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Saturday, October 3

Past Paper of Shifa

MCQs from Shifa Entrance Test 2014

Given below are the questions/points from the Entrance Test of Shifa held in 2014.

1. Valves of heart which close due to pressure changes in chambers 
2. Ultra structure of leaf 
3. Which parts of leaf contain chloroplasts 
4. Test for identification of aldehydes and ketones 
5. Reactivity of alcohols 
6. Projectile motion from physics had numericals that were simple 
7. Energy changes and forces acting on a projectile during different points of motion. 
8. Kinetic energy of a body at ground when falling from a given height 
9. Distance between nodes and anti-nodes in a stationary wave 
10. Questions were there from thermal physics regarding energy changes and laws of thermodynamics 
11. Chemistry had basic questions which tested basic concepts like ionization energy trends, reactivity trends etc 
12. Antonym of palatable?
Ans: Tasteless
13. Antonym of circumlocution?
Ans: Directness
14. Synonym of morose?
Ans: Bad  tempered
15. If perimeter of a rectangle is 120ft and its length is 48ft what is the width?
Solution: Perimeter = 2 (length + width)
120 = 2 (48 + width)
60 = 48 + width
width = 12ft
16. a:b=3:7 and b:c=5:9 then a:b:c=?
17. If the roots grow upward in dark then this process is called 
a) negative geotropism
b) positive geotropism
c) positive phototropism
d) negative phototropism
18. the intetinial capillaries carry nutrients from intestine to______
a) kidney
b) liver
c) heart
19. A few questions were difficult which were meant to differentiate between a average and best student.


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