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Wednesday, July 15

Frequently asked questions about NUST

This post will answer the general questions about NUST, NET, merits and such issues.

Q1) When the result of Paper Based Test and Architecture will be announced?
Answer: The last paper based test in Karachi & Quetta was held on July 5th, a few students in Islamabad were made to appear in written test instead of computer based test because of some visionary issues and last test of Architecture in Islamabad was conducted on July 8th. All these results will be out on the same day probably. According to NUST, result of architecture is prepared in about two weeks. So these results are expected to be announced between 20 to 25th July.

Q2) When the merit lists will be announced?
Answer: After the announcement of all the results, NUST will announce the merit positions for Engineering, Business Studies and Architecture based on their marks of matric, FSc Part 1 and NET. When the merit positions are announced, students would have an option to change their preferences as well. A few days will be provided to make the change in preferences and after this deadline the first merit list will be uploaded. Merit positions will be out in last week of July and merit list is expected to be out in first week of August. 
For medical the merit positions will be out in September, when the result of Fsc Part 2 is announced.

Q3) How can we change our preferences?
Answer: When NUST announces the merit positions, you will give a couple of days to change you preferences. Before that no change in the form can be made.

Q4) What were the closing merits of last year/How much percentage we need to secure admission?
Answer: The expected closing merits of NUST are listed below:
  • MBBS: Last year merit closed at about 84.9%. So 85%+ should be considered safe. For PCs, the merit is about 2-3% less than open merit.
  • BDS: 83.5% + is fine enough for BDS. However the students having 83% also have a chance.
  • Bio-Sciences: Students with 75%+ will be able to get in.
  • Business Studies: Last year merit of Business Studies closed near 58%, so the merit above 58% is safe for getting admission. However For Economics you need about 60% and for BBA and Bs Accounting and Finance 63% + . 
  • Engineering: Merit above 65%+ would get you admission in Engineering. The table below will help you in knowing where you stand.These will be the merits in the very last list. In the first list merits would be higher. But many students will leave the seats for other universities like GIKI, PIEAS, UET etc, so merit will fall in second and the next lists. In 2014 There were 8 merit lists.

                                       Field   Approximate Minimum aggregate for admission   
    Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)
    Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Electrical Engineering (Islamabad)
    Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur)
    Civil Engineering (Islamabad)
    Chemical Engineering (Islamabad)
    Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Avionics Engineering (Risalpur)
    Software Engineering (Islamabad)
    Mechanical Engineering (Karachi)
    Civil Engineering (Risalpur)
    Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Mechanical Engineering (Winter Session) (Karachi)
    Material Engineering (Islamabad)
    Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi)
    Electrical Engineering (Karachi)
    Computer Science (Islamabad)
    Environmental Engineering (Islamabad)
    Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad)
    Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Karachi)

    For Paying cadets, merit is much lower. Students near 110 can also get admission on PC seat. A fellow girl with 112 marks in NET is in EME Electrical on PC seat.
  • Architecture: In architecture students are not able to score much higher marks. The highest marks are usually in 120s or 130s. So a result merit of SADA is lower. If you score above 90 in NET for SADA, you have a chance.
  • Note: These are neither official nor exact figures. Just an approximate, merit less than the above mentioned percentages might also get you in if the merit falls. So do not lose hope. 
Q5) How many seats are available in NUST?
Answer: The distribution of seats in NUST, for all the fields, is available on the following link: Distribution of seats in  NUST

As soon as we can any confirm update about result or merit lists we will announce it on our Facebook Page. Feel free to ask in case of any issue.


  1. what about sat local and international seats ?

  2. For which field did you apply?

  3. Is 73.5% enough for bs biosciences? May be in the last merit list?

  4. my aggregate is 76.78.what is my chance in mechanical smme and secondly how many seats are increasing for mechanical smme??????

  5. Last year merit closed in 74s..
    So seems tough. But yeah nothing definite can be said. It might fall this year. So hope for the best. But do keep a second option with you

  6. Good chance to be in SMME. And about the number of seats, i'll inform after confirming

  7. For bio sciences - aggregate formula is the same as that for mbbs/bds?

  8. Scored 119 in net 3 and applied for engineering ? In which feild can I get admission on open seat as well as on paying cadet retired..And my fsc part 1 will be considered or part 2? My part 1 marks is 418 and total 810

  9. Seems tough on open merit. But on pc seat you can get in any field you wish to that is offered to PCs

  10. What is scope of civil risalpur and software mcs

  11. chances of admission in mechatronics or chemical with 71.8 agg and in which list ??

  12. Muhammad Awais15 July 2015 at 17:56

    61.83 aggregate....any chance on pc seat bhai?

  13. Muhammad Awais15 July 2015 at 20:03

    bhai in which discipline?

  14. expected date for 4th list ?

  15. My aggregate is 64.39 is pr bhi chance hai?

  16. Do they consider both a level and o level equivalences for merit lists or just o level? I gave both if thwm in my form but generally fir those awaiting result they just take o level equivalence so will I be treated the same?

  17. @Fatima For which field did you apply?

  18. I secured 75% aggregate in Nust , I really want to get into Seecs Electrical engineering programme, how much percentage chance do I have ? , Thanks in advance

  19. For bba like for nust bussiness school

  20. Do i have a chance in first merit list?

  21. 58% aggregate...107 mrks net and 735 in fsc any chance in mass comm??? Please do rply quickly...

  22. Is there ayn chance on open merit because if I get admission in telecom my name will be removed from pc seat.. So should I remove discipline of low merit from open seat so that I can I get admission in software or eme on pc seat?

  23. i secure 56% aggregate..... any chance to get admission in software on pc seats

  24. I applied for nbs

  25. I am in the first 40 students in PIEAS first waiting list, do I have a chance in getting admission ?

  26. I am really confuse because some Facebook page are saying that I will not get admission with 64.39 aggregate in software engineering on pc seat in nust and some are saying yes so what should I do.. In which thing I should believe

  27. I secured 126 in NET, 468 in part 1. Fo I have a chance in BBA or Mass Com?

  28. my aggregate is 57.6% 105 marks in net 750 in fsc 844 in matric any chance in any field of business studies

  29. 68.4% aggregate, good chances in CS?

  30. and what about BS Physics?

  31. 67.23% eng. men chances hn!! plz temme ??

  32. Laiqa Dilip Daewani25 July 2015 at 21:01

    any idea when the result for paper based test in karachi will be out?

  33. The pages/people which are saying you wont get admission, stop following them, seriously @_@
    You'd be in, in sha Allah (Y)

  34. Any idea when? Do you think it will be released at least before 30th of this month?

  35. Thanks for the answer, btw if I opt for BS Physics are my total NET marks considered for the aggregate or only the marks consisting of score in Physics, Maths, English, and Intelligence (excluding Chemistry)?


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