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Sunday, May 12

Gujranwala Board 2011 Bio Part 2

1) the form of learning which involves a dimution of response to repeated stimuli
a) imprinting
b) habituation
c) latent learning
d) insight learning

2) gastrin is a hormone reduced by
a) adrenals
b) pancrease
c) gut
d) liver

3) the duration of gestation period in human female is
a) 250 days
b) 260 days
c) 280 days
d) 270 days

4) light sensitive pigment in plants
a) cytochrome
b) phytochrome
c) photochrome
d) auxin

5) only 30 percent of earth is
a) land
b) fresh water
c) marine water
d) mountains

6) limnetic phytoplankton include the
a) bacteria
b) algae
c) mosses
d) cyanobacteria

7) in ecosystem 2nd trophic level is consisted of
a) prdoducers
b) primary consumers
c) secondary consumers
d) tertiary consumers

8) according to endosymbiont hypothesis the aerobic bacteria developed into
a) ribosomes
b) lysosomes
c) mitochondria
d) golgi apparatus

9) the spindle fibers are composed of RNA and protein called
a) insulin
b) tubulin
c) actin
d) myosin

10) the enzyme luciferase is produced by an insect called
a) housefly
b) firefly
c) butterfly
d) tsetefly

11) cambium is an example of
a) apical meristem
b) intercalary meristem
c) lateral meristem
d) apex

12) V-shaped chromosome is called
a) acrocenteric
b) telocentric
c) metacentric
d) submetacentric

13) fibers, scleriods, and vessels are three types of
a) collenchyma
b) scelerenchyma
c) parenchyma
d) cambium

14) bone dissolving cells are called
a) osteocalsts
b) osteoblasts
c) osteocytes
d) stem cells


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