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Sunday, June 30

Distribution of Biology Mcqs in NET-1

MCQs from Part 1.

Chapter Number Chapter Name Number of MCQs
1st Introduction 3
2nd Biological molecules 8
3rd Enzymes 2
4th The cell 14
5th Variety of life 19
6th Kingdom prokaryotae 4
7th Kingdom protista 6
8th Fungi 4
9th Kingdom Plantae 6
10th Animalia 3
11th Bioenergetics 6
12th Nutrition 12
13th Gaseous exchange 5
14th Transport 15

Total 107 .

MCQs from Part 2

Chapter Number Chapter Name Number of MCQs
15th Homeostasis 4
16th Support and Movement 4
17th Co-ordination & control 5
18th Reproduction 5
19th Growth and development 3
20th Chromosomes and DNA 7
21st Cell cycle 5
22nd Variation & genetics 6
23rd Biotechnology 2
24th Evolution 5
25th Ecosystem 4
26th Some Major ecosystem 2
27th Man & his environment 6

Total 58.

Important Note:
                           This list is prepared from the mcqs provided by the students who took NET-1. So this list is not an authentic source to make your preparation accordingly. However the chapters from which the number of mcqs is more than 10 can be termed as important for the test. Need a little help from those who are taking NET-2. Just confirm if the above mentioned distribution is being followed even a bit??

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  1. Mohammad Shahzaib23 March 2015 at 08:56

    NET-2 k liye plzzzzzz...distribution btaen..


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