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Tuesday, March 25

MCQs of Chemistry in NUST (NET-1)

Below are the MCQs of Chemistry which were in NET-1. 

1) Select the one that is paramagnetic?
a) Bismuth
b) Chromium
c) Water
d) Mercury

2) Ph of pepsin?

3) Which of the following has maximum specific heat?
a) Copper
b) Aluminium
c) Iron
d) Ice

4) Hydrolysis of acetals gives
a) Carboxylic acid
b) Ketone
c) Aldehydes
d) Ethers

5) Molecule in which the distance between the two adjective carbon atoms is largest is
a) Ethane
b) Ethene
c) Ethyne
d) Benzene

6) The temperature at which a gas liquefies under 1 atm of pressure is called
a) Critical temperature
b) Boiling point
c) Normal boiling point
d) Triple point

7) The law which describes the relationship between the volume and temperature of a gas at constant pressure is called
a) Boyle's law
b) Avogadro's law
c) Charle's law
d) Graham's law

8) Percentage of nitrogen in ammonia?
9) Slow cooling causes crystals of ……..length?

10) What will we get as the last product of fractional distillation of petroleum
a) Gasoline
b) Petrol
c) Diesel
d) Kerosene oil

11) What is the nature of surfactant whose deficiency causes a syndrome?

12) Which of the following will be separated by filtration?
a) Salt and water
b) Sugar and water
c) Alcohol and water

13) What is the formula to calculate a molecular weight of solute using freezing constant?
14) Slow cooling result in ……..crystals??

15) Highest ionization potential?
a) Na
b) Ca

16) Commercial source of noble gas is?
17) Energy in one ton coal.

18) What is the color of epsum salt?
a) Reddish
b) Bluish
c) Greenish
d) Colorless

19) Metallic character ……downs the group in 5A.

20) Which of the following causes suffocation?
a) S02
b) C02
c) Fog

21) Solid waste incineration produces carcinogen
a) HOX
b) Dioxin

22) Why does electronegativity decreases down the group?

23) % composition of ammonia in ammonium nitrate?
a) 47%
b) 32%
c) 87%

24) Carbon does not form which of the following bonds?
a) C=c
b) c=o
c) C triple bond S
d) C triple bond N

25) Conversion of solid waste into oil and gas is not associated with which process?
a) Pyrolysis
b) Hydrolysis
c) Hydrogenation
d) Bicamation

26) Indoform test is used to distinguish ketones from ……..?
27) Which catalyst is used in oxidization of benzene?
28) What is produced in thermal decomposition of lead oxide?
29) What is used in orange products as artificial sweetener?
30) PVC contains which halogen?

31) Which of the following is wood sprit
a) Ethanol
b) Ethanal
c) Methnal
d) Methnol

32) Who invented company name Celera?
33) Reaction by which potassium magnate is produced?
34) Who explained earth by catastrophism?
35) By which process solid wastes are not degraded?
36) Use of asbestos in gooch crucible?

37) What is used in cement manufacture?
a) Limestone
b) Starch

38) Ph of catalase?
39) Alcohol, phenol and ethers are derivatives of?


  1. what is the ans of q 3?

  2. looking 4 the answers o.O ! ?

  3. Aemykhan20@yahoo.com Ilovemacu23 December 2014 at 18:08

    For 18 y think Epsom salt is colorless
    For 32 is J.CRAIG VENTER
    For 34 its CUVIER
    Thts all i can do for u :)

  4. Just 39 :o too little

  5. Q # 18,25,32,34,29 & 28 K ans bta dain plz

  6. muhammad yasir9 April 2015 at 23:11

    lolx we need answer


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