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Saturday, May 11

Gujranwala Board 2008 Bio Part 2

1) the animals which do not adjust their internal salt conc. according to external environment are
a) osmo regulators
b) thermo regulators
c) osmo conformers
d) none of these

2) the movement in response to stimulus of light is called
a) photo tactic movement
b) chemo tactic moment
c) sleep movement
d) rapid movement

3) the structural and functional unit of nervous system is
A) neuron
b) neuroglial cells
c) receptor
d) effector

4) fruit development proceeds without fertilization and no seed formation takes place is called
a) parthenocrapy
b) seed dormancy
c) photoperiodism
d) none of these

5) the ability to regain the lost part is called
a) regeneration
b) aging
c) embryonic induction
d) none of these

6) different alleles of a gene that are both expressed in a heterozygous condition are called
a) co dominance
b) complete dominance
c) over dominance

7) natural extra chromosomal circular DNA in bacteria are called
a) plasmids
b) endonucleases
c)phage virus
d) restriction enzymes

8) group of interbreeding individual belonging to a particular species and sharing a common geographic area are called
a) species
b) population
c) individual
d) community

9) the succession in pond is called
a) xerosere
b) hydrosere
c) mezosere
d) none of these

10) floating plants are called
a) phytoplankton
b) algae
c) fungi
d) protista

11) ozone is present upto the height of
a) 10-50 km
b) 100 km
c) 90 km
d) 110km

12) metanephridium is present in
a) earth worm
b) cockroach
c) hydra
d) planaria

13) if plants are wounded they form masses known as
a) calluses
b) chelated
c) cholorosis
d) none of these

14) adenine and guanine forms
a) purine
b) pyrimidine
c) nucleatidase
d) phosphodiester bond


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