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Tuesday, March 25

MCQs of Physics in NUST (NET-1 2014)

1) The unit of vector is used to determine
a) Direction
b) Magnitude

2) A body can have zero velocity and still be accelerating
a) True
b) False
c) We cannot say unless the mass of the body is known
d) None of these

3) When two suspended objects are seen to attract each other electrically:
a) They are both charged
b) They must be charged
c) Either (a) or (b) is charged
d) Neither (a) nor (b) is true

4) Which series li in UV region?
5) Definition of temperature Constant?
6) Acceleration of body executing SHM is directed towards?
7) Voltage lags behind current in RC circuit?

8) Unit of acceleration is.?
a) m.s^-1
b) m.s^-2
c) m.s^2
d) m.s^1

9) Dimension of angle?
10) If you push a box on the floor which force acts against your action?

11) Galvanometer becomes Ammeter when connected in?
a) Series
b) Parallel

12) The electric flux is …….quantity?
13) Unit of permibility of free space?
14) S.I unit of acceleration?
15) What is the speed of sound in Vacuum?

16) Which of the following can be considered as ideal for being stationary?
a) Earth
b) Galaxy
c) Space
d) Nothing

17) Unit of impulse?
18) Definition of isothermal processes.
19) Definition of faraday’s law.
20) Definition of mass spectrometer.

21) In which circuit fraction of voltage is obtained as compared to voltage supplied
a) Resistor
b) Capacitor
c) Inductor
d) All

22) Rf value =?
23) Electric current cannot pass via….
24) Simen is SI unit of?
25) Unit of weber is equal to?
26) Unit of angular momentum?

27) What is the radius of second orbital?
a) 0
b) 15A-2
c) 2A-2
d) 3A

28) Which of the following represents electronegativity?

29) Newton is unit of
a) Force
b) Area
c) momentum
d) Acceleration

30) Alpha scattering experiment was conducted in which year?
a) 1908
b) 1922
c) 1925
d) 1911


  1. is the ans of 2nd mcq is a?

  2. can u pls upload the ans key?

  3. which is the best website for net preparation?
    plz reply me sirrrrr

  4. there is no such website. many facebook pages are made though . check them :)

  5. sir mere metric me 70% hai and hopefully fsc me 80% above ajaegi and net 1 and 2 me 119 the,,,ab mujhe mechanicla,chemical and electrical engineering k liyai katne marks chahiyai in net3?

    plz sir reply,,,,,,

  6. plz sir reply krain i am extremely waiting for your answer...

  7. Where are the answers

  8. @mathsmaster how the body can move if the velocity is zero as we have studied that for constant velocity accelaration is zero ? please clear it


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