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Thursday, November 27

Road to MCAT 2014

She Believed She Can, So She Did!

Are you scared of bombing the ENTRY TEST? Do you get nervous just at the thought of MCAT? Is this the only specter that haunts your way? Let’s be honest, right off the bat and admit that studying for the MCAT is not fun, especially when the stakes are so high. Obviously, if you want to get in, you’ll have to put in the time and effort to excel on the MCAT! But still UHS offers no assurance!

Okay let me share My Journey to Medicine, My Road to MCAT! A short story… From Failure to Success! From Rejection to Selection! From a Pre-Medical Student to a Medical student! A walk worth remembering! I experienced rejection; I experienced failure; but I didn’t let it go. And today when I look back, a year (being a Repeater) looks so lame in comparison with what I’ve been blessed with. Yes! Alhamdulillah I’m a Medical student, a RAWALIAN.

“Road to Medical life…  A walk to remember”
 “Doctors are not made, they are chosen”

Okay!! I, like many of you, since I was 4 or 5, started dreaming of becoming a DOCTOR.   May be it was due to the environment of our home which was so educational or my Ideal Doctors, “Aappi” and “Bhae”; the graduates of KEMU and RMC. Whenever I encountered the question, “Beta baray ho k kya ban’na hy appny?” there was always an impulsive reply, “Doctor”… It was a kind of reflex action to me. So that idea got deeply rooted in my mind since I was very young… When I didn’t even know the meaning of the word “Doctor” and it sowed the seeds in my mind.  Then as I grew some older, these seeds started ripening and burgeoning rapidly, with its roots adamantly adhering to my every single thought, dreams, ideas and plans regarding my future.. !!

Being a PRE-MEDICAL Student!!
Life went really smoothly and school era came to an end… Everyone used to say that, “College life is fun time of one’s life” but being a PRE-MEDICAL student, you ought to have another thought coming. Life showed me that it’s not a bed of roses at all… The result of 1st year board left me in a dark valley of despair. In- spite of whole year’s night awakenings, securing highest grades in each college assessment and my best performance in each Exam; I made it up to 447 only! Yes, 447… the score that is enough to make you stand no-where!

It was for the very first time I experienced, “Expectations hurt more than anything” This time I started getting tensed.  I never have been that much depressed as in this span of time. This was the time I started doubting my future. I started making many different dreadful scenarios and assumptions regarding my future.  And it was probably my First Mistake. Well, when you start doubting your own future then you are inviting many evils of fears, despair, and hopelessness to build a castle in your nerves, mind and soul. And they mess up all the things together; your diligence, zeal, passion everything and keep you entangled in your own web of doubts.

Then even after 2nd year exams, I wasn’t finding myself in any race among the other Pre-Medical students, who scored brilliantly in their 1st year (my 2nd mistake), but still getting best prepared for the Entry Test for it can change all the game. Okay, 3 months passed; June, July, August and at the very end of August came out our result. I scored 936 and I thought it to be a respectable total … I don’t memorize any single day during these months, in which I slept without calculating the required aggregate. One thing I had learnt from the past, “Dream a little low so it won’t screw you up afterwards”… So this time, I just thought that I should score 950+ to be in a safe zone!!

 MCAT 2013
The thing about MCAT is that you study until you get Mental Hemorrhoids. There are about 220 MCQ’s in the test but literally hundreds and hundreds of concepts you have read in your Pre-medical classes. Nothing quite strikes fear in the heart of Pre-medical student as the prospect of taking the MCAT. This fear is not completely unwarranted... The MCAT is the monster of a test … And in most cases it is the last hurdle along the long path to the medical college… For this reason, there is a common fear that all the hard work put during last two years can be all or none if you crash and burn on the test day!!  A lifetime of work can come down to how well you perform on one day! This is an irrational fear. There is no reason to assume that if you have worked and studied hard and performed well in FSC that all; that‘ll leave you on test day. If u did reasonably well in FSC and prepared for the Test you should do well but what “If?” ‘What if ‘If’s’ will drive you crazy?? Well there is no remedy available!

Ok, then came the DOOMS DAY… Yes, the Entry Test Day 22nd of September, 2013… I was in the best of my spirits. Started with Biology! When I reached half of the MCQ’s, I felt like I’m attempting all of the questions and not leaving a single which is probably not a good thing. Negative Marking is there so I need to be a little more cautious... So, I started skipping the questions in which I was doubtful even a percent or less… And that pattern proceeded in Physics and Chemistry as well… So, it resulted in skipping of 20 questions altogether… I was left with a total of 1000 marks only...

I was extremely tensed during test hours that I marked the easiest of the questions incorrectly! Yes, I marked ‘C’ instead of ‘B’ and ‘B’ instead of ‘C’ on my response form in almost 10 of the questions (the biggest blunder one can ever make!)  And when I came to know about this all, it was quite late! So, the questions that I deemed to be correct were incorrect in actual!

I also felt badly the need for word to word RATTA (I would have made) for Biology as even the simple things were mixing that time. There were hardly 3-4 questions incorrect in Physics and Chemistry’s Section. I performed well in English as well but Biology; most of the questions I skipped from this section and most of the incorrect ones also in the same section! Result came as No Shocking News! 879/1100 with an aggregate % of 83.3052%... And I was left with no other option than to repeat and waste a year because it was not possible for me to let go of my Dream I dwelled in, for the lifetime! So, it was a requisite of time to give Myself another chance!!
Year 2014!!! (Being a Repeater)
Medical + Stethoscope + White Overall = A Shattered Dream!
Well, I will never ever forgive you 2013! For many of my tears :’( … This was the time when I found myself in the middle of no-where… Friends getting prepared for the New Era of Life; Medical life! Thrill, fun, excitement … And *Le me with FSC books again in hand revising for the 47th time! Well, it’s really heartrending when you find yourself lagging behind the people that were there with you yesterday. They all took a leap and you still creeping like a snail :@. When you are a REPEATER, you are not sure about your new energy, but you know that you are in a risky situation. There is a chance that you may even succeed in a venture where others before you failed. Situations have an unfortunate tendency to be difficult for you. I told myself daily that your OPTIMISM ought not to be changed no matter what!! Just make sure that the battle you fight today is yours. There may be a great deal of tension in the air that might behoove you to stay detached from the war that’s apt to ensue. One explanation could be rattled ‘Confidence’. Why you doubt yourself right now?? You need to give yourself a long look in the MIRROR! Remind yourself that you can’t stop moving forward just because you haven’t made it last time!!

Well, I haven’t found books hateful, as during this span of time. Yes, I hated them… I used to look at them as if someone’s old love for which one has surrendered everything and that love has ruined it completely!!  During the start of this year, for many a days, I didn’t find courage to face these books again… I never have hated STUDYING but I was just sick of these FSC BOOKS! What I wanted is some new start! Some new books! Some new ME! But everything was OLD; monatomic, but NO I was change!!… I had more the riches of tensions, worries, depressions, and fears ahead!

But wait!! I had two options from there onward… 1st was, I let that DEFEAT define ME; or the 2nd one, I let it STRENGHTHEN me… and I chose the 2nd one … Well, I won’t say that I was a kind of OPTIMISTIC being. There were many sleepless nights during this whole year… The persistent condition of my eyes these day; swelled up, burning red and pearls sparkling all the time (yes, the tears).  I was of the view these days that I‘m the most UNLUCKY being ever born on this planet. Honestly to tell you, I lost the hope of a percent or even less that I, Yes I can get in to a Medical college and Government!!  Uff, no wake up DEAR!!

But someone said to me, “Okay! If we suppose that you are UNLUCKY, as you say; so why you are still relying on your luck… Stop leaning on the luck for even a percent. Just raise your HARD WORK to 100%  ... No space for the LUCK to matter. Some people write down their FUTURE with their own hands… So, let yourself be added among that queue of people, The DETERMINED ones though unlucky!!

Okay, now the 1st question was! Should I need to improve my FSC score! This thing as we all know that improvement of 10-15 marks can’t make a huge difference to your Aggregate. What matters most is how well you perform in your ENTRY TEST… Okay one thing to tell you, I was a Pre-MEDICAL student and I used to dislike BIOLOGY more than any other subject (even Pak. Studies). So, what I needed to do is to improve my Biology. (And today Bio is LOVE)  So, I decided to appear in BIO-2 again!!

Some days, I got up and realized that I’m in the middle of NOWHERE… I have nothing to do but STUDYING and go to bed with the same thing planned for next many of the months. The only thing surrounding me these days was the prevalent Darkness!! I just looked for the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there. And what I need to do is to surpass this tunnel successfully. I deactivated Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook everything…

I started with BIOLOGY first. I didn’t follow the UHS syllabus as I wasn’t in a position to take the risk for even a single MCQ in this section (Although I skipped some of the Topics from 1st year Bio that included the Botany stuff (plants related portion)i.e. I skipped most of the PLANTAE and also Ch-14’s  starting part and the Kingdom Protoctista. From Bio-2 one can skip Ch-19 and 26 as well!) ... I used to read each line word to word again and again till these words got engraved to the bottom of my mind (with special emphasis on the blue blocks and diagram’s descriptions). For Biology, one needs to lick up the whole book word to word and bits by bits! I revised the Biology for 3 months and by the end of these months, Bio was on finger tips... I wasn’t oblivious of other subjects as well.

I started ENGLISH side by side. I estimated. Okay! If I revise 10 words of English vocab daily then I will revise the whole vocabulary in almost 872/ 10 = 87.2 days, Ok let it be 90 days, means time span of 3 months. So, at the very end of these 3 months I chewed up whole vocab thoroughly and also done with Bio completely… (For Vocabulary I consulted KIPS English book edition 2013, I think it’s best for vocabulary. No need to search for the meanings yourself; there are many good books for this purpose, consult them!)

Then I began with PHYSICS. I followed the UHS prescribed syllabus for Physics (that included all the topics both before and after the UHS Topics. And all the stuff I found in relation with UHS topics including books of 9th and 10th as well)… What you need to do for ‘Physics’ is, make a register and compile each and every thing you found in correspondence with a topic (Unit Vise) with special emphasis on Formulas, Units, Graphs and Definitions (you may take help from the books of 9th and 10th as well for the topics like Centre of Gravity, Ultra-Sonics and its uses, Audible frequency range, Defects of Vision i.e. Long/Short sightedness etc). For once this register has been made; you can revise whole Physics in just a couple of days (no restriction, you can take even more). No need to overwork yourself with Exercise’s lengthy Numerical,  just keep revising the Chapter’s Examples and revise them too often that just by seeing the statement you remind both the Formula and the Answer (but not to rely on that answer as values may be changed this time). Okay, it almost took two weeks in compiling all the physics stuff in a register and revising it.

Last but not the least!! Yes, CHEMISTRY .Well you can’t think of skipping even a single topic from 1st year Chemistry because UHS is really shrewd in the sense that they picked up the TOPICS for which you need to go through the whole chapter thoroughly (May be u won’t find all the topics related as everyone has a different perspective and I’m just telling mine! But I think it’s good to be safe). Many of the topics from UHS syllabus may seem to be not in our FSC books but actually they are except a few! So it’s better to Google them instead of panicking yourself. Then CHEM -2, I did only the UHS topics for INORGANIC Chemistry (feel free to prepare only the specified topics and act as if no other topic other than them, is there in your book) But for ORGANIC Chemistry, you need to go through all the related topics as well (And that depends on you what you find in relation with a topic e.g. for Electrophiles and Nucleophiles one needs to go through all the reactions of the book related to Electrophiles/ Nucleophiles substitution and elimination whether they are individually included or not.      
P.S that’s only what I think!). So I was done with all the subjects thoroughly in almost 5 months…

I also made it my routine to revise English vocab side by side with every subject as there was a chance of mixing up the MASSIVE VOCABULARY. I used to revise 50 words daily, after I had revised the vocab for the 1st time (10 words per day). Then when the whole vocab was revised for the 2nd time, I used to revise 100 words per day. (And these words to be revised 3-4 times per day as well, it was like a routine diet for me that’s intake is somewhat compulsory!)  So when I was done with whole vocab for 3 times thoroughly then I used to revise whole vocab daily and marked the words that still needed to be revised. And then revised these mixing words for many a times And YES!! I was sure about these 872 words!!

For English Grammar, I have gone through all the Parts of Speech thoroughly and the whole grammar stuff (that I think every good grammar contain) from all the Grammar books I had a collection of! (Long list=D) (I think a single comprehensive reading (or twice) is just enough, if you are already good in English; which I suppose I was not)  But the major contribution in this regard was of WREN & MARTIN. There is nothing like you need to memorize anything, just make sure you are good in Tenses, the usage of prepositions, relative pronoun; correct form of verb; sentence completion and most importantly you are good in locating the faulty part of a sentence (Mostly, when I read a sentence, my eyes sees only the faulty portion of it just on one glance, even though I didn’t make out the flaw sometimes but I was able to locate it and that’s what needed for the Test)

Let me tell you one other thing that might prove helpful for you… Each time, when I was going to revise any chapter, I used to mention the respective DATE on the very 1st page of that chapter, so it was a way of knowing; how many times the chapter have got revised! … And I gained so much confidence while during last revision of the books; I wasn’t finding any little space to mention the corresponding date!!

One other thing, try to memorize the things that mix up with the help of MNEMONICS. It’ll be really helpful. I used to make my own key words, little mnemonics (though silly =D) and by this I was able to memorize the gigantic tables as well. I used to search for Mnemonics on Wikipedia as well especially for Chemistry (like Electrochemical Series, Electronegativity values, and M.P/B.P trends etc)… For electrochemical series our Sir at KIPS told us a funny mnemonic and because of it whole series is just on my finger tips even today. “Lt. (Lithium) Pervaiz (Potassium) could (Calcium) still (Sodium) marry (Magnesium) a (Aluminum) zoya (Zinc) in (Iron) the (Tin) lovely (Lead) house (Hydrogen) causing (Copper) strangers (Silver) many (Mercury) gazes (Gold) =D”

Okay!! By the end of these 5 months, the HSSC-2 board exams were also about to finish… So, next question arise! ‘Should I need to prepare at home’ OR ‘join any academy??’  Last year, I joined ‘KIPS Academy’. The way KIPS taught us to tackle the dreadful monster, Yes! TIME MANAGEMENT during test hours is commendable. And most importantly, the way they revise the UHS Syllabus as if there was nothing really difficult in it!! Were there anything? So, the major reason to join any Academy this year was that I needed to evaluate myself. So, I joined ‘THE SCHOLARS ACADEMY’. It’s the Scholars Academy that is responsible for again building CONFIDENCE in me. They made me believe again that Yes You Can Do It! You deserve it! You’ll get it! They made me Dream again, think again, fly again, be passionate again! Our Sir once said to me, ‘’beta you are born to be a DOCTOR and we can see it while you doubt! Ups and Downs are the part of one’s life but it’s no reason to stop moving ahead’’
New Soul, New Spirits and New Determination!  

When you are a Repeater, you are the most pessimists these days. What you need the most, is someone that stand by your side, just assuring you each day that ‘You Have To Do it because you CAN do it!!  The one that believes in you so much that you start to believe in yourself too!
New confidence, New Chapters of Hopes and Prayers!

When there remained time span of 2 months for the Entry Test day, I revised the Books by the following pattern…  Okay I have 6 books to revise and 2 months!
A schedule to revise 6 books for 5 times, in 63 days with ease! (Two months aprox)

  • 1st revision:- One-fourth book daily (1/4) = 24 days
  • 2nd revision:- One-third book daily (1/3) = 18 days
  • 3rd revision:- Half book daily = 12 days
  • 4th revision:- One book daily = 6 days
  • 5th revision:- One subject daily = 3 days

Okay then came the ENTRY TEST DAY, 31st August 2014. I have never found myself so much calm and relaxed as during this test. It was probably the 1st exam of my life (except during childhood) in which I finally left my books at 9pm (for many a times it may take till 4am to summon the courage). This was the 1st time, I finally realized that it’s not the revision of the same books over and over again that can give you satisfaction; as the Prayers, the Dua’s, and the time spent with ALLAH  Honestly to tell you, I have always prayed in haste so that I may find a little time more to revise the books once again but still unease, still anxiety, still nervousness, still un-satisfaction apart of the revision of books for many a times.

I had a strong Belief on Allah and Myself! that YES, this is the Test that is in between ME and MEDICAL Insha’Allah  As I started with the test, it seemed me like there is some Devine help with me that helped me in not getting tensed or to panic myself. First I attempted the ENGLISH synonyms, I knew them all and I felt really boastful because these were the solid 50 marks I was sure about from the 872 vocabulary words I kept revising days and nights. Then began with BIOLOGY, this was the portion in which I couldn’t afford a single mistake as I have revised the Biology more than any other subject! (Still I lost some of the marks here) I was done with BIO till 9:40am. Then began with CHEMISTRY, completed it till 10:20am. I was done with the two major portions of the test and left with 44 questions of PHYSICS and 20 remaining from ENGLISH and 70 minutes. I completed PHYSICS till 11:00am and ENGLISH in next 10 minutes and I was left with 20 minutes even then! So, I just looked at my response form as if how many left un-attempted, there were 3 of them. As I was strongly advised by my Teachers and siblings, not to skip even a single MCQ this time, so I just made educated guesses (if u can’t make a choice then just make an educated guess). Then I spent the remaining time praying to ALLAH!

‘‘Allah Almighty, the most merciful! I don’t know what’s best for me but YOU know the best! I just find it difficult at my side to even imagine myself not as a DOCTOR. I find it really hard to smash the Castle I dwelled in with my own hands. But Insha’Allah I’ll be contended with Your Decision for Me because it’ll be the best IA ’’ And yes, I was finally satisfied with my performance!                                                

Okay, one thing I didn’t tell about yet!! Yes, My TARGET this year. Actually, I happened to go through a document quite often this year, ‘ROAD TO MCAT 2012’. It was a Ray of Hope for me! So I used to assume myself in every single line, each word, and every single thought of it. So I also used to estimate…  My EXPECTATION last year; emm 950... REALITY; 879… Means difference of 71 marks… So if this year let my Target be 1100 and if difference would remain the same i.e. 71 then I need to score 1100-71= 1029. What? ‘1-0-2-9’ Oh My…. So consciously or unconsciously I started praying for a score of 1029 in Entry Test. Neither a single less; nor more… just 1029! So my target was to score 1100 and Expectation; 1029! (71 less…=D)

Well! Result came within a week and I scored 986 ALHAMDULILAH with an aggregate percentage of 88.5325%. So the difference between my expected score and the Reality was 43 in fact .

What you need to do!!
There is no need to feel regret or shame about the things that have happened in the past. Turn negative experiences into lessons!! You have plenty of free energy. Now is a good time to make plans and to get involved in your commitments. Your vitality doesn’t have any boundaries. You’ll be amazed at how much you can handle when there’s an end in sight. Your whole attitude lightens, so take the bull by the horns and create your own incentives. If you never go after what you want, you’ll never have it!!

Just remind yourself that He is watching! Your efforts, your deeds, your patience!! Remind yourself of how good it would feel to have it all one day. Don’t let go. Don’t give up!!

 “Some childhood dreams are so intense that they penetrate deep down; in your nerves, mind and soul! And build a Castle with solid concrete there… Dreams are the wishes that heart makes! No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of them! So you decide either to gain courage to demolish it with your own hands or proving yourself capable of dwelling in that castle” (My daily diary)  

I began to realize, how important it was to be Enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it with full speed ahead! Embrace it with both arms, love it and above all; become PASSIONATE about it!
Turn to the sun, and the shadow will fall behind you!!

Your engine is oiled up and ready to go. Put yourself in high gear and don’t let anything stand in your way. Never again are you going to walk out of an exam saying, ‘’I studied forever and really felt that I knew the material but this bad grade is not a reflection of my Efforts and my Knowledge”

Today you may satisfy yourself with options like D-pharmacy, DPT, DVM or BS in any related field but one thing to tell you, there can be literally no SUBSTITUTE for MBBS/ BDS and if you have got another chance as a Repeater, Don’t Waste It! Very few people are lucky to have a second chance. So, consider yourself LUCKY and if you are really passionate, the STETHOSCOPE will be yours as a DOCTOR in near future Insha’Allah. Allow your PASSION to become your PURPOSE and it’ll one day become your PROFESSION!! IA 

Few lines from my Diary, 2013!
“Dear STETHOSCOPE! Don’t know whether you are made for me or not… But I’ll make you MINE one day with the will of ALLAH IA, for you have been in every single line and every thought of my Existence and I won’t give up on you whether the sky gets rough!”
‘This road is thorny still I smell roses’
One Poem I have composed last year and I would like to share it with you fellows!!
May be it can become a source for Someone, Somewhere; to keep going, keep struggling, and reaching to his/her PASSION and DESTINY one day!! May be yours, Yes you reading! 

When Darkness seems the only Way,
Find your way in that way,
With flame of Diligence lightning your way!!
When Despondency seems the only refuge,
Don’t let yourself engulf in that deluge!!
Reside instead in the Castle of your Dreams,
Be a bird of HOPE, instead of DESPAIR!!
Life is GOOD if it’s still UNFAIR,
Believe you can, and you are halfway there!!




  1. Sincerely appreciated and admire the way you dealt!! (y) <3 <3 <3 ^_^ (y)
    wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, you will be great! ^_^

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  6. really good and inspiring article,my story is little bit different from u to become a doctor is really my childhood dream but i couldnot get it year yes i could not pass test of 31 august 2014. but my marks are good i.e 988 in matric,971 in fsc but i still could not get through. i was also in deep roots of despair but on believe of allah i am going to take entry test of nust in december.let see what would happen

  7. being a ^repeater is always a great challenge.. u start to realize that things were far easy the last time .. MashAllah u have scored great in Fsc .. so Go for it. Many best wishes ..

  8. Abu Bakar Abdullah29 November 2014 at 00:33

    Ohh come onn man..!! Itss soo muchh like mee..! I did absolutely everything in my power during 1st year..! Got 512 in send up exams.. but in board exams... luckk tricked me nd ended up right where u did..! 477..!! What worries me is that Not even a single prayer of mine was answered.. (or all of 'em were saved for some other time..) em in 2nd year now.. Entropy inside my head iss too muchh..!! Can't even think of giving it a repeat..!! Insha Allah i'll do my best to nail the MCAT..!! All I need on my side is Allah..! May He accept me..!

  9. very touchy nd such an inspiration for awl repeaters.......

  10. Allah always plans what's best for his people... well, 477 is a good score.. ^not a kind of marks that can make one that much hopeless.. u should have faith in Allah and yourself.. best wishes

  11. Abu Bakar Abdullah29 November 2014 at 21:36

    By the time I had not read yur story, I was not even a bit hopeless... but yur story describes my scenerio nd it scares the crap outta me..!
    May Allah make it happen for all of uss..! Nd me..!! Beshakkk Its Him who does each and every thing..!!!!

  12. Well this document has been composed for helping u ppl and not to scare anyone 😨😈
    May Allah help all of you to excel ur dreams..

  13. Very inspiring story. I also want to get in medical college but due to mcat i did not score high in mcat. In 2013 my marks in mcat was 765 so i decided to repeat but this time i get only 862 marks and no chance of admission. Please i wanna talk to u because u seems a lodestar for me. can u guide me how can I get in... waiting for ur reply.

  14. Thanks sanm..
    It seems like u r really passionate for being a Doctor.. Your hard work ll surely be rewarded one day Insha'Allah.. So u wana appear in Mcat the 3rd time? This surely is a decision of great determination.. u have gone through Mcat twice so u now have a idea about the questions n above all ^time management during test hours... one always learns best from his/her own mistakes.. just try to have a grip on the areas where u r weak.. And I'm sure u can do wonders.. best wishes.. And u are welcome to ask about any kind of query..

  15. A.a..i got 1007 marks in Fsc bt jst 851 in mcat..just because couldn't manage time...what can i do to improve time managemnet? which acadmey is best for entry test preparation?

  16. Thanku. So Much can u tell me which academy is best for test preperation in rawalpindi

  17. W. Asalam.. Yeah ^time management is a big issue.. Many students suffer in e.test just bcuz they can't manage with the time.. I think best way to cope with time is to take practice tests as much as possible.. KIPS surely works when it comes to time management during test hours.. So join the test session and try to have a firm grip on biology and English.. u can save much of your time if you are good in these two. Bcuz chemistry and physics always demands plenty of time either calculation's questions or the conceptual ones. So try to save time from the former ones.. best wishes...

  18. KIPS is really a good Academy but one negative thing, they keep their students busy with floods of new concepts that don't even matter much regarding MCAT.. but one thing their students never find E.test difficult bcuz they have gone through ^much difficult questions before.. And they surely work best on time management.. And next depends on the student himself..
    P. S that's only what I think..

  19. Can u plz tell me exactly how much time should i give to each portion?

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  21. yes mehreen is saying right u should not be hopeless believe in allah and go on god bless

  22. hello, i got 958 in fsc (910 in mcat, agg, 85.38)

    my first year marks were 453 (due to some mishaps) and 505 in 2nd year,, Is there any need to improve first year marks ?

  23. You still have bright chances for Bds..
    I think your Fsc marks are sufficient enough.. u should focus on Mcat alone.. but if u wanna improve ur fsc score then u should appear in ^that subject of 1st year in which u think u were weak regarding Entry test.. it can be really helpful in Mcat.. best wishes..

  24. Honestly to tell u, i thought a lot about time distribution during test hours, in Mcat 2013 and kept myself busy in this ^senseless activity for no reason.. but then I realized that it was all of literally no use...
    But what our sir told us about time distribution is
    Biology 30 minutes
    English 30 minutes
    Physics 45 minutes
    Chemistry 45 minutes..

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  27. No, never go for complete repeat.. ^sincere advice..
    If u really wanna improve ur fsc score then just pick up biology-1 or physics-1.. or even both.. there is a wide chance of improvement from these two.. u can easily raise ur marks up to 980 or above..

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  29. You are an inspiration to me i got 981 in fsc but couldnt get ADMISSION in 2014 but next year i will follow your way..your feelings before are just like every other student who is a repeater including me, i will try my best to do what you did and make a copy of your article and print it so that whenever i feel discouraged i read it. I know by doing the same i could get admission and btw where did you get admission? maybe we meet the next year as senior and a junior. Hats off to you mehreen. :)

  30. Thanks bisma... I'm in Rawalpindi Medical College ☺.. so waiting for u as a junior there.. Many best wishes..

  31. Ahsan Javed, 3rd Year RMC2 December 2014 at 20:36

    Ma sha Allah. That is a wonderful and inspiring article. (y)

  32. Thankyou Ahsan bhae... if i'm not wrong Road to Mcat 2012 was ur article? It was a great source of inspiration for me..

  33. TY bhai..it was very mch encouraging..May

    Allah mian bless u a lot and always hlp u in ur life as u hv helped me a lot AMEEN..thanks a lot again! :)

  34. TY sister..it was very mch encouraging..May

    Allah mian bless u a lot and always hlp u in ur life as u hv helped me a lot AMEEN..thanks a lot again! :)

  35. Ahsan Javed, 3rd Year RMC5 December 2014 at 16:38

    Always welcome :)

  36. aoa my big problem is phy i have started making a register like u but in mcat2014 i felt really confused while solving the numericals i knew the formulas but did it wrong plzz guide me and for bio also i hv 961 in fsc 882 in mcat

  37. W. Asalam.. Well physics is not a issue if u r good in calculations.. If u know the formula to be used then next hurdle is ^calculating it without a calculator. And that's what the real issue is! Always practice the numericals without using calculator and try to make ur own easy ways.. Write down the values for sin, cos, tan for angles 30, 60, 90, 45, 75. And also squares of numbers upto 20.. And if possible keep ur calculator at a far off place.. It 'll surely work..

  38. thnx and for biology bcz as the wording of mcq becomes difficult as for example individual seres i become confused by these kind of wording should i write statements myself in different ways ? and then options? what would u suggest bcz in mcat the definition of vaccinatyion they made themselves not written in the book plz guide i will be thnkful to u thnx again

  39. Hello mehreen!
    I got 815 marks in fsc due to some mishap!
    But now I'm repeating 4 subjects and its getting quite tough!
    I m depressed! Shattered!
    Plz help me!
    I can't manage them altogether!
    Plz give me some tips!

  40. So in which of the subjects u gonna appear?
    U can ask about any kind of query..

  41. thnku so much u r a ray of hope for me IA i will follow ur advise and already following ur time table may Allah bless u .

  42. AOA Mehreen! :) I'm doing Fsc-2 Pre-medical! I secured 441/550 in part-1 due to hard luck! what should I score in part-2 ? I'm really depressed regarding my 1st year result! :(

  43. Yes its better to improve with finals instead of supplementary..

  44. Aoa, mehreen, i am very tense i did my fsc with 835 marks nd mcat 765 then i repeated my first part now in 2014 i got 915 in fsc and 840 in mcat but My score in both are not enough to get admission in medical college in public sector lakin mujhay aor kuch b nae krna except mbbs. I am from ajk and if i get round about 970 marks in mcat then i got selected for mbbs. U plz giude mr How can I get upto 970 marks. How can I save myself frm negative marking should i solve 220 mcqs or not. Which acadmy is best for prep. Plz guide me i am very much upset.

  45. W. Asalam. Well I tried to solve each and every query regarding MCAT.. Appearing in Entry test the third time is ^really courageous.. Try to assemble things in a way that makes them easy for u and revise the fsc stuff as much as u can... Make a timetable and then stick to it firmly.. One can score 1000 and above, it's just the inner zeal and determination that counts. And i would suggest to attempt all of the questions but surely ^not to fire in the air blindly, try to make educated guesses . Best wishes..

  46. Thanks. For Uhs is their prescribed syllabus is best or the whole fsc books. Because i am not master in cramming.

  47. It's good to focus on the uhs syllabus but ^just sticking to it all alone might be risky.. u have plenty of time so try to go through the books thoroughly once.. and u may fully concentrate on uhs prescribed syllabus after that..

  48. means after 2nd year examx.. give papers with 1st year too? I guess aisay nai de saktay..

  49. Aoa,mehreen i hve 984 marks ,968 in matric nd 840 in mcat.am repeating mcat.plz guide me .should i join pre-mcat session or self study ?me very tense. :( i wanna 1000 plus marks in mcat.i was always in list of toppers .but the result of mcat disappointed me.

  50. Hi mehreen ! AOA !
    Im repeating mcat . I decided to so just now , on the beginning of January. I never wanted to do so. I have 854 marks and I'm improving chm n eng both parts(chm part I is changed now ). My aggregate this yr was about 77%.
    I have to prepare both for federal board exams n mcat now. I need help and guidance.
    I see that being a doctor was your dream from ever , but in my case it is not so. I don't have any guidance about career selection due to all this I did not apply in other universities (bcz of no info ) but also time was up by the time i realized the reality of the moment. I want study chm but how to adopt this as a career is unknown. Plus it's my mums dream to see me a doctor .
    I know it sounds insane but just plz help me .

  51. W. Asalam.. Saba if u have interest in chemistry u can go for ^pharmacy.. But the thing is your mom wants u to be a doctor so give it a try.. I know repeating is really a hard decision to make but once decision is made, devote yourself solely for the purpose u are repeating for! Improving science subjects can be really helpful during e-test preparation so I would suggest to appear in that subject that is most ^dislike-able to u as in my case was biology..
    Best wishes ...

  52. Thank you so much mehreen! I'm so happy you replied
    Actually my total marks of chemistry n English are lowest :-P although these are my favorite subjects . So I'm going for these two to improve
    and I find biology most demanding . Please guide me about its preparation, as nowadays I will be studying chm n eng . I don't dislike it but the way we have to cram it is really difficult for me probably because I don't like this method.
    n any advice for choosing or making my mind for med will be really appreciated :)
    Thank you so much again :)

  53. You can improve 2 subjects this year with finals
    but as with next year you can only improve 2 subjects of 2nd year in annuals and finals too. But if you want to improve more marks you can go for whole/both parts of any two subjects or you can improve one complete either (2nd /1st)part.

  54. One thing about biology that ^repeated revision makes it perfect.. so try to go through biology as much as possible.. There is nothing like cramming, just read each and every single word with full concentration as if you are reading it the last time before the test and you 'll surely memorize it...
    There is one thing "passion" and that is somewhat inbuilt.. You are of the view to make your mind for medicine and I used to think for the whole year that one reason I shouldn't opt for medicine but I failed to find any :)

  55. hy i am a rpeater physics ke concepts strong kerne ke liye which book u will suggest any additional book and also share some trics to prepare physics plz help me i am very weak in physics

    1. Well Physics is not a issue if you are good in calculations and concepts... And no more than 4-5 conceptual questions, the thing is understanding the question wisely is what matters in physics..
      FSc book is sufficient enough.. Make your own notes for physics for every single topic.. it 'll be helpful.. And each time u practice numerical problems try ^not to use calculator.. best wishes...

  56. Deeply touched and inspired! ♡♡♡
    May success meet you at every turn of life!
    Came across it late...but still,have got much time!* fingers crossed*
    Aik question: u were done with bio in three months...can u share the detailed schedule cz i m unable to make it out!

    1. Thankyou :-)
      Don't remember exactly.. i think 1st revision took more than a month then 2nd revision in 2 weeks and 3rd revision in a week and so on..
      "More the number of times you revise a book, least 'll be the ^time consumed till last revision" *My law*

  57. Rai Arham Ehtisham16 February 2015 at 00:02

    splendid article maam. great source of inspiration

  58. Really Inspiring Story... Best of luck for Medical journey ... May this journey be filled with successes and joys for you (ameen)

  59. Ahsan Javed, 3rd Year RMC16 February 2015 at 00:02

    Yup :D
    It was my article.Glad to know that someone benefited from it :)

  60. I guess hardly 4-5 questions from biology's section used to be a bit tricky.. And tricky in the sense that there is a slight alteration of words.. As for instance the question about ^individual succession..
    Except the few questions, biology is the most easiest portion of the test..
    No need to write statements or to compose Mcq's urself.. Just try to have a firm grip on the wording of the book and revise biology stuff as much as u can bcuz for biology more the revision, lesser 'll be the chances for mistakes..

  61. W. Asalam. Don't feel disappointed Zara :). if possible improve 1-2 subjects from 1st year by which u think u can improve ur score easily ..
    P. S I think 930+ is a safe range in fsc... but still Entry test is what matters the most!

  62. with 2nd year this year??

  63. Or In supplementary , not finals ;)

  64. can you plz tell me where is Scholars Academy ?

  65. Amazing Article yrr (y)
    but tell me abt 879 words of english vocabulary?????/

  66. Just make a pattern that can make out things easy for u.. if even 10 words seems more then start with 5 words per day.. And make a habit of revising vocab each day.. it 'll become really easy for you :)
    Best wishes

  67. Aoa Mehreen,i got 976 in fsc and 970 in matric...now i am doing bsc bt i really want to bcome a doctor what should i do either rpeat or not???
    plz give me any suggestion bt its really hard for me to reappear after 2 years.

  68. But i am not intellegent.

  69. aoa i wanna ask one thing ! which acadmy is best for building concepts in lahore?

  70. W. Asalam.. Well academies don't matter much.. Self study and repeated revision of the syllabus is what matters in entry test..
    Kips is a good academy..

  71. W. Asalam.. I think you should go for it.. Continue with your BSc and do prepare Entry test as well.. Good management is needed and you can do it.. best wishes

  72. Ayeshum Fatima13 June 2015 at 21:57

    aoa actually i hate chmstry very much. i wanna ask u that it is confirmed that we should preapre chmstry book 1 full and book 2 organic chmstry full. plz rply as soon as possible

  73. W. Asalam...
    I think it's good to prepare whole... (some of the topics can be skipped though)
    The problem with chemistry is that you find many things inter-related.. it becomes difficult to decide WHAT to skip and what not to! As one don't wanna take any risk regarding MCAT or that ONE can't afford it! So it's good to be safe...
    But I would say do whatever you think is right for you..
    Best wishes :)

  74. AOA Mehreen sis...! :) urx article ix really appreciating... :) itx give me a light of hope in the darkest era of my life.. dear same case wd me.. :( i wanna to be a doctor IN SHA ALLAH :)) i got 951 arkx in Fsc.. still thix year i improved two subjectx bio nd urdu .. last year my agg was juxt 80% :/ i have to repeat MCAT nd i need 990+ markx.. but itx seem a lil tough cz em studying MLT from KEMU ... but MBBS ix my passion.. i cant afford any acdmy for the second time cz my family ix not supporting me enough.. :( nd em also upset cz now i begin to hate fsc bookx :( but still i have to take second chance muxt.. plx help me :( em much depressed now a dayx

  75. Ayeshum Fatima19 June 2015 at 20:44

    Thanx a lot sis. Ur blog is very inspiring. U said right that all the stuff is related.One more thing I want to ask u that in case of physcs and bio too we have to prepare full book or just syllabus?did u also prepare the whole books?

  76. Well syllabus is far sufficient as far as physics and bio are concerned.. but i would still advice that it's good if you find time; just give a brief reading to the books whole.. it 'll be helpful!
    Amm yes I was bad at skipping things but I won't suggest it though :)

  77. W. Asalam.. No doubt it really is a tough job to prepare MCAT with MLT or anything side by side... MCAT demands a lot.. You have scored good in FSc, I would suggest to focus on MCAT for 2 months solely before the test day and I'm sure you 'll ace it.. Best wishes :)
    And think good and good will happen :)

  78. Ayeshum Fatima21 June 2015 at 11:06

    tank u very much for your time

  79. thanksh alott :') Jazak Allah :)
    i'm a lil btt weak in physicx :( what should i do to grip this subject?

  80. Physics is not a big deal if you are good in calculations..
    What if not? Practice numericals and examples without using calculator each time..
    And make sure your concepts are clear!! :)

  81. thankuu shoo much :))

  82. Ayeshum Fatima29 June 2015 at 21:09

    aoa mehreen sis i want ask u smthing. actually i m very tensed these days about mcat. actually i have to give mcat 2015. i m preparing frm kips ryk. but really i m not satisfied at all. teachers there are studing full chapters. they say that we should prepare full chaptrs. i know this is true in case of chmstry. but they also says that we should prepare full books of physcs and bio except one or two topics. i m very confused about it that i should prepare whole books of phscs and bio or only follow uhs syllabus. please give me a solution of this. also tell me that in case of phy and bio if i have to follow uhs sylabus then i should prepare only learning outcomes? the mcat paper comes frm only learning outcomes or whole books in case of phy and bio?

  83. W. Asalaam.. I too had joined kips... Every year they follow the Uhs syllabus. I don't know what's happening this time or may be you have joined the Numcat session..
    But if you want to appear in Mcat alone then I guess it's somewhat absurd to prepare whole books..
    There are hardly 4-5 questions every year which happen to be out of syllabus, So you can prepare the Uhs syllabus freely :)

  84. Ayeshum Fatima4 July 2015 at 13:03

    no i have joined mcat session. they are teaching like this . for example in bio chpter 11 book 1 they told us to prepare full topic respiration aerobic, anerobic, biologicl oxidation, pyruvic oxidation, glycolisis, kreb cycle, respiratry chain whereas in uhs syllabus only kreb cycle, glycolysis, respiratry chain r mentioned. r they teaching right? plz tell me. one more thing can i prepare only learning outcomes?

  85. Well Ch 11 was bioengetics I guess... As far as this ch is concerned, you can't skip any of the topics bcuz this as a whole is really imp.. But for the rest, no need to prepare whole..
    You 'll soon come to know yourself which additional topics must be done in each subject...
    Don't panic yourself with this thing much..

  86. Ayeshum Fatima5 July 2015 at 10:22

    thanx a lot

  87. AoA Mehreen sister ur article is really appreciatng. Actually I need ur help. I need a bg favour frm u. I hope u have time cuz my question reqires some time frm u. I will be v. V. Thankful to u if u help me. Actualy I m facing difficulty in bio. I want to give mcat ths year. Can u plz tell me pages required for preparing bio? Just write the pages of bio book 1 & 2 which should be prepared for mcat plz?P

  88. W. Asalaam.. I'm not having my FSc books Areej.. But I would suggest not to follow anyone in this respect.. Just go through the syllabus, read the learning objectives for each unit separately and analyze yourself which topics need to be done..
    And don't panic yourself much which this syllabus kind of thing :)
    Best wishes

  89. You'll soon come to know yourself which additional topics need to be done for each subject..
    Well Physics needs concepts.. if you are clear about 'em you'll be able to solve each and every question.. Mostly the graphs from your text book comes so make grip on that!

  90. Ok but one more thng my concepts in physcs & chemstry r not clear. How to clear my concepts? If any aditional book is required to clear concepts in physcs & chemstry then plz tel me.

  91. It's not the time of the year to clear concepts.. Just prepare text books. IA you'll do well..
    Numericals mostly come from the chapter's examples so don't skip any of them..

  92. thank u soooooo much

  93. AOA.Sis my chem of part 1 is very week. please tell me the sol how to stdy nd prepare it.

  94. Hi! I just wanted to ask any tips you can give to A level students. Studying a different system all of a sudden now is very difficult for us. Moreover i wanted to ask, do A level student manage to do get admission in UHS? Are there any A levels students in your college? If yes, can you ask them how they prepared? Thanking you in anticipation.

  95. W. Asalam.. Chemistry-1 is kind of tough but if you are good regarding numerical portion you are safe.. What if not? Just keep practicing chapter's examples ^without using calculator each time.
    Because most of the questions from chem-1 are numerical based in Mcat!
    Next main thing regarding chem-1, you have to memorize periodic table at least up to atomic No 40 (Just element with its atomic no)
    There are some tables and off and on questions do come from them so it's better to memorize imp tables..
    As Chem-1 constitutes a really minute portion of marks in your Entry test.. So make a grip on Organic as well as inorganic chemistry so chance of losing marks is least there!
    Best wishes!

  96. Making it to a Medical college for A-levels students is really a hard nut to crack.. Still many A-level students every year make it to Medicine..
    I guess some years back, it was difficult to score marks for them because Mcat was more or less RATTA based, your ability to cram books decides your future but it's not the case now..
    Now mostly conceptual and numerical problems do come so if you are clear about your concepts you already have a bright chance.. But it's good to prepare biology word to word because mostly your books lines do come!
    Best wishes

  97. aoa mehreen i wanted to ask u i hv difficulty in phy portion especially electromagnetism from where i should prepare these topics?? and for english?? i am not good at rules of grammar i have improved part 1 i got 961 in fsc

  98. W. Asalam.. As far as I remember from electromagnetism mostly numericals do come, and the rules to measure the direction of electric force or current or in which direction the coil 'll move when respective conditions are applied etc...Do practice chapter's examples and the rules.. For English consult Kips English Book or Wren and Martin.. make a grip on vocab as these are the solid marks, Rest is luck of course!
    Best wishes!

  99. shattered_Girl24 July 2015 at 23:53

    uite appreciating article..!! :")
    i have to discuss my prob wd u sis.. em repeater.. got 951 markx in fsc laxt year.. nd got admission in
    KEMU in MLT.. ax my father asked me to do so.. laxt year my agg was
    80.7% :'( thix year.. i improved two subjectx bio nd urdu..! nd em
    repeating mcat.. laxt year i did my bext nd juxt bext to achieve my
    goal.. MBBS..! but unfortunately i couldnt..really blv me i gave my bext
    to do.. my family as also assured that i will get admission in MBBS but
    i dn know what happen :((((( but thix year.. thix ix second nd last
    chance for me.. i have started prep but still sometimes i feel
    irritation.. em lacking the spirit that was present in laxt year :'( plx
    help me.. give me suggestion..? what should i do?


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