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Tuesday, July 9

Schedule of the test session

Here's the schedule of the test session for first 10 days.. 

Date Subject Syllabus
9th July  Chemistry Chapter 1 + 2 part 1
10th July  Physics Chapter 1 + 2 part 1
11th July Bio/Math Bio : Unit 1 of MCAT syllabus.
Math: Chapter 1 + 2 part 1
12th July  English Prepositions +  1 - 40 words from MCAT word list
15th July Chemistry Chapter 3 part 1
17th July  Physics Chapter 3 part 1
18th July  Bio/Math Bio : Unit 2 of MCAT syllabus.
Math: Chapter 3 + 5 part 1
19th July  English Nouns + 1 - 80 words from MCAT word list
20th July  Chemistry Chapter 4 part 1
21st July  Physics Chapter 4 part 1

The Schedule for the next days will be uploaded soon.

For bio we are following the syllabus of MCAT only.
For the test of English you have to prepare a portion of grammar which we will mention. Like in first test you have to understand the concept of usage of prepositions. We'll test you by giving some sentences and you have to choose which of them is correct w.r.t usage of preposition.

Pattern of Test
Each test will carry 50 mcqs and you'll have 35 minutes to solve them. We will be adding questions from past papers as well to give you an idea what sort of questions are asked in the exams.

This schedule is basically for those who arent going to any academy and preparing on their own. However other people can also join us in order to check their preparation .

Best of Luck to all ....

The tests will be like the one shown on the following link:


  1. when will the test start?

  2. you can attempt the test at any time you wish to.

  3. How to view the test?

  4. use the option of test center shown above .

  5. i want to follow this test but i want to know when this test session gonna end...?
    i mean ke ye august ki kis date ko khtam ho ga so that aik idea ho ke follow karna chye ya nai?

  6. the test session will last till MCAT.. unit wise portion k bad we'll make the half book and full book tests

  7. i must say great job!
    hats off :)

  8. i must say great job!
    hats off :)

  9. How do we prepare basic arithmatic


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