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Friday, July 17

Number of seats increasing in NUST?

Number of seats increasing in NUST?

A news is circulating on Entry Test related paged and groups about increment in number of seats NUST is offering for Engineering & Business Studies. 

This is not a confirm or official news. On asking the people who posted this news that how they came to know about it, the answer is the other page or group shared it, so we shared it too. Everyone gives such reason and there seem to be no source of this news at all. Probably made up some such page by its own. 

Advice to the students: Do not trust in any such news, unless its source is stated along with. And if source is stated try to confirm the news on your own. Your future might be at stake because of it.  And do keep a second option. If you believe in this news, and suppose the seats do not increase and you didn't apply in any other institute, you will fail to get admission this year. Who will be responsible for this loss now? Those pages and groups wont be there to accept the fault neither will they get you admission. Almighty Allah blessed us with minds, try to use it before believing, sharing such kinds of news. 

Advice to such pages/groups: Helping others is an excellent job, provided you are really working to help. But a sad reality is that people want to be on number one, they want to the first in everything. In this case they want to be the first one to provide Entry Test related info to students as it will bring back new likes/fans to their groups/pages/profiles. I realized it after discussion with some of the admins. So a humble request, stop playing with the future of students. 

Note: I have sent emails and texts to NUST ug office and some teachers, asking about the same issue. As soon as I get some reply from them, its screen shot will be shared on our Facebook page. You can contact  NUST ug office on your own and try to get the information.

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