ... How much marks should i require for get addmission in computer science in Nust ???

  10. I am going to give NUST Karachi campus test for engineering. I got 85% in Matric and 68% in 1st year...How much marks I need to get admission?

    Secondly, I want to know that do we have to prepare word problems for the test? like age and money problem?

  11. I got 81% marks in matric and 84% in fsc , so how many marks that i need to get admission in NUST in mechanical?

  12. Jasir Muhammad11 June 2014 at 16:56

    sir the chapters that u r talking about in maths belongs to which book????

  13. jasir muhammad11 June 2014 at 16:58

    plz share of what book do these chpter belong??? FSC federal board or intermediate karachi board???

  14. Jasir Muhammad11 June 2014 at 17:00

    plz also tell me do u know imp chp from intermediate book i.e from karachi

  15. sir mere metric me 70 and part 1 me 82% hai.mene net 2 and 1 me 119 score kyain hain...mene all preferences me kya the.....kis fiel me hosakta hai k mera hogaya hoga net 2 me..plz reply,

  16. 82% matric 85% fsc how many score in net to get admsn in mechanical??

  17. Kindly emphasize on how A-level students should prepare for:



    Should they join an academy such as KIPS where there are about 80 students per class of 6 hours while paying high fees or should they prepare from F.Sc. books and SAT or KIPS Entry Test Series (KIPS notes and exercises)...?

  18. Business Studies k test mae maths portion mae kia aegaa??? Plz reply

  19. Business studies k maths portion mae kia aega?? Plz help


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