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Wednesday, November 25

FJMC Admission for Federal Government Employee reserved seats

A test will be conducted by Fatima Jinnah Medical College via NTS for daughters of Federal Government Employees (reserved seats).

Eligibility Criteria
Female Students with atleast 60% or higher marks in FSc or equivalent can apply for these 07 seats. 

Number of Seats
There are 07 seats in Fatima Jinnah Medical College reserved for the Federal Government serving civilian employees. (04 for BS-1 to BS-15 and 03 for BS-16 and above)

Registration and Test Dates
The last date to submit the application is December 7th, 2015 and the test shall be conducted on December 27th, 2015.

About the Test
All the registered students will have to appear in a written test, the pattern of the test is:
  • Biology - 30 MCQs
  • Chemistry - 30 MCQs
  • Physics -  30 MCQs
  • English - 10 MCQs
  • Total - 100 MCQs
For Biology, Chemistry and Physics you need to study the FSc books and for English the questions will be from synonyms, antonyms, analogy, comprehension and grammar.

How to register?
The registration form is available on NTS website. Download the form, fill it and send back to NTS office by post till December 7th, 2015. The registration form, along with sample paper and other details is available here: FJMC admission form

Preparing for the test:
For the 90 marks of Sciences you need to learn and remember the 6 books of Fsc (Both Part 1 and Part 2). In the tests arranged by NTS biology is simple, physics is bit tough as it involves numericals and chemistry is usually conceptual. The test is equally difficult for students of FSc and A levels. 

We will be conducting an Online Test Session to help the students to prepare for this test. Following stuff will be provided to the registered students:
  • Chapter Wise MCQs of Chm, Phy and Bio
  • MCQs from the past papers of NTS for FJMC seats
  • MCQs from past papers of NTS for other medical tests (This will give you an idea of the difficulty level of tests)
  • A word list and tests for English
  • A guide on which topics to focus more 
and similar more stuff and help will be provided. Students will have the chance to discuss any question/issue with us either on our site forum or via facebook. 

How to register for Session?
Those who wish to join us fill the form attached below. The fee of the session is Rs. 2000. The fee covers all the stuff that will be provided to the students. When you will fill the form and submit it you will be shown the fee and account details. You will be added to the session the same day you submit the fee, within 2-3 hours.

In case of any issue/confusion you can contact us via our Facebook page ( facebook.com/Etest.Prep ) or you can contact on cell ( 03456712289 - Hassan Shahbaz ).


  1. all these required documents are not mention in application form of fjmc which are mention here.so plz guide me which documents be attach with application form.reply me must.

  2. the above docs were mentioned in the advertisement of last year, prepare the docs which are mentioned in your form for this year, but you should have the extra docs in case they ask from you, you can give

  3. what for sons of fedral govt employes...

  4. No such opportunity for them.

  5. Can daughter of a retired federal employee apply for these seats??

  6. no for serving only

  7. what is the syllabus for test..?? and also mark distribution of each subject.....plz tell me

  8. syllabus is complete fsc textbooks of physics , chemistry , biology , there is no defined syllabus for English ( in last yr paper there was synonyms , antonyms , comprehension etc.
    30 from each phy , chm and bio . 10 from english.

  9. is there any past paper of this test??? plzz reply

  10. when the 7 resved seats merit list display

  11. the merit list is not displayed, they send the letters to those who are selected.

  12. Mishaal Akhtar7 March 2014 at 11:39

    why the list is
    not dispalyed and how we would know about our merit position

  13. the selected students will receive the call letters. merit list isnt displayed

  14. sir i m a daughter of federal govt employee.can i apply for reserved seats this year?this is my first time.how many reserved seats are there?

  15. after getting admission in fatima jinnah on reserved seats is my transfer possible?

  16. I'm daughter of Federal Govt. Employee. When will the test of nts be held for year 2014-15? I'm applying for the first time.

  17. can you plz tell that how many people apply for these 7 seats each year? and what is the merit position for them? how can we know that if we are on merit or not? is competetion tough or not?

  18. Rawalpindi medical college.

  19. can you tell me about last year merit for reserve seats in fatima jinnah medical colg, lhr?

  20. Can a KPK student apply for the test and how many seats are there for kpk students can we apply onthe basis of etea marks or not any seats for kpk govt employees daughters or not?

  21. what is the weightage formula for these quota seats??

  22. Please tell me regarding reserved seats for railway employees? Having 80% agregate can apply?

  23. what was the closing merit of this test in 2013? Do reply please.

  24. Excuse me.. My father is a federal government employee. I want to ask.. what was the last merit for last year? or what was the perecentage merit of the students who got selected for these 3 seats? Please tell. I'm waiting.

  25. when will aplications be entertained for this quota seats?? is that announced,...if yes then plz give me that link, i cant see it on nts website..

  26. How many questions will be there for each section separately? And the closing merit last yr pleaase?

  27. selected candidates ko call lettrs kb tk receive ho gain? n what about merit for this year?

  28. Plz guide me about sindh reserved seats how much minimum percentage is required for dpt program
    Plz email me on kiran_akhtar191@yahoo.com


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