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Saturday, January 5

Let’s roam in the valley of love!

valley of love

Attraction of one’s heart towards any fascinating thing is Love. It is an intense feeling of deep affection, warmth, fondness and regard towards a person or a thing and a vital component without which our life is meaningless. It is a human nature that we want to be loved by someone who can take great care of us, a relation in which we give and expect back too. Love comprises of two prime types i.e. love of Lord and worldly love.

It is narrated in a Hadith that Allah Almighty loves us 70 times more than our mothers.  He is benevolent, beneficent and merciful. He keeps on showering his blessings upon us whatever we do. This is because He wants us to pay regards for His multitude blessings. He is giving us a chance to improve ourselves but we pay no heed to such chances and warnings. We don’t have time to ponder upon the greatness of His blessings. How unthankful are we? So have not you seen the end of bygone nations who were hit by the wrath of Allah Almighty because of their deeds? Why don’t we understand? Or is that ‘May be’ our conscience has been assassinated by us that we don’t feel ashamed of our actions today.

When your head is on the pillow
And the day is almost done
Count Allah Might’s blessings
Count them one by one

And I daresay we shall fail in doing so. If Allah Almighty is forgiving our sins and still He is blessing us, so are we giving Him anything in return (though He doesn’t need anything from us nor He requires our Prayers)? Think what if He takes our breath away, and then we shall see heaps of corpses. This is just a minor example to elucidate the fact.

Once a pious man made complaint to God and what answer he got was:

Hundreds of time I call u, hundreds of time I tease you
Come and meet me, come and call me in loneliness
See yourself, you are asleep and I am awake
Come and seldom also pay me for my sincerity

 Worldly love can be for a specific person, any aim or work etc. (Talking about a person) The lover forgets all his happiness and sorrows and tries his level best to drench himself fully in the love of his beloved. A stage comes when you have no more control over yourself. When the situation becomes so much intense that the lover sees his beloved everywhere.
And when the beloved asks his lover,
 “Tell me will you be still patient if I double your suffering?
So the lover says
 “Yes, as long as you also double your love for me or promise me to have your glimpse sometimes.

It is designated as Ishq but such cases are rare now.

Worldly love can be divided into four major categories:  

  • What we are without the love and support of our siblings (our own family, parents, brother, sisters, relatives etc)? We are worthless beings without them. We love them unconditionally and get the same from them too.
  •  Love of friends is something which smoothers our fidgets and soothes our heart. Good and sincere friends are also a blessing in one’s life. But false friends are worse than open enemies. 
  • Our love and friendliness for whole mankind comes under worldly love.
  • Now here comes that category to which most of our young generation is rending great services and no doubt are inviting the trouble.
  •  Often when people are betrayed and deceived, they learn from their mistakes and further refrain themselves from indulging again in such cases. Majority in such sort of cases come towards right path and follow the commands of their Lord so in return they get fruitful rewards which can’ not be accounted in few words.
  • There are others who spend their whole life alone either regretting their mistakes or spending their lives thinking about their beloved ones.
  • People who unwillingly accept their failure and come to normal life but still in the nook of their heart their beloved ones remain intact.
  • Last but not the least are the ones who play with the feelings of others just for time pass, to end their cravings and to enjoy merely. This situation we can easily witness nowadays. No more worse creatures other than them can exist ever. 
  • Those who get their beloved easily without any obstacle in their path.
  • Those who pass numerous hurdles and finally get success.
We’re discussing the last category in detail here:

Generally two types of lovers are seen.
The ones who fail in getting their beloved ones and others succeed.

When we analyse such cases with sagacity we come to know of different cases amongst those who face failure.
There are two different cases normally among those who succeed.

Love is not done by us willingly but it does happen simultaneously or gradually when someone’s personality, conduct etc affects the core of our heart.

Love happens automatically, Manual working of it is called Flirting.

 Love is not forbidden in Islam but touching the heights of vulgarity is not tolerable at all. If you love someone and want to be his life partner then let it be done in an acceptable way by the bond of marriage. But inculcate that if your parents do not agree then leave it for their sake because your parents love you more than your lovers. They can never see you in pain. They are your well-wishers not your enemies. In Islam, disobedience of parents itself is a sin. If you sacrifice your burning desires for making your parents happy then for sure you will be rewarded to an unimaginable extent on doomsday. As it is said, “enthusiasm is at its peak at the time of youth” so some adults do not listen to their parents and go against them. We do accept that the time period of youth is indeed ardent, but we should use our brains too. Allah Almighty has blessed us with wisdom so we should ponder that a person who is leaving his parents for you, so what do you expect that can’t he leaves you for someone else one day? Component of disloyalty is put in all humans to some extent but the amount varies from person to person. Islam does not allow anyone to rule over others life and to compel them to do what they want but we should be sensible enough to absorb some realistic facts too. Life is not a bed of roses.

 No doubt that ‘deeds of a person are based on its intentions’. If our love is this much genuine then we don’t have to strive a lot. That person will come to us miraculously. So have not you heard the condition of Zulekha who lost her beauty, wealth and even herself in the love of Hazrat Yousaf (may Allah Mighty be pleased with him). She had seventy loaded camels with gems and jewels.  When any person stated in front of her that he/she has seen Joseph today she used to give them jewels and a day came when she was given the title “All in the name of Joseph” . But when she accepted Islam and got married to Hazrat Yousaf(may Allah Almighty be pleased with him) then there came a time when she clearly told Hazrat Yousaf (may Allah Mighty be pleased with him) that I would have never loved you if I had known the sweetness and the essence of love of my Lord. So if u think that your love is like hers (which does not exist at least these days) then you only have to wait for your turn and you will, for sure, get it.

The basic difference between love of Lord and worldly love is that in the former you get everything’ but in the latter one it is impossible. It is a bitter reality that Worldly love hurts. Whatever you do and however you do you can’t be the one to make your beloved happy every time. You may sacrifice your ego, love and dignity for a person but you can’t please him every time even you try to be the luckier one. One may say that how a person can sacrifice all such things but here lies the fact that love is blind.

“Love is not getting someone physically but caring for him/her even the price is your own dead body”

But in today’s era love is a word used to label the sexual excitement of the young ones, the habituation of the middle aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.  

If you succeed you may be the lucky one but if you do not then think that there must be some good will of Allah Mighty. We make complaints but sometime later in life we realize that that was a good decision made by Him. History witnesses that many saints in their early lives fall victim of love but when either they got deceived by loved ones or when shown right path by Allah Almighty, they realize the actual worth of this mundane world.  Platonic love in today’s world is rare because the lust in our hearts has trodden us beyond limits. We have changed into those beings who don’t even know the actual meaning of love but we claim that no other sincere human than us can ever exist and so most of us are awakened when we lose everything and yes, when we are cheated by our loved ones. Then Allah Almighty shudders you and asks you:
“Is there any one to whom you can go when your heart is broken? Now tell me who is yours?  I keep on neglecting your sins but is there anyone today who is yours? Who can mend your heart other than me?” 

So, if you trust in the Lord with all of your heart then your heart cannot betray you. Allah Almighty is not going to want you to be with someone who treats you less than you deserve. He certainly is not going to want you to be abused or mistreated or making excuses for someone who abuses you or mistreats you. Lean not on your own understanding! Allah Almighty sees your feelings. He will certainly choose the best for you. If God comes to you tonight and said that you were not going to get that big promotion at work you have dreamed of but that it was in your best interest, would you accept it? What if He gave you more insight and said that by taking that big promotion you would find yourself over-worked and over stressed? That it would lead you away from Him and the plans He has for your life? Would you accept it? Yet time and again we can know in our spirit that someone we are dating is simply not the choice God has for us and yet we can stay for love. He knows even the secrets kept inside the hearts. He sees what happens if you were to stay with someone you are not supposed to be with and yet we can turn our hearts from God. Just because it may seem right does not make it right. Just because it feels right doesn't make it right. Our worldly love often ends in grief. We mourn the loss in our soul and the time wasted chasing the wind. What about the world planted by us?

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Even in laughter the heart may ache, and joy may end in grief.

We should ask for forgiveness. Be realistic in life. Do not always follow your fantasy world because that is not real life. Allah Mighty is the only one to whom you can go and discuss everything when you are in the state of impatience and anxiety. He is always there for you; He is there for you when the whole world leaves you alone. He can forgive all your sins so why don’t we follow His path which is much better than the one we are following now?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

I am not suggesting that any of this is easy. I am not suggesting that any of this is painless, or that I have mastered what I write. What I am suggesting is that the love which the world sells is a lie. It is a lie designed to get us to abandon what we really believe and set us up for disappointment, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. Fall only for the Godly design of love and watch as He lifts you up into His perfect will. He has more bright future all planned out for you. Never settle for less than you deserve because you are a precious diamond. Try to know your worth.
 Allah Almighty says “Come to my path and be mine…I shall make the rest of world yours!”

There will be a time on my Ummah when people will love five things and will forget the other five. They will love people and will forget the Dooms day, they will love worldly wealth and will forget they have to give account of their actions on dooms day, and they will love people and will forget their Lord. They will adore sins and will  forget to ask for forgiveness, they will love palaces and will not recall their Graves. (Al Hadith) 

It is humble request that take some time and analyse your life. May be you will get to know a lot of things which u never knew! And mind it that keep on doing sins by hoping that you will ask for forgiveness later is itself a sin.
When I see your blessings, I forget my sins

Written By Sammar Sanik


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  2. very very nice :) i wud like to know dat u are a girl or boy ? sammar :)

  3. Its was more than wonderful.....no one dare even to write about the love of lord bt!!!!!!!thanks summar it was thought provoking


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