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Sunday, May 12

Lahore Board 2011 Bio Part 2

1) animals excreting ammonia are
a) ureaotelic
b) uricotelic
c) ammnotelic
d) excretoltelic

2) earth worn has tubular excretory system called
a) procphridia
b) protonephridia
c) mesonephridia
d) metanephridia

3) which hormone in male stimulates the intersititail cells of the testsis to secrete testosterone
a) TSH
b) FSH
d) LTH

4) hormone secreted by mucose of pyloric regiom of stomach is
a) gastrin
b) secretin
c) osetrogen
d) progesterone

5) corpus leteum starts secreting a hormone called
a) oestrogen
b) progesterone
c) oxytocin
d) testosterone

6) in human female discharge of blood and cell debris is called
a) ovulation
b) menstruation
c) abortion
d) secretion

7) cleavage results in the formation of rounded closely packed mass of balstomere called
a) morula
b) blastula
c) gastrula
d) neurula

8) in 1882 chromosomes were first observed by
a) john brown
b) walther fleming
c) alter Sutton
d) TH morgan

9) condensation of chromosomes reaches to is max in
a) diakinesis
b) pachytene
c) zygotene
d) leptotene

10) the individuals which are universal recipients have
a) A blood group
b) B
c) AB
d) O

11) Wallace developed a theory of natural selection identical to
a) Lamarck
b) Linnaeus
c) Darwin
d) Hutton

12) zone where light penetrate to support photosynthesis
a) limnetic zone
b) littoral zone
c) profundal zone
d) benthic zone


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