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Wednesday, November 13

Preparation Guide for Aga Khan

About the Author:

ALHUMDULIALH,I cleared the aptitude test of Aga Khan university and also appeared in the interview,it was an honor for me and now I am sharing my experience about the test with you.I hope It would be very helpful for you and you would gain maximum from it.
Contact details:
Ahmad Sher Zaman Dogar. 

It is an honour for me to clear the aptitude test of Aga Khan University.The aptitude test of AKU was the most lengthy and technical test I had ever seen.The tactics of this test are totally different from other entrance tests.I have cleared NET and UHS test also but AKU test was totally different. Now here are some suggestions for you ,based on my observation, to help you prepare for this test.There are 150 MCQs to be solved in approx. 4 hours.That sounds very easy but believe me I had left 20 unsolved because questions were so lengthy.But thank God I still cleared the test.The questions asked generally are very easy and conceptual but a very lengthy statement and diagram comprising of a single  page makes you feel giddy.

Don't get fidgety in the test. Mostly I observed that the answer was hidden in the question itself.You just need to grasp the answer from the question but it happens only when you are having a good ''glucose level'' in the blood.Don't loose confidence at any question.You can erase your pencil-filled bubble on answer sheet and can make correction as many times as you like.Plus there is no negative marking. Now I will discuss each section separately .


Physics was the most difficult part for me to solve.There are diagrams with each question.But one thing I observed was that the concept used in the diagrams was same as used in the F.sc textbook but the figure was different.So I would advise you to practice all the diagrams of book and try to understand the concept behind them.The circuit diagrams are most important.Don't forget to learn the concept and exceptions given in the last paragraphs of every topic.Most of the question were taken from second year book,so revise that carefully.


The chemistry portion was very easy.There were no questions based on concept. Mostly the questions were taken from Organic Chemistry.The equations were given as it is in the book and we were asked to tell the product.So if you are good at Organic part then this section will be ''Halwaa'' for you.From inorganic part the questions were just like Fill-in-the blanks.So you need to ''cram'' the book lines for that part.  


This section was very easy but also twisting.Students mostly try to ''Cram'' biology,that’s not bad but for this test you also need some common sense.It was the most comprehensive part because a single mcq was made to test the understanding of all the topic.For example four tables were given containing the names of Sexually transmitted diseases,their vectors and symptoms.So if you know all of them then you can choose an accurate one,otherwise you are going to mix all the topic there.given and we were asked to label the missing part in 
the form of MCQ.


The English section was the most important and lengthy one .There is no book I would prefer to you for preparing English.But one thing that I found very helping was my daily routine of reading English newspaper.I used to carefully study a single page of Dawn newspaper in the vacation and holidays and this helped me to get through this section.  Get the Sunday issue of any newspaper{English} and start reading one page daily in your free time.But remember that don't read carelessly.If you didn't read carefully pondering on every word of it,then you are merely wasting your time. My English grammar was very poor but after reading English newspaper for 6-7 months I improved a lot.

Science and Math Reasoning

This portion simply tests you IQ level.So you do not need to worry about it.I would advise you to eat ten almonds{badaam} daily and drink milk as much as you can. At the end, don't forget to take a Kit Kat chocolate with you because four and half hours is hell lot of time and AKU admins are not going to give you anything to eat.That offends.If you still have any queries,then your questions will be 
greatly welcome

Distribution of MCQs:

  • English  30
  • Biology  20   
  • Physics 20
  • Chemistry  20 
  • Math Reasoning  30
  • Science Reasoning  30
  • Total = 150
  • Time Allotted: 4 hours approx
In case of any confusion you must watch this video, it contains the details of above mentioned points.

Aga Khan university aptitude test guide by Ahmad sher zaman dogar from ahmad sher zaman dogar on Vimeo.

You can view the above text in PDF file from the following link : PDF file


  1. helpful....thanx
    but can you tell me is the AKU test based on the UHS
    syllabs or do I have to prepare the entire books??

  2. no syllabus is defined for aku test and its different from the UHS

  3. Your blog was very helpful but can you please tell a little more about the math and science reasoning part?

  4. It was helpful but in fsc we hvnt done maths so how can we attempt d maths mcqs 30.

  5. I'm also from burewala and i'm your fan also because my elder brother sajid ilyas shah was your class-fellow and he told much about you.thanks for information

  6. i'm also preparing for this test and learning english from Sir MD

  7. i am currently doing my a levels . I haven't kept maths in my alevel.
    Just wanted to know the level of maths in the entrance test?

  8. i m worried about reasoning section plz tell me what to do about this section

  9. This section can only be imporved via practice

  10. I wanna give test but confuse hw shud I prepare for it?


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