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Monday, October 5

Applied Biosciences as a Career

Our universe is teemed with microorganisms; they are so ubiquitous that even hundreds and thousands of them are on our skin. So automatically we are susceptible to a number of diseases. But why are we not in hospital every second day? What is it that makes us immune to them? 

How an eye cell knows it has to become an eye cell and a liver cell knows it has to become a liver cell when both of them have same kind of genetic information? Why is there not an eye cell in a liver tissue and a liver cell in retina? What is it that maintains homogeneity? Why every person in the world, even the identical twins, has different finger prints? Have you ever wondered? Do you want to know the answers to these questions? If yes, then Applied Biosciences is your field.

So the first that clicked to your mind is what is Applied Biosciences, right? Okay, you are lucky then as I am here with an answer today. Science basically has two domains: the Basic and the Applied science. Applied Biosciences is the application of basic science of biology.  It provides the solutions to the problems encountered by us humans. It has provided us with best health facilities (Immunology), with food and shelter (Biotechnology), with drugs to cure ailments (pharmacology) etc. 

The next question that comes in your mind is what would you study in Applied Biosciences? The courses that are offered in Applied Biosciences include Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Immunology, Vaccinology, Crop Production, Anti-viral Approaches etc. For further details, follow this link: Course Curriculum

The next question would be why should people join this field? The answer is one of the perks of opting Applied Biosciences is that you can study all the field of biology during this four year program and you can do research in any of the field you find fascinating.  So you are away from the disappointment that one has to face when he/she has opted for a single field, say Biochemistry, and in the middle of their four year program they find out that they were made for Genetics or Bioinformatics or Biotechnology or something else. Further, you were made for applied biosciences if:
  • You want to be a researcher and solve the potential problems.
  • You have an inquisitive mind
  • You are a keen observer and a problem solver
  • You want to lessen the pain of someone 
  • You take things as a challenge
You can become a researcher (immunologist, microbiologist etc.); can work in a research institution, Healthcare industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry and Agriculture industry. You can work as a scientific officer in Diagnostic labs and forensics. You can opt for Biomedical Engineering, Stem cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Synthetic Biotechnology etc. after having this program.

Applied Biosciences is a vast program that covers all the aspects of Biology. It has obvious implications in our daily life. From getting infected to getting cured is all you study in Applied Biosciences.

Written By: Zunaira Qureshi, Student of ASAB - NUST (3rd Year)


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