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Monday, November 18

Preparing for NET Physics

The number of questions of physics is different for different tests.

  • Engineering: 60 Mcqs
  • Computer Science: 60 Mcqs
  • Medical: 30 Mcqs
  • Architechure: 30 Mcqs
  • Business Studies: Nothing from Physics
For the detailed paper pattern visit : NET Guideline

I have taken both the tests of NUST, NET-1 and NET-2, and the only section which I found most difficult in both of them was Physics. I don’t mean to scare you but it was entirely different from all other entrance tests I took.

Now I am going to tell you something that, I hope, will INSHALLAH help you to prepare physics portion.

The first and foremost thing to prepare for this test is all the dimensions of different constants present in your book. I was given to find the correct dimension of Resistance ‘’R’’ from Ohm’s Law. I found it very puzzling because I had never calculated the dimensions of R. I had solved the dimensions of all other ‘’easy one’’ constants, but as our teacher used to say, ‘’R jaise Mushkil constants NAE aate test me’’ so I neglected. But you please don’t repeat my mistake and do all the toughest dimensions.

Book-2 of physics matters more than book-1 so you should have a good grip on it. Most of test comes from book-2.

After that, you should be able to understand all the formulae of Book. Try to learn them by writing each and every formula five times. You should also be able to understand the various forms of the very same formula. For example the formula for time period of Pendulum can be asked in various forms so try to make its various forms yourself.

After that another thing I found very interesting was the use of different laws in an otherwise manner. For example in the topics of electricity all the laws have been explained for positive charge but you should also be able to understand that what happens when charge is negative. Or what happens when the current flows in opposite direction. This was pretty easy for me because I had practiced them already. But most of students don’t practice these laws for opposite situations and hence Physics portion is just doomed. All the electricity concepts matter a lot because I had observed nearly 6-7 Mcqs from it.

Try to practice all the numericals relating to electricity, it will also help you

After that, you cannot neglect the information present in tables present adjacent to the topic. Not the statistical data rather the summary of topics. The table present at the very end of book, about the particles and sub-particles was the favorite of Nust-admins. Every time a single or two Mcqs are from there and it should be well crammed. And the table showing half-life of elements is also must-to-be-learnt.

At the end you should practice maximum and most difficult Mcqs from various books and SAT can also be used by Fsc students for a thorough preparation. The numerical are not so difficult in physics but still you should prepare particularly of second book.

In case of any confusion feel free to ask. :)

Written By: Sher zaman dogar


  1. The chapter numbers and the book you are mentioning. Eg. 'Second Book'
    Which book are you referring to here if I might ask?

  2. Books of Fsc. Part 1 and Part 2

  3. for clering concepts.is it right that we should read A.level books

  4. send me link f net 1 2 physz plzzzzzzz

  5. Ambreen Fatima28 May 2014 at 11:16

    sir plz tel me the syllabus of Physics for NET

  6. http://entrytest-preparation.blogspot.com/2014/03/mcqs-of-physics-in-nust-net-1-2014.html

  7. sir is there any shortcut to sudy all da course in order to take nust test?

  8. aoa sir
    i want to know k medical entry test jo ha is mae phy ka part 1 se ziada question ay ga ya part 2
    kindly tel me plz
    i wil b v thankful 2 u

  9. Aoa. Please tell me that would Net-1 December 2014 be conducted according to new Fsc books or the old ones? What about the repeators. Pleaseeeee reply

  10. What about Karachi board course? ? 2nd year's book should be preferred or 1st one??

  11. Kindly emphasize on how A-level students should prepare for:
    Should they join an academy such as KIPS where there are about 80 students per class of 6 hours while paying high fees or should they prepare from F.Sc. books and SAT or KIPS Entry Test Series (KIPS notes and exercises)?

  12. lioness rajpout8 March 2015 at 22:02

    A.o.a sir.... i find physics a difficult subject i hate the numerical portion asked in the subjects.. plzz tell me how i will make it better..? thnxx

  13. sir plz ap mjhe ye bta dain k agar koi student repeater ho means k wo nust ka test 2nd year bh dy tou kia uske merit ma koi deduction hoti ha ya nhe.

  14. noor fatima ghazi20 June 2015 at 21:53

    plz tell me that what type of questions mostly of type r they of medium level and how much questions related formulas are given i m very nervous about NET plz guide me


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