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Friday, November 15

Preparing for NET English

The portion in which most of the students lose their marks is English. So we decided to start the preparation session from the English portion.
Type of Questions which can be asked in the English portion:

  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Analogy
  4. Correct spellings
  5. Sentence Completion
  6. Sentence Correction
  7. Comprehension
All of them might not be covered in a single test. As you guys know the test will be held in multiple sessions so on one day 5 or 6 portions might be covered.
Now the question arises from where to prepare for these portions.
Let us consider them one by one:

Synonyms and Antonyms:
                                               I am dealing with Entry test stuff since last three years and I analyzed the papers of all these years.

One thing about the Nust Entrance Test which I noted is that Questions repeat, especially in the portion of English. Secondly there is some defined syllabus which they people have got from which they prepare the tests or rather it’s better to say they used to prepare in last three years as I have no idea about this year. Synonyms and Antonyms which were in the tests were either from the Novel “Mr. chips“ which is taught to FSc level in Punjab Board or from SAT. SAT can also be replaced by the book of Kips, the book which is provided to students of pre engineering. In that book they have added the words from SAT but these are less in number and many of them were in the test. So if anyone wished to prepare from Vocabulary, prepare it from above mentioned sources. We prepared a list of all possible words from Mr.Chips. 

Moreover we prepared the list of some words which were included in NET-1 and NET-2 2013. Words which were in NET-2011 and NET-2012 were also added in NET-2013, so one can expect to have the words of NET-2011, NET-2012 and NET-2013 in NET-2014. Here is the list of words which we collected along with their meanings. Prepare them. We’ll arrange an online test from these words on 2nd of December In Sha Allah. Be prepared.
Here are the links:

Correct Spellings:
                                  This portion does not require as such preparation, if you are preparing for other portions this portion will be prepared as well. It just requires exposure to words. If you are good at English vocabulary you will most likely get all the questions correct from this portion. A list of words which were in NET-1 and NET-2 2013 for spelling correction will soon be uploaded.

Sentence Completion and Sentence Correction:
                                                                                 You must be good at English Grammar in order to perform well in these two sections. The questions can be related to different positions like in correction there can be error in any part of speech. So you need to know the rules of grammar in order to go score well. You can use any book to prepare grammar. However, here’s a book recommended by a student of MBBS, “English Grammar and Composition By Wren and Martin”.
You can get the book from here: Grammar

                              In order perform well in this section you need practice. Practice comprehension passages from the web. You can also use the SAT book in this regard. A website from where you can practice the comprehension is:
Practice comprehension
On the above link questions are harder than those given in NET, so do not worry if you are not able to get them correct on the first attempt. Correct answers with explanations are shown once you attempt the question.

                 Many of the students face problem in this section and many are unaware of this term, so we decided to explain this topic in detail in a separate post. That post will be available soon. If anyone of you is in hurry he can read about this topic and practice questions from it from the web.
Here is the post related to analogy: Analogy

Hope this post will help you people. In case of any confusion feel free to ask :)

For daily updates join our Facebook page: Entry Test Preparation and our event NET-1 Preparation.

The number of MCQs in English portion for different fields are available here: Details


  1. Do you have any idea to how much I need to score to get into BS accounts and finance NBS. I have o level equivalence of 77%

  2. shayan murtaza10 May 2014 at 16:27

    i have got 75% marks in matric and 63% in fsc. how much do i need to score to get in to bba NBS?

  3. I hope it is right direction for learning Study.So instructive and pacific system. Thanks special education services provide that gives knowledge and power to make right decision in the best interest and guidelines !

    Ielts GRE Toefl Gmat Test

  4. I hope it is right direction for learning Study.So instructive and pacific system. Thanks special education services provide that gives knowledge and power to make right decision in the best interest and guidelines !

    Ielts Speaking

  5. got 914 in matric
    903 in fsc pre medical .. did add maths
    how much required in NET to get into any engineering?

  6. sir test kaha per melingay

  7. sir wo mock wali mcqs kaha per hay

  8. many mony tranfer ke te magar wo to email nahe howay hay sir

  9. Sir I got 145 in NET-2. Have got 92% in Matric and 89% in HSSC Part-1. How much do I need to get Financial Assistance in Engineering in NUST? Assume merit doesn't go up further this year.

  10. sir i got 77% in matric and 66% in fsc pre engeenring. how much marks i should get for electrical engeenring at nust??

  11. 76 % in matric
    72 % in first year.
    How much mark required for NBS nd ASAB

  12. you have to apply for it at time of admissions i,e in august

  13. Sir I got 80% marks in matric and 77% in FSc pre eng.
    How much marks are required to get admission in machanical engineering from nust

  14. what is there in ASAB .. ??

  15. What is there in ASAB ??

  16. MAtric 82% and FSc part-1 70% , how should i get in net 3 for BBA in NUST ?
    Sir come online ASAP and answer me :P
    as its my test after 4 days .. :D

  17. aoa sir . ye jo syllabus uper dia hua ha kia ye helpful ha

  18. sir i have 84% in 10th how much i have to obtained marks in nust for mbbs?

  19. Thanks for the
    heads up! IELTS is very challenging and it should not be taken for granted. It
    needs time as well as constant review and practice.

    ielts exam

  20. I have Got 979 0ut of 1050 in matric .. and 473 in frst year out of 550 .. So how could i apply for test ? and how much scored should i do in test ?? plzz inform me

  21. sir I have got 90% in matric and 75 % in F.Sc 1st year how much marks I need to get in NUST Mechancial Engineering ?

  22. Kindly emphasize on how A-level students should prepare for:



    Should they join an academy such as KIPS where there are about 80 students per class of 6 hours while paying high fees or should they prepare from F.Sc. books and SAT or KIPS Entry Test Series (KIPS notes and exercises).?

  23. sir i got 92 percent marks in matric and they are 490 in fsc how much atleast i require in nust for mbbs or bds

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  25. Sir. My marks in matric are 86%,in fsc 78%. How much marks i need to get my admission secured in electrical engineering in H12


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