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Sunday, May 12

Lahore Board 2010 Bio Part 2

1) protein filament which binds to calcium
a) actin
b) myosin
c) troponin
d) tropomyosin

2) which one of the following is plantigrade
a) rabbits
b) monkeys
c) horses
d) goats

3) match diabetes inspidus with one of the following
a) oxytocin
b) vasopressin
c) insulin
d) glucagen

4) kohler used chimpanzee to prove
a) habituation
b) imprinting
c) latent learning
d) insight learning

5) when will u call embryo fetus
a) after two months
b) after three months
c) after four months
d) after five months

6) the larval epidermis is formed from
a)clear cytoplasm
b) yellow cytoplasm
c) gray vegeta cytoplasm
d) gray equatorial cytoplasm

7) which of following is stop signal during transcription
a) CA
b) GA
c) GC
d) TA

8) which one is absent in animal cell
a) spindle
b) centriole
c) chromatids
d) phragmoplast

9) locus is a
a) part of DNA
b) position of gene
c) partner of gene
d) complement of gene

10) the first restriction enzyme was isolated by
a) kary mullis
b) hamilton
c) sanger
d) maxam

11) the main reason for extinction of species is
b) overproduction
c) habitat destruction
d) parasitism

12) which is not a micro nutrient
a) zinc
b) iron
c) sulfur

13) plants in deserts
a) remain ever green
b) short rooted
c) conserve water
d) broad leaves

14) percentage of land under cultivation
a) 30 percent
b) 21 %
c) 11%
d) 5%


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