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Tuesday, November 12

What are Merit Positions?

Many students are confused what actually do merit positions reveal about their result. I will try to explain this in the easiest way. 

Your merit positions in the test show your position among all the participants that applied for the test. Consider the following example:

For the year 2014 about 50,000 students applied for Nust Entrance Test. On the basis of Test marks, Fsc marks and Matric marks the aggregates of all the students was calculated. Now on the basis of this aggregate students were given the positions like they way it is done in normal examination system. These are your merit positions. If your merit position is 1, it means you have the maximum aggregate among all the students who applied. If your merit position is 2000 , it means that 1999 students scored more than you.

I hope its clear to all of you . And now it would be easy for you to understand the merit lists of previous years. Check from here the minimum positions for different fields in last three years. 

We got our Merit Positions what is the next step now?

Nust gave a couple of days so that students may change their preferences if they wish to, when this date ends i.e. after 23rd July Nust will issue challan forms (Rs 1000). These will be added to your account as the previous challan form was added. In case you want to apply for admission in NUST you have to pay this fee. Only those students will be considered for admission who will pay the fee i.e merit list will be made on basis of marks of those students who will submit the fee. 

When to apply for hostel?

You have to apply for hostel when you'll get your name in any of the merit list. Forms are available on the website of Nust. You have download that, fill it , submit the fee and send them via post. 

My merit position is 1000 (for example) , when the students will leave their seat of Nust will my merit number reduce i.e will be in 900's ? 
No, the merit positions will remain the same. Suppose the closing merit of Electrical SEECS is 500, i.e the last student to get selected for EE SEECS in first list has the merit position of 500. Now lets suppose that 20 students leave the seats, to fill the seats Nust will check the merit positions of next students i.e 500+ who have chosen Electrical as their preference. Let the 20th student who selected EE as his preference has the merit position of 600. So now in second list the closing merit of EE would be 600. Same procedure is followed for all the lists and for all the fields. 


  1. MY merit position is 2302 ... if i get in software engg in MCS rwp.. can i transfer it to SEECS ater a year ?????

  2. M. Hummayun Yousaf21 July 2014 at 18:59

    Thanks, info helped alot..!
    Plz also tell, How the scolarships will be awarded?
    On what basis?
    Which students will be considered?

  3. plzz reply adimn i need help m confused

  4. same is the case with me !! n i m on 2303 no!!

  5. how can i chek my merit position?

  6. my merit position is 876 my prefrence was 1 elctrical nd 2nd civil so now i shoul change to civl 1 ????or i should not disturb it????


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