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Sunday, November 8


National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)
Constituent Colleges:

The existing medical colleges of the armed forces would come under the umbrella of this university i.e.
  1. Army Medical College (AMC) Rawalpindi
  2. Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences
  3. CMH Lahore Medical College 
will be under NUMS and these will follow one standard course format.

One of the reasons to establish NUMS is to increase the intake of the army cadets. 

NUMS Entry Test:
Entry Test for above mentioned colleges will be conducted once a year. The test will be conducted in October - November. Those students who wish to apply on civilian seats or as paying cadets will have to appear in this test.

Pattern of the Test:
  • Biology 20 MCQs
  • Chemistry 20 MCQs
  • Physics 20 MCQs
  • English 20 MCQs
  • Intelligence 20 MCQs
Total MCQs = 100. Time allowed to solve the test will be 2 hours. The Good thing is there will be no negative marking in the test.
The type of the questions will be the same as they used to be in Nust entrance Test. So going through NUST Past Papers can be helpful if you wish to appear in test of NUMS.

About AMC:
The fee and number of seats in AMC might change. There is a chance of increment in both. However it is not confirm yet. We will update the post as soon as we get some official news about this topic.

Getting Past Papers of NUST:
The Past Papers of NUST along with the test of NUMS 2015 that was held for admissions in CMH is available along with their solutions. Get the details from here: Past Papers of NUST

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