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Saturday, May 11

Lahore Board 2009 Bio Part 2

1) end product of Hb breakdown and metabolites of various hormones is
a) uric acid
b) bilirubin
c) creatinine
d) all

2) the collenchyma cells have protoplast and usually lack
a) secondary wall
b) primary wall
c) cell membrane
d) vacuole

3) spontaneous movements due to internal causes
a) autonomic
b) paratonic
c) tactic
d) taxi

4) absicis acid promotes closing of stomata under condition of
a) water stress
b)light stress
c) temp stress
d) wind stress

5) largest part of brain
a) cerebellum
b) cerebrum
c) medulla
d) thalamus

6) clear cytoplasm produces
a) muscle cells
b) larval epidermis
c) gut
d) neural tube

7) succive amino acids bearing t Rna will bind at
a) A site
b) B site
c) P site
d) E site

8) gene with multiple phenotypic effects
a) polygenic allele
b) Bombay allele
c) pleotropic allele
d) multiple allele

9) ABO blod group system was discovered by
a) Landsteiner
b) morgan
c) correns
d) bernstein

10) cystic fibrosis patients lacks a gene that encodes for trans-membrane carrier for
a) calcium ions
b) sodium ions
d) chloride ions

11) the rate of primary production is about 70-1500 g/m2 annually in
a) temperate grassland
b0 desert
c) tundra
d) tropical grassland

12) largest consumer of electrical energy is
a) homes
b) offices
c) industries
d) agriculture

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