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Saturday, March 14

Past Paper of FMDC

Paper of 2013

English Portion

1) Lesion is closest in meaning to:
a) Treasure
b) Injury
c) Honor
d) Esteem

2) Pick out the synonyms of Lethal:
a) Philosophical
b) Unique
c) Wholesome
d) Deadly

3) Pick out the antonyms of Obsolete:
a) Old
b) Outdated
c) Modern
d) Unused

4) Pick out the antonyms of Blunt:
a) Subtle
b) Obtuse
c) Rounded
d) Careful

5) Complete the following sentence:
She got so much _______ in her work that she was ______ to the noise surrounding her.

6) You will feel much better if u _____ that tooth out.
a) will have had.
b) have
c) had

7) A comprehension passage on sharks was given and students were to answer the questions from that passage.

Biology Portion

1) Nematocysts are the characteristics of ?
a) annelida
b) porifera
c) protozoa
d) echinoderm
e) cnidarians

2) In floral formula what is (k) ??
a) calyx
b) corolla
c) androecium
d) gynoceium

3) Hordeum vulgare is the scientific name of?
a) wheat
b) oat
c) barley

4) What is the function of liver
a) decreases glucose level.
b) increases glucose level
c) synthesize glucose
d) all of the above

5) The photosynthetic product from leaves go to all the parts by ?
a) vascular bundles.
b) xylem
c) phloeum
d) stomata

6) Internal fertilization e.g duck bill platypus and spiny ant eater
a) oviparous.
b) ovoviviparous.
c) viviparous.

7) Estrogen level is highest during which two points?
a) immediately before and aftr ovulation.
b) during pregnancy and menstruation.
c) during ovulation and menstruation.

8) Time of leuteal phase is
a) 4-6 days
b) 10-12 days.
c)12-14 days
d) 8-10 days.

9) What is the role of decomposers in nitrogen cycle?

10) During the course of glycolysis what happens?
a) nadh is reduced to nad+
b) nad+ is oxidized to nad
c) both a and b.
d) glucose breaks down to 2 molecules of pyruvate.

11) In plants what is the stimulus of touch?
a) thigmo
b) nastic
c) mechanical

12) Which of the following is wrong about enzymes
a) lower the activation energy
b) are used up in chemical reaction.
c) are specific

13) What is meant by residual volume of lungs?

Chemistry Portion

1-Alkali metals  _____ than alkaline earth metals...
a) harder
b) have low ionization energy.
c) lower ionic radius.

2) Bleaching agent is good
1) oxidizing agent.
2) reducing agent.
3) dehdrating agent.

3) In CaC2 how many bonds are present?
a) 2 sigma 1 pi.
b)1 sigma 2 pi.
c) 2 sigma.
d)1 pi and 2 bonds.

4) The diffusion of gas depends upon.
a) molecular mass.
b) reactivity.
c) ionization energy.

5) The ozone layer is destroyed by which radical?
a) chloride
b) fluoride

6) Which xylene is more likely to get sulphonated?
a) ortho
b) para.
c) meta.
d) all will get equally.

7) In H2SO4 the total number of electrons in the covalent bond surrounding sulfer is?
a) 12
c) 8
d) 6

Physics Portion

1) Two equal resistors are connected in parallel. What will be their equivalent resistance?
a) 2/R
b) R/2
c) 3R/2

2) Two capacitors 2 micro F and 4 micro F are connected in series with 100V supply. What will be there effective capacitance?

3) A ball is thrown upward with the velocity 196 m/s how high does the ball rise ?
a) 1960
b) 2960
c) 1000
d) 1100

4) Definition of Len'z law

5) The total momentum of an isolated system of interacting bodies remains constant is the statement of which law?

6) Efficiency of Carnot Engine will be 100% when temperature of its sink will be?

7) Vector which only specifies direction is?
a) position vector
b) null vector
c) unit vector
d) all

8) A body is moving in circle.Which of the following is correct ?
a) its displacement is zero
b) its acceleration is zero
c) its velocity is zero
d) it is not moving with uniform velocity

9) A car has 1000 kg mass and accelerate from 0 to 25m/s in 10s. What should be the power of the car to have this acceleration?

10) A convex lens is in contact with a concave lens with focal lengths 25cm and 45cm respectively. What should be there combined power in diopters?

11) Which statement describes the potential difference between two points in a wire that carries a current?
a) the force required to move a unit positive charge between the points
b) the ratio of energy dissipated
c) the ratio of power dissipated between the points & the current
d) the ratio of power dissipated between the points & charge moved

12) 80 Joules of heat is provided to a body which does a work of 100 Joules. Its internal energy will be?

13) Ultraviolet rays are preferred for photo electric effect over visible light because?
a) they have longer wavelength
b) their energy is more than visible light

14) A pendulum is hanging from the ceiling in a train, if the train starts moving with constant speed of 10m/s the time period of pendulum will
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

15) Find acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity of 90km/h in a circle of 100 m radius

16) Region of space around the charge in which its effect can be observed is?


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