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Saturday, November 30

Confusions Regarding NET-1

How to Apply for NET-1?

                                               The registration process is Online. Follow these steps to get registered for NET-1:

  1.  Open the link: https://ugadmissions.nust.edu.pk/
  2. Click on New Registration for NET
  3. Fill the form and submit it.
  4. An email will be sent to you containing the login information, using that information login on the link mentioned above and fill your application form.
  5. When the form is filled Submit it, you will receive a challan form. Pay the amount in bank and after paying login back to your account and provide the payment information i.e Bank name, date of payment etc.
  6. After a few days the admit card will be added to your account, print that out and carry it on the test day. The test date and the name of test center will be mentioned on your admit card. 
What are the test dates?
                                     Since it is computerized test, all the applicants can not be accommodated on a single day in the test center , so the test is being conducted on multiple days. The date of your test will be mentioned on your admit card.

The current schedule of the tests is as follows:                                          

Note: More dates can be added if the number of applicants increases the estimated amount.

Can we apply for more than one fields?
                                                                            Yes you can apply for more than one fields. For example student of pre-engineering can apply for Test of Engineering, Arts and Business . But remember for each test you have to pay Rs.2500. For each field there will be a separate test. 

Can we appear more than once in test of same field in NET-1? 
                                                                                                              No. In one session you can appear in the test of one field only once. If you want to re-appear you have to wait for NET-2 and NET-3. However for different fields you can appear i,e a student can not appear in the test of engineering more than once during the same session however he can appear in test of Pre-engineering, architecture, business etc etc depending on the eligibility criteria of each test. 

When we will come to know about the result? 
                                                                                        The result of computer based test will be available two or three days after the test. in 2013 session they got late and it took them some days to upload the result.

The option to select the test center isn't available in the form. Why?
                                                                                                                             NET-1 is the computer based test. Computer based test is held in Islamabad only. 
Please note that paper based test will be held in june only in Karachi and Quetta.

Will there be any deduction of marks in net 2 or net 3 ?
                                                                                                There wont be any deduction in the marks. You can appear in all three tests if you wish to. This time you have three chances to make your mark. At the end the test in which you scored more will be counted for making your merit.

For any details regarding test and its preparation visit the link: http://entrytest-preparation.blogspot.com/2013/11/nust-entrance-test.html

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS: Those who are applying for MBBS do select the option of BIO-SCIENCES. There wont be any separate test for bio-sciences if you select both bio-sciences and mbbs/bds.  The merit will be made on the basis of same test. 

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In case of any confusion feel free to ask.


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