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Friday, June 14

Past Paper of PIEAS.

                                                                     Past Paper of PIEAS (2012)

Math’s Portion:

1) Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that the sum of dots shown is 4 or 6?
d) 5/18
a) 1/4
b) 1/6
c) 2/9

2) A poll is 20 m apart from a man. The man is making an angle of elevation of 45 degree with the pole head. What is the height of poll?
a) 15m
b) 25m
c) 20m
d) 17.707m

3) If -2, 4, 10 are in A.P then which term of the A.P is 148?
a) 25
b) 26
c) 32
d) 33

4) If f(x+1/x) = x- 1/x then f(x) =?

5) If a cylindrical bar has a radius 2 m and height 9 cm and if it is melted and become a sphere. What is the radius of sphere?
a. 3
b. 6
c. 9
d. None

 6) Find dy/dt if x=sqrot7/8 and x^2+ y^3=1 and dx/dt=2.
a) -4/3 √14
b) -3/4 √14
c) -4/3 √15
d) -3/4 √14

7) ‎[(1-underoot 3 i) /(1+underoot 3 i)]^5 is equivalent to
a) (1-undroot 3 i)/2
b)  (1+undroot 3i)/2
c) (1+3i)/2
d) none

8) 7x^2=9y is
a) parabola
b) cycloid
c) hyperbola
d) ellipse

9) integral from -1 to 2 of x + modulus (x)
a) 0
b) 3
c) -1
d) 2

10) A cuboid has length y, width 3y and depth y then what is its surface area??
a) 14y^2
b) 15y^2
c) 3y^3
d) 5y^2

11) A sphere has radius 6cm. if it is changing at rate 2cm/sec then what will be the rate of change of volume?
a) 288 pi
b) 300 pi
c) 36 pi
d) 8 pi

12) A car starts at 10.00 am at speed of 60km/h and 2nd starts one hour later at 80km/h. at what time will the 2nd car overtake the 1st?
a) 1 pm
b) 2 pm
c) 3 pm
d) will never cross

13) 3x-4y+11=0
find the minimum distance between the lines.

14) Equation of circle is x^2 + y^2 +2gx + 6fy = 0.
What is the equation of tangent passing through the point (-1, 1)

15) The length of chord of circle represented by x^2+4x+4+y^2+6y+9=9 passing through centre is??

16) Length of diameter of circle represented by equation 2x^2+2y^2-8=0 ??

Physics Portion:

1) What is the total current if 6 bulbs of 100 watt are connected to 120 volts?

If 50 N force is used to lift 240 N weight with pulley system. And if weight is lifted 1 m by pulling rope 5 m towards us. What’s the efficiency??

3) A force of 300N lifts a mass of 120kg with help of lever whose length is 2.4 m. The distance between fulcrum and mass is

a) 40cm
b) 48cm
c) 80cm
d) 171cm

4) A satellite at 8000 km and where gravity is 6.2 what is it velocity?

5) What happens to entropy when a solid melts into liquid
a) increase
b) decreases
c) remains constant

6)If the equation of a wave exhibiting SHM is : 5sin(.1t-.3x)
What is phase and what’s frequency here

7) a spring is cut into 3 equal parts. What’s the new spring constant if original was k.
a) k/3
b) 3k.
c) k
d) none

8) The gravitational force of earth is F and its mass is 81 times more than of moon. Then the gravitati0nal force of m00n on earth is
a. F
B. F/81
c. 81F
d. N0ne

9) if an object is placed b/w two mirrors then hoe many images will u see?

10) If green light fall on red rose which colour will u see??

11) If electron is brought inward towards other electron. ELECTRIC P.E of system?? Increases or decrease

12) on changing direction of velocity and magnetic field, the force experienced by charge changes its direction through??

Chemistry Portion:

1) If pH is 12.1 what is the concentration of OH- ions

2) Bohr’s model cannot explain which of the following structure?

a) be2+
b) H
c) Li2+

3) what is reaction of oil with KOH CALLED

4) which of them have zero dipole moment?
a) CO2
b) CO
c) H20
d) SO2

5) The bond angle in NH3 is
a. 109.5
b. 107.5
c. 120
d. 180

6) Which one of the following statements about Absolute Zero is wrong.
a) Absolute Zero is unattainable
b) K.E of molecules is zero at absolute zero
c) P.E of molecules is zero at absolute zero
d) Volume becomes zero at absolute zero a/c to Charles law.

7) Question was one of these:
how much time a 250 watt heater take to heat up 1 kg of water from 20 degree c to 50 degree c?
a beaker contain 50 gm water at 20 degree c.how much water having temperature 60 degree should b added to have an equilbrium temperature of 40 degree c?

English Portion:

1) Some people feel that his. . . . to the president was unnecessary
a) Allusion
b) Illusion
c) Elision

2) our services..... your expectations.
a) Excess
b) Exceed
c) Accede
d) Decrease

3) every human has feet of
a) Mud
b) Clay
c) Wood
d) Glass

4) He is happy after getting job he is like a cat who has . . . in his mouth.
a) Bug
b) Rat
c) Canary
d) Cat

5) if s0me0ne seems that he has chip on his shoulder and looking for trouble. What that means he is inclined to
a) Fight
b) Run
c) Cry

6) The hall........ appauled after the music performance
a) Audience
b) Spectators
c) Bystanders
d) out lookers

7) would the guests like dinner. The cooks ...... hard to made it delicious
a) Worked
b) Will working
c) Had worked
d) Have worked

8) Megalopolis means?
a) Big Police department
b) Hospital
c) Market
d) Big city

9) Are we____ to leave on vacati0n
a)  All ready
b) Altogether
c) All together
d) except

10) There is.... too much violence on tv today
a. Already
b. All ready
c. Altogether
d. All together

11) Go to Ahmed autos.you'll get a ____deal.

12) work :earn/plant

13) John _____to be a good student
a)turned up
b)turned out
c)turned into
d)turned in

14) The 'awan-e-saddar' is ____the parliament house.
b-infront ov
c-next to

2011 Paper:

if two mirrors are placed perpendicular to each other then the number of images formed will be
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 5

the best chlorinating agent is

a) SOCl2
b) PCl5
c) Cl2
d) ClO2

Alkali metals are good 

a) oxidising agents
b) reducing agents
c) both
d) none

in adiabatic expansion temperature

a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain same
d) none



  1. please check this question in pieas test question no. 4
    correct if it's wrong,plz plz
    f(x+1/x)= x-1/x => solution is,
    let f(x+1/x) = y,
    y=[x^2-1] / x
    xy=x^2-1 (By cross multiplication)
    taking derivative on b.s;
    x.dy/dx+y = 2x-0
    or, dy/dx=[2x-y] / x
    as dy/dx=f(x), and putting the supposition,
    so, f(x) = [2x-(x-1/x)] / x
    =[2x-x+1/x] / x
    =[x+1/x] / x
    =[(x^2-1)/x] / x
    =[x^2-1] / x^2 (answer)

  2. answer of q no.1 is 6 ampere by p=IV

  3. physics: question no. 7 = k , opption # c

  4. physics; q # 9 = infinite images and q # 10 = yellow color

  5. from f(x) = [2x-(x-1/x)]/x
    =1/x[x^2+1/x]after taking LCM of the terms in bracket
    x^2+1/x^2 ans

  6. plz english portion kai ques kai ans bata dain

  7. Bilal Abdullah5 May 2014 at 10:45

    the answer is x - 2/x


  9. try once on ur own, if u have any problem in any question you can ask

  10. Danish Ahmad Peerzada25 May 2014 at 13:01

    can you please tell me from where should i prepare for the entry test of pieas

  11. total kitna ques hn ga pieas test ma???

  12. pieas test is quite general.. no need to prepare it.. just make your concepts strong

  13. Danish Ahmad Peerzada31 May 2014 at 17:19

    do we study our course books from first year and second year

  14. sorry yah you r right

  15. i think the answer is 5A. bcoz 6 bulb of 100 watt. that means total power is 600 watts and then when we use P=VI I=P/V =600/120 = 5 A

  16. physics portion question 2,3,4

  17. Its not the correct answer!
    Putt f(x+1/x) again in ur answer its not equal to (x-1/x)!!!!!

  18. Its not the correct answer!
    Putt f(x+1/x) again in ur answer its not equal to (x-1/x)!

  19. Its not the correct answer!
    Putt f(x+1/x) again in ur answer its not equal to (x-1/x)

  20. asa tub ht hy jub function inverse me ho

  21. its correct answer is x check out

  22. Please explain maths question no. 5

  23. I think the question is a little wrong.. Firstly it says 2 m and 9 cm, different units and then no units in the answer so one can't really decide which unit to give ans in..

  24. Answers are a must to know if you've solved it right or not...Please upload them or take the test down kindly..

  25. Ahtisham Ansari12 June 2014 at 18:55

    passing marks kitny hen pieas test may ??

  26. may be...plz tell me the answer if anyone knows

  27. in q no. 6 in maths answer is option (a) -4/3 (14)^1/2

  28. depends on merit list .if merit is high then high marks if low then lower...

  29. maths q no 13 answer is d= o , zero distance is the minimum distance between the parallel lines.

  30. in q no 14 if question is correct like x^2+y^2+2x+6y=0 then answer will be y+1=0

  31. physics portion q.no.2 solution: work(input)=F.S = 50N. 5m=250J
    And as effeciency%=work(output)/work(input)=(240J/250J)x 100=96% efficiency

  32. Daniyal Mazhar14 June 2014 at 20:02

    pieas negative marking?

  33. Daniyal Mazhar14 June 2014 at 20:03

    maths portion q no 4 ans n solution?

  34. The answer of Q:3 in maths is 26.33333333...
    Answer written out there in apparently round off!

  35. can u plz upload chapter vise weightage of PIEAS entry test.............. i can'nt afford acadmey so thats why i am preparing it at home,,,,,,,,,,,plz do sommething in this regard

  36. no, it can't be zero.. that's the trick lady

  37. Well!! radius of sphere would be [(9/2pi)+2] = 3.43 = 3 (approx)

  38. Well!! radius of sphere would be [(9/2pi)+2] = 3.43 = 3 (approximately)

  39. FLîrty Príncê12 June 2015 at 17:46

    hey listen i m behzad

  40. FLîrty Príncê12 June 2015 at 17:47

    hey listen

  41. Ans iz 26...n0t 26.333 mam :-)


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