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Saturday, July 6

Test Session

The test session will start from Tuesday i.e. 9th of July.
The first test will be from Chm chapter 1 part 1. On the second day it will be Physics chapter 1 part 1. The third day will be Bio/math chapter 1 part 1. Fourth day will be the day for test of English, the syllabus for English will be announced with the complete schedule.
The tests will be from complete chapters as we have students from different fields and different areas. We can’t restrict the tests to MCAT syllabus this time unfortunately.
Any comments about the schedule or any suggestions regarding the test session?
Mention below in comments…


  1. Amazing, looking forward to it InshaAllah!

  2. great (y)

  3. shedule zara proper pls bta dy...!
    kab start aur kb khtam hna h!
    ku ke ecat ka test jldi hai aur is tarha buhat dair ho jy gi :(


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