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Saturday, May 11

Lahore Board 2008 Bio Part 2

1) All of the following are synthesized by liver except that of
a) glucagon
b) alumin
c) fibrinogen
d) prothrombin

2) all of the following are related to axial skeleton except
a) skull
b) ribs
c) sternum
d) appendages

3) which one is not related to others
a) myoxedma
b) diabetes
c) cretinism
d) exopithalmic goiter

4) during delivery in human females the average loss of blood is about
a) 250cm3
b) 350cm3
c) 350mm3
d) 250mm3

5) the meristem present at the bases of inter nodes in many plants is
a) apical meristem
b) intercalary meristem
c) lateral meristem
d) cork cambium

6) a central role for chromosome in hereditary was first suggested in 1990 by
a) W.S Sutton
b) TH Morgan
c) Karl correns
d) walther fleming

7) in which phase of cell cycle the no of chromosomes become double
a) S phase
b) G1 phase
c) G2 phase
d) Go phase

8) all the alleles found in breeding population nat a given time are collectively called
a) Poly-gene
b) gene pool
c) continuously varying trait
d) multiple alleles

9) the enzyme that extracted from thermos aquatieus bacterium is
a) DNA polymerase
b) taq polymerase
c) rna polynmerase
d) dna polymerase and taq polymerase

10) in a population with two alleles for a particular locus Ba and b the allele frequency of B is 0.7 what would be the frequency of heterozoyte if the population is in hardy Weinberg equilibrium
a) 0.42
b) 0.49
c) 0.03
d) 0.21

11) the living organism who can prepare their own food
a) green plants
b) Producers
c) Heteroptrophs
d) Green plants and producers

12) in Sindh the desert ecosystem is called
a) Thar
b) Thal
c) Cholistan
d) Temperate

13) a single chlorine atom can react with UV rays and destroy ozone molecules as many as
a) one billion
b) one million
c) two million
d) two billion

14) the type of calcium phosphate stones of all types of stones are
a) 5 percent
b) 15 percent
c) 10 percent
d) 70 percent

15) the structure formed by the fusion of posterior four pelvic vertebrae
a) Sacrum
b) coccyx
d) axis

16) The ones of elipsey occurs before the age of
a) 30s
b) 60s
c) 25 yrs
d) 50 yrs

17) the first convoluted part of vas deferens is called
b) seminiferous tubule
c) ureter
d) scrotum


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