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Friday, November 29

Test of LUMS 2014 Session

Admission are open in LUMS (   Lahore University of Management Sciences ). Last date to apply online for the admissions is 16th January. LUMS SBASSE Admission Test will held on 8th February and LCAT on 9th of February.

The complete admission schedule for under graduate admissions is shown in the picture below:

To apply online for the admissions visit the following link: https://admissions.lums.edu.pk/

For Under-Graduate Students there are two tests:

  1. LCAT
  2. SSE
The details of these two test are given below.

LCAT( LUMS Common Admission Test )

The LUMS Common Admission Test (LCAT) is mandatory for all applicants (except applicants residing abroad) applying to the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) or the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (SHSSL). The LCAT for admission to the Fall semester will be held ONLY ONCE at the designated cities.

The LCAT consists of seven (7) sections all of which are compulsory. 
a) The first two sections (one Verbal and one Math) are 30 minutes each.
b) The remaining five sections are 25 minutes each with two Verbal sections, two Math sections with the 5th 25-minute section being either a Verbal or a Math section.

The LCAT is a multiple choice test similar to the SAT I in terms of the type of questions. Like the SAT I, it measures reading, writing, and mathematics skills. LCAT does NOT have an essay section.


The SSE Admission Test is mandatory for all applicants (except applicants residing abroad) applying to the LUMS School of Science and Engineering (SSE). The SSE Admission Test for admission to the Fall semester will be held ONLY ONCE.

The test consists of 7 sections. 
  1. Basic Math
  2. Verbal
  3. Paragraph Writing
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Mathematics II-C
  7. Physics
The first three sections are compulsory. From the remaining four Subject Sections you may attempt any three of your choice. If you attempt all four, the best three will count towards your final score.

Applicants residing outside Pakistan and currently studying or having completed their last year of schooling abroad are required to submit official results of the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I) and at least 3 of the 4 SAT II subjects listed above.


Time: 20 minutes for each section
Difficulty level: O 'Level/Matriculation
Question Type: Multiple choice and paragraph writing
Preparation: Any SAT preparation book


Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Time: 120 minutes for three sections
Difficulty Level: A 'Levels/F.Sc./SAT II (the questions will be "unseen" that is, they will not be taken from past A 'Levels/F.Sc. exams or standard textbooks; they will search for a deep understanding and good recall of fundamental principles)
Question Type: Multiple choice questions in each section
Preparation: Self-study, good science textbooks, online instruction, tutoring, study groups… solve lots of practice problems that cover the test curriculum!

Calculators are not allowed for SSE.


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