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Thursday, November 28

Expenditures at NUST

Fee and other Charges:

Tuition fee per month for Engineering : 10,500
Hostel Fee per month : 4000
Mess fee per month : 3720
Other Charges : 2000-3000 on average.
Total : Approximately 21,000

Other charges include your personal charges which vary from person to person.
For all other disciplines i.e. Medical, Business, Architecture, and Social Sciences the tuition fee is 12,500 the rest of the charges are the same.


There are three major types of scholarships that are offered in Nust

  • Merit Based Scholarship
  • GPA Based Scholarship
  • Need Based Scholarship
Merit Based Scholarship:
                                              The 15% top merit position holders of the test are offered this scholarship. These students do not have to pay their fee for the first semester. However in next semesters they have to.

GPA Based Scholarship: 
                                              If in any semester you score 3.5 or more Gpa you are offered this scholarship. The amount is handed over to students instead of deducting it from the fee.

Need Based Scholarship:
                                              If a student who is enrolled at Nust is unable to pay the fee he can apply for need based scholarship. If he gets approved for this scholarship he does not have to pay the tuition fee. The condition for this scholarship is that the cgpa of student must be more than 2.5.


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