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Wednesday, July 17

All About MCAT 2015

Details regarding MCAT 2015

-The registration for the Entrance test (ET) will most probably be starting in July '15 and the test will be held in August  2015.

Distribution of Seats in Government Medical Colleges of Punjab:

Candidates would be competing for the total of 3305 seats, out of which:

  1.  2989 are open merit seats

  2. 19 seats for disabled students ( 2,2 each in KEMU, AIMC, NMC, FJMC, SIMS, PMC, RMC, QAMC and 1 seat in SMC )

  3. 1 seat for Cholistan in SZMC (Sheikh Zayed Medical College, RYK)

  4. A total of 49 seats for underdeveloped districts ( 18 seats in NMC, 10 seats in PMC, 6 seats in QAMC and 15 seats in SZMC)

  5.  7 seats for FATA (1,1 each in KEMU, AIMC, NMC, FJMC, PMC, RMC and QAMC)

  6.  26 seats for Azad Jammu & Kashmir ( 3 seats in NMC, 10 in FJMC, 2 in SIMS, 3 in PMC, 3 in RMC, 3 in QAMC and 2 seats in SZMC)

  7.  55 seats for Gilgit-Baltistan ( 8 in KEMU, 8 in AIMC, 1 in NMC, 4 in FJMC, 3 in SIMS, 2 in PMC, 9 in RMC, 18 in QAMC and 2 in SZMC)

  8.  72 seats for Foreign Students under Pakistan Technical Assistance Program- PTAP ( 5 in KEMU, 5 in AIMC, 10 in NMC, 21 in FJMC, 10 in PMC, 10 in RMC, 11 in QAMC)

  9.  62 seats for Foreign Students on Self-Finance Basis ( 4,4 seats each in KEMU, AIMC, NMC, FJMC, PMC, RMC and QAMC, 2 in SIMS, 2 in SZMC, 20 in SMC and 10 in NSMC)

  10.  5 Resiprocal seats (for candidates of other provinces): (4 seats for Baluchistan: 1 in AIMC, 2 in NMC and 1 in QAMC. and 1 seat of KPK in NMC)

  11.  20 goodwill seats for Baluchistan (2,2 seats each in KEMU, AIMC, NMC, FJMC and RMC, 5 in PMC and 5 in QAMC)
*FJMC, lahore (Fatima Jinnah Medical College is only for Female students)

- Applying For the ET is a standard procedure. You wait for the dates. You have to get the forms from the institutes that are mentioned in ads and on the website of UHS (I'll update as soon as I get to know) , fill them up and submit it back. Then they give you an ID card that you'd have to take to your test center. No online forms etc.

Tests to be taken by students of other Provinces:

  • Students having domicile of FATA would've to appear in the ET held by the KPK government i.e. EATA.

  •  Those having domicile of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, they would take the ET held by Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government.

  • Students of Baluchistan would've to take the ET of Baluchistan.

  •  Students having the domicile of Gilgit-Baltistan should appear in the ET held by Punjab government.

 Under developed Districts include:

  1.  D.G. Khan : 11 seats for MBBS ( 6 seats in NMC out of which 03 seats are for tribal areas, 4 seats in SZMC out of which 02 seats are for tribal areas), 2 for BDS ( 1 in DCD and 1 for tribal areas in NID)

  2.  Muzzafargarh: 8 seats for MBBS (4 in NMC, 1 in QAMC, 3 in SZMC) and 2 seats for BDS (1 in DCD and 1 in NID)

  3.  Rajjanpur: 7 seats for MBBS ( 04 in NMC out of which 02 seats are for tribal areas, 1 in QAMC and 2 seats in SZMC out of which 01 seat is for tribal areas) and 2 seats for BDS ( 1 in DCD and 1 for tribal areas in NID)

  4.  Lodhran: 7 seats for MBBS (4 in NMC, 1 in QAMC and 2 in SZMC) 2 for BDS in DCD and NID.

  5.  Bhakkar: 8 seats for MBBS ( 1 in QAMC, 5 in PMC and 1 in SZMC) 2 for BDS in NID and DCD.

  6. Layyah: Same as that for Bhakkar

- For reciprocal seats, students from other provinces on reciprocal basis will be selected by respective provincial government.

About the Test

-There is negative marking in the Etest held under the Punjab government. there are total 220 MCQ's. Each MCQ is of 5 marks. For every correct answers, you get 5 marks and for every wrong answer; 6 marks would be deducted from the total. eg. Supposedly if you get 2 mcqs right and 1 wrong, your total would be 9 out of 15 marks. 2 right= 5+5=10 marks and 1 incorrect answer: 5+1= -6 out of the total. there are no marks deducted for the unattempted questions.

- After the test, you calculate your aggregate percentage by the formula given on the website. After that you'll get all the instructions from the site. usually, the students with the aggregate percentage of above than 80% are asked to apply. and yes, the aggregate includes 40% FSc  marks + 50% Entrance test's score + 10% Matric  marks.

Some important Links:
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  5. Confusion regarding MCAT 2014: MCAT 2015

For any other queries, please feel free to ask.


  1. will the registration for MCAT be online or not?

  2. plz post further details regarding the reciprocal seats. (refering to Gilgit -Baltistan

  3. tell me about undevelopd area?wat is it?

  4. No there is no online reg system

  5. Ppl with sindh domicile can't apply in Punjab govt universities?

  6. is Gilgit Baltistan resevered seats in punjab based on ETA not UHS in 2013 ??????
    please inform

  7. Thank you for the information it is really very helpful!
    MCAT exam is such an exam that will produce the future doctors and hence all efforts must be done to make the exam useful so that not only doctors but the best doctors will be produced in future!
    Let us hope the best outcome!!!

    MCAT Preparation

  8. So like if we get 5 wrong in the physics portion that means 5x6=30
    Will it be deducted form the subject total of 44 or form the overall total of 1100 ?

  9. why are the 7 seats for Real daughters of Federal employees in fjmc not mentioned here?

  10. if any student have 72%aggregate thn can he get admission on self finance base in any colg...?


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