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Friday, August 23

Closing merit positions in Second list of NUST

Below are the closing Merit positions in the Second Selection list of Nust. A total of 2247 students have been selected in these disciplines.

              Closing Merit Positions of Engineering/Computer Science
Field Closing Merit
Civil Engineering (Risalpur) 1531
Environmental Engineering (Islamabad) 2477
Civil Engineering (Islamabad) 1158
Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad) 2790
Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)446
Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1899
Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1737
Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 578
Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 627
Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi) 2107
Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi) 927
Electrical Engineering (Karachi) 2213
Mechanical Engineering (Karachi) 1310
Mechanical Engineering (Winter Session) (Karachi) 2241
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Karachi) 2673
Avionics Engineering (Risalpur) 1159
Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur) 769
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad) 580
Software Engineering (Islamabad) 1069
Computer Science (Islamabad) 2357
Chemical Engineering (Islamabad) 1269
Material Engineering (Islamabad) 2210

                               Closing Merit Positions of BS Mathematics
Field Closing Merit
BS Mathematics (Islamabad) 580

            Closing Merit Positions of Business Studies/Social Sciences
Field Closing Merit
BS Accounting & Finance (Islamabad) 411
BS Economics (Islamabad) 543
Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamabad) 491
BS Mass Communication (Islamabad) 613
BS Public Administration (Islamabad) 647

         Closing Merit Positions of Bachelor of Architecture/Industrial Design
Field Closing Merit
Bachelor of Architecture (Islamabad) 116
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Islamabad) 205

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Closing Merit positions in first Selection list of Nust

All this info has been collected by  Jafer Khan .This is highly appreciating. (y)
This guy can be contacted on the facebook page  :  


  1. what i the closing position of bs math in 3rd merit list

  2. Just wait, I am working on it.

    ~ Jafer

  3. What is the closing merit positions of engineering in 3rd merit List...???

  4. sir please upload the closing merit position in 4th merit list

  5. when mbbs merit will be uploaded

  6. Jafer Khan you here? Need to talk to you

  7. Is there a Jafer khan here? Need to talk to him

  8. Are you currently enrolled in nust?

  9. Which year and field of study?

  10. Why you wanna know this ? :v

  11. Because I need guidance regarding net and what field to choose and also because my brother knows a certain jafer khan who is studying in nust and I wanted to confirm if it was you. Sorry if I got too personal all of a sudden :/

  12. you can contact on the page mentioned above for any sort of help :)

  13. 60.5 % agregate where can i get admitted

  14. these are less. try to get near 65%

  15. sir my agregate iz 77% iz heir any chance of my adm in nust for bds on army paying cadet seat.. if nt tell me abt agregate i hv to achieve fr this

  16. min. kitna agreegate ho k cs ya software me ho jae ga??

  17. I have aggregate of 67.43%, scored around 129 in NET 3. What is my chance for BS Acc and Fin. and also BBA. Anyone?

  18. Merit position 234, any chance in acceptance for industrial design?


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