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Sunday, December 1

Should the students of Second year appear in NET-1 or not?

About 10,000 students would be applying for NET-1, according to a rough idea. About 50% of them will be the college students who are still in FSC Part 2 and others are repeaters. 

For repeaters there is no issue if they want to appear in NET-1. They can easily appear in the test. Now the question arises should students of Second year appear in NET?

Many of the students of Second year will be having their exams in the last ten days of December and all the tests of NET-1 will be held during this time span. You have to appear either in your college exam or NET-1. Now according to me students of second year should be focusing on the their Fsc right now instead of NET. Let me be straight. Each and everyone of you wont be able to get admission in NUST. We all know this. This year (2013 session) about 70,000 students appeared in NET and how many were selected? About 2500 in all the fields i.e Medical, Engineering, Arts, Business, BS Maths. Same will be the case this year. In-fact this year applicants will be more. These might be about 90,000. If you will not be selected for Nust you would be opting for other options and in other institutes the weighatge of FSc marks is more than is Nust. Consider the example of UET. In UET 70% marks of FSC are counted. If unfortunately you are unable to score well in NET instead of giving all your time to it you might loose your chance of UET as well because you shifted your attention from Fsc to NET. I would say that those of you who are willing to join UET, they must not appear in NET-1. Now consider the students of medical. Only some of you would be getting admission in MBBS, others would be opting for other fields like DPT, D pharm etc. For these fields you are not tested. You are given admission on basis of Fsc marks only. So if you loose marks in Fsc in your desire of getting admission in Nust you might loose this chance.

I hope all of you are getting my point. This is what I think. If you think that you are capable of not loosing your momentum of FSC preparation because of NET then you can appear in NET, but yeah second year students wont be able to score much in NET-1 due to lack of preparation. Some of you might get disheart at their results and decide not to appear in NET-2 and NET-3. This happened last time as well. 

So what should the students of Fsc be doing in these days?
You people should learn your books properly, understand the things and prepare for your College exams. You can keep an eye on all our activity of NET so that you wont face any issue while applying for NET-2 and NET-3. 

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  1. In my opinion,students should go for all the NETs...I gave NET 1 without any preparation because I wanted to know the type of questions asked in entrance tests...and if u are lucky you can even score much better in net 1...a friend of mine got 160+ in net 1...so guys go for it...it will give you a good experience


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