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Tuesday, March 25

Mcqs of Biology in Nust (NET-1 2014)

Below are the MCQs of Biology which were added in the test of Nust held in December 2013.

1) Plasma is primarily

a) Lipid
b) Protein
c) Water
d) None

2) What is the average life span of Red Blood Cell?
3) Which bryophytes can prepare its own food?
4) Postulates of Cell theory?
5) The skeptical statement under consideration of a scientist is called
6) Which is the largest part of human brain?
7) Number of DNA in carp fish and sheep.
8) Spongilla belongs to which phylum?
9) %weight of DNA in a mammalian cell?
10) %weight of DNA in a bacterial cell?
11) Imperfect fungi reproduce…..
12) Factors of internal environment affected by fluctuation in external environment.
13) Contribution of Linnaeus.

14) Blood group is determined by
a) Mental status
b) Genetic status

15) Total number of muscles in human body?
16) How many apertures are in vertebral colume?
17) Sharks have average length of ……?

18) Which one doesn’t take place during repair of bone
a) Chondrocytes formation
b) Hematoma formation
c) Callus formation
d) Bony callus

19) The most rigid connective tissues are the
a) Tendons
b) Ligaments
c) Cartilage
d) Bones

20) In human being, body temperature is regulated by which part of the brain
a) Thalamus
b) Hypothalamus
c) Medulla oblongata
d) Cerebellum

21) As human kidney has less than one percent of total body weight and with each cardiac cycle it receive the blood of about
a) 50 %
b) 30 %
c) 20 %
d) 25 %

22) The amount of DNA in human cell by weight
a) 0.5%
b) 0.75%
c) 1%

23) Sugar moiety is the polysaccharide of_________?
a) sucrose
b) glucose
c) hexose
d) Pentose

24) Abortion rate in Down’s syndrome?
25) Scientific name of human being is?
26) Rib nucleoprotein particles are found in???

27) Which one is most primitive?
a) humans
b) birds
c) fungi
d) frog

28) Mitosis in haploid or diploid?

29) In plants Co2 is formed in
a) Chlorophyll
b) Rubisco
c) Peroxisomes
d) Mitochondrion

30) Ph of sucrase?
31) Ph of pancreatic lipase?

32) Total lipid % in mammalian cell is
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

33) Which of the following glows in dark?
a) Omphalotus
b) Pleurotus
c) Funaria

34) Which one of the following are photosynthetic bacteria?
a) red sulphur bacteria
b) purple sulphur bacteria
c) yellow sulphur bacteria
d) none

35) Herpes virus is
a) DNA virus
b) RNA virus
c) mRNA virus
d) none

36) Pseudopodia formation for locomotion takes place in which organism?
37) Lifespan of RBCs?
38) Catastrophism was proposed by 
39) Strongest connective tissue?

40) Which of the following are the characteristics of mammals?
a) Permanent teeth
b) 4 chambered heart
c) Both a and b
d) None

41) Percentage of carbohydrates in mammalian cell is?

42) Most rigid form of connective tissues
a) Bone
b) Teeth
c) Cartilage
d) None

43) Cuttle fish belongs to
a) Chordate
b) Mollusca
c) Amphibian
d) None

44) If a cell doesn’t enter G0 phase tell the number of phases between metaphase and G2.
45) Combined percentage of DNA and protein in mammalian cell?
46) Devonian period is from………to………?
47) Amount of DNA in sperm cell and kidney cell?

48) Life begin deep in
a) Ocean
b) Hydro thermal vent
c) Terrestrial
d) None

49) Viruses are infectious for……..composition?
50) RNA % in bacterial cell?


  1. Maryam Asfandyar27 March 2014 at 16:12

    can you plz answer them too plz?

  2. can u tell k kin questions k answers me doubt ha apko ?

  3. Maryam Asfandyar27 March 2014 at 18:20

    Shark ki length,apertures in human back bone,no. of dna in sheep n carp fish

  4. plz upload all the answers quickly

  5. sugar moiety is the polysaccharide of ............? a.sucrose b.glucose c.hexose d.pentose

  6. catastrophism was proposed by......

  7. viruses are infectious for .....composition?

  8. if a cell doesnot enter G0 phase tell the no. of phases b/w metaphase andG2.

  9. shark ki lengh 30 - 50 feet h. or ye apertures nae h curvatures h . there r 4 curvatures in vertebral column.

  10. 18 ka ans kya hai?

  11. where are the answers of these..

  12. Aemykhan20@yahoo.com Ilovemacu23 December 2014 at 18:14

    Option a is correct


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