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Sunday, May 12

Gujranwala Board 2010 Bio Part 2

1) lung cancer is cause due to
a) SO2
b) CFS
c) oxides of nitrogen
d) CO

2) when sperms are in tubules protection and nourishment is provided by
a) sertoli cells
b) interstitial cells
c) epidydimis
d) seminiferous tubules

3) savanna are the grasslands in
a) temperate climate
b) tropical climate
c) arctic tundra
d) alpine tundra

4) phenyl ketonuria is a well known example of
a) deletion
b) insertion
c) inversions
d) point mutation

5) in plants elongation of cells is favored by
a) infrared light
b) red light
c) blue light
d) UV light

6) reptiles are included in
a) endotherm
b) ectotherms
c) homeotherms
d) heterotherms

7) twisting around actin there are two strands of another protein
a) myosin
b) tropoinin
c) tropomyosin
d) creatinine

8) in a population that is in hardy Weinberg equilibrium, 16% individuals show the recessive trait what is the frequency of the dominant allele in the population
a) 0.48
b) 0.36
c) 0.84
d) 0.4

9) the syndrome having trisomy of chromosome no 18
a) edward
b) down
c) ptau
d) jacob’s

10) a genome is a full set of gene of a
a) cell
b) tissue
c) individual
d) population

11) association b/w fungus and alga is an example of
a) commensalism
b) parasitism
c) mycorhiza
d) lichens

12) the genic system for determination if sex is present in
a) ginkgo
b) yeast
c) drosophila
d) protenor bug

13) ovary under stimulus of FSH produces
a) estrogen
b) progesterone
c) oxytocin
d) corticosteroids

14) heart wood accumulates the chemical
a) cellulose
b) abseisins
c) chitin
d) resin

15) metabolism of purine and pyrimidine produces significant amount of
a) creatinine
b) creatine
c) xanthine
d) trimethylamine oxide

16) simplest form of learning is
a) imprinting
b) habituation
c) insight learning
d) latent learning


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