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Saturday, August 17

Comprehension Passage in ECAT 2012

Read out the Passage and answer the questions given below:

The manner in which the three buildings of World Trade Center (WTC) collapsed has given rise to many questions. These questions were raised by experts. For instance, a substantial part of its material was converted into power. How does one explain this? According to the "official" version, the building collapsed because the vertical steel rods, around which the entire structure was erected, were melted by the fire. According to experts, steels melt at around 1500 degrees centigrade. Experimental studies with fires in building have revealed that the highest temperatures in such fires never exceed 400 degree centigrade. How does one explain this discrepancy? How could the fire resulting from planes hitting the building outside melt, if at all, the steel rods in the center region? If, claimed, the steel rods did melt, then why did the top of the half of the rods not bend to one side or the other, carrying the upper parts of the building with it. The lower half should have stayed intact. Why did this not happen? How was it that a group of one of the tallest building in the world collapsed symmetrically and perfectly within the footprints? There is another mystery associated with the collapse of the WTC buildings. A third building known as WTC 7, that was not hit by a plane also collapsed within its footprints in the same manner as the other two collapsed?


Q.1) Steel melts: 
a) At 400 degree centigrade 
b) When a plane brushes it at high speed. 
c) At 1500 degree centigrade 
d) Due to impact 

Q.2) Experts believe that when a tall steel structure is hit by a body, of comparatively very small size, at a point: 

a) Then the whole structure collapses vertically
b) Then the upper portion would tilt to a side a
nd the lower portion would remain intact. 
c) Then the structure would turn into powder.
d) Then the structure would explode and scatter all around.

Q.3) Questions raised by technical experts on the collapse of WTC: 
a)  Substantiate the "official" version explaining the cause of collapse. 
b)  Point to massive corruption by contractors 
Constructed the WTC complex. 
c) Help us in concluding that steel structures are highly unreliable
d) Strengthen the argument that collapse of WTC
 complex was not because of planes colliding and that the "official" version is meant to hide the truth behind the whole episode.

Note: The total number of questions was 5, couldn't get the other two questions but those were also very very simple. Many students secured 10/10 in English portion . 


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