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Wednesday, March 11

Mock Tests for NET-2

What are the Mock Tests?

A mock test(Pre Entry Test) is a test made on the same pattern as the original tests are made and these help the students to identify how good their level of preparation is. These help the students to identify the areas in which they lag and hence the students can prepare accordingly and  improve those portions.

Benefits of taking the test with us:

  • Will be on the same pattern as the original NET is .
  • Same difficulty level as the NET.
  • Can be attempted at any time and as many times as you wish to.
  • Results and Solutions shown right after you complete the test. 
  • The correct answer of each question will be shown after completion of the test..
  • Will help you realize the weak portions and the areas where you need improvements.
  • Will be helpful in managing the time in NET. 
  • Last year many MCQs from our Mocks were in the real tests, so it proved a great help for those who appeared in our Tests.
  • The students scoring highest marks in our test will get free access to our Online Session for NET-3 preparation, during which we will train you to score maximum marks in NET.
Charges of the test

Test is offered for
  • NET Engineering
  • NET Medical
  • NET Business
  • NET Architecture
Charges of test of one of the field from above 4 are Rs 250.
If you wish to receive helping stuff along with the test you are to pay an additional 250 Rs. Helping stuff includes:
  • An outline of important chapters.
  • A detailed guide on how to solve Intelligence portion.
  • Essential Word list for NET.
  • Tips/Tricks for NET.
  • Guide to Solve Analogy portion in English.
Where the tests will be conducted?
Tests will be conducted online on our website (oetp.pk)

When will the test be conducted?
Test will be uploaded on March 20th, 2015 on our website, which only registered members can access. However if you register before 20th you can get the helping stuff  if you paid for it. 

Registration Timeline:
You need to register at-least 1 day before you want to appear in the Mock Test.

How to register?
Fill the form given on the following link: Registration Form and submit the fee (Fee submission details are shown after you submit the form)


  1. don't you provide mock test for computer students?

  2. shahbaz basheer6 June 2015 at 13:30

    we provide for computer students


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