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Sunday, July 28

Scope consideration at time of making preferences . Good or bad ?

Many students particularly students of engineering are confused which field should they choose for their further studies.
At whatever point I am asked about this matter I essentially address choose the area of your interest. This answer seems, by all accounts, to be straightforward and one may suppose I am simply overlooking them . Give me a chance to clarify why I utilize this reply.

Two years back in 2011 when I joined Nust we were addressed by our head of Department. I would like to quote a couple of lines said by him:
" Students of undergraduate should not worry about the scope and job stuff at time of joining the institute. When you'll have a professional degree in your hands the market of entire world will be open up for you"

Why he asked not to worry about the scope and job?

You people will join the institute this year , complete BS in 4 years , some of you would go far MS and higher studies. So you will be doing the occupations after atleast 4 years and you are counseling about the employments 4 years prior. Does it make any sense to you ?
Acknowledge the illustration of Electrical Engineering. Three or Four years back there were a considerable measure of employments for electrical engineering and was stacked up first in this respect yet now the scenario is completely distinctive. Regarding occupations Civil , Mechanical, Software are above Electrical now. But this does not mean all of you should leave electrical and run after civil and software , although some of you would do this.

So on basis of which factor one should select his preferences? 

Preferences should be made on basis of your interest. In case your merit is low you cannot get in the desired discipline join the one which is most related to that discipline. There are number of fields these days. You can get an idea about the academic disciplines from the following link:

How joining the field of your choice tends to work?

Provided that you select your zone of interest you will attempt to study more and more and this will help you gaining new aptitudes while in the event that you follow the fields with high justifies it is conceivable that you wont work that much productively in that field. To know in which field you can perform better counsel your school educators and your parents.

Choosing a field is a very important decision, think about it, use the web to know about different fields and then make the decision. Best of luck to all 


  1. helpful...

  2. mechanical is my intrest bt m nt getting that what shud i do now

    1. You can go for IME. Its a sub-branch of mechanical.

  3. Sir i hav a keen taste for math.should i choose NUST for BS MATH?

  4. I want to become a NUCLEAR engineer........Tell me what should I do......................And tell me the name of university which is best for it.................

  5. I want to become a NUCLEAR engineer........Tell me what should I do......................And tell me the name of university which is best for it.................

  6. you can opt for Chemical engineering from PU

  7. yeah ofcourse you should join

  8. i want to become an astronaut..where should i go?

  9. I want to become an external auditor,wht should i do?
    Bsc(hons) Accounting & Finance,CA,ACCA or wht?

  10. Sadly in Pak there is no such field, however if you chose aerospace your study will be similar to it.
    Plus u can try for the universities of other countries which offer this course

  11. Try IST, islamabad.

  12. accounting and finance can take u in ..

  13. sir i recentally gave my 2nd year exams
    my 1year marks 423and now i aspect totall870...and i wana wants to be a mbbs doctor ....plz tell me what i do right now...plz plz its my future decision

  14. sir i want to be a satellite engineer... so plz guide me about universities which offers it....

  15. i have been selected in airin BE ELECTRCAL universuty


  16. salam, i've interest in mechanical engg so which univ should i prefer for it i'm offered in GIKI for same disciplne. GIKI or U.E.T??

  17. I have interest in software engineering.
    So is it equal to do B.E software engineering and B.S computer science???
    And tell me if I chose any private univ. so will it effect my future job opportunities???


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