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Monday, December 31

New You

New you

Hey friends, as I am having my December vacations from college and a damn flu attack totally freaking me out, it’s just so absolute for me not to open any book except Facebook, which is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite  :-P

Obviously, it should be, because, at least, I’ve not seen such an enjoyable book in my whole life  :-D  (It doesn’t mean it’s not boring at all, Sometimes, it sucks like a typical book! :P). So, all in all, it’s not a bad idea to write a piece of blog. Anyway, winters are on us, with all their moongphali and heater stuff and I do have an idea how difficult it is to study in such a rare weather. I won’t suggest you opening your book either. For me, it’s not time to do, it’s time to plan. Yes, don’t you know? 2012 is leaving us. You got to think about an awesome Facebook status after all :-P  and a Good-bye 2012 display picture as well. It’s just every typical Pakistani student does, including me of course. So, 2012 has passed and world hasn’t ended as predicted by some empty-skulled people, so, we should really move on to our new year resolutions. Yes, those resolutions which are followed by only a few of us. But, it’s nothing bad in day-dreaming, you get some really satisfying moments to cherish  :-P If you ask about my new year resolutions, this year I have no plans to make any. I started my last few year with similar resolutions, you know ‘‘daaktar ban’na’’ but this year , it would be different. In fact, it will be similar for next six years i.e. my life will be planned by SIMS administration :-P  it does happen when you are a medical student, particularly a SIMSONIAN with Mam Firdouse as your vice principle (Only my college mates can understand my dukh). I’m writing all this crap because I expect most of you know my story already. If you don’t please switch to a post named as ‘Being an MCAT repeater’ with a weird jhanday wali picture, on this same blog. You will know the background saga  :-P 
Article Being an Mcat Repeater can be read Here : http://entrytest-preparation.blogspot.com/2012/12/being-mcat-repeater.html )

Okay guys, enough blabbing, now I should tell the reason why I’m writing this post. I’m writing this to advice repeaters, in short, my warriors who will be medical students by next year, In ShaAllah. You people need to say an actual good-bye to 2012. It surely has given you an absolutely dark time of your life but believe me, it not the year’s fault. Since, we have a knack of blaming months and years for our failures and bad-lucks, it’s important for all of you to leave your past behind and moving on to your bright future. Just say a permanent good-bye to bad memories of 2012.

Best idea is to put a Facebook status. Believe me, it works. Say out everything loud and let that go for ever. You will have a considerably light feeling after doing that  :-P Cry for a last time and make a resolution that it’s actually the last time you have cried over your failure. You think it’s idiotic of me to advise someone to cry? No, I’m not. I’m just suggesting a really effective therapy. Just have a look on this year’s merit and you will know how many deserving student couldn’t make their way to medical schools. My two friends lost for a third time. It’s not easy man! It’s not. 

Next, put an end to listening sad songs, and thinking their lyrics are made for you and you only. Honestly, the lyricist doesn’t know you at all. It’s just your lack of sensibility which makes you think like that. There was a time when I used be this insensible and that didn’t give me an ounce of benefit so for God’s sake delete your playlist which is full of those creepy songs which make you feel lonely.

Socialize. In fact let me make it bold for you, SOCIALZE. This is important. Make friends and talk to them. Throw those hard walls, you have built around you and let people know you. Silence never works pals. You need to share with your friends. Come on! They are your friends and they do understand you. Don’t think they are insensitive just because they are not at your place. So, make your life move on instead of making your life strangled to where it is.
Now, as the post is getting excessively serious, let me put a light idea in front of you. Read your favorite books and stories. Enjoy the upcoming year to its fullest and make it a memorable time of your life. Tune Disney and see doraemon. There will come a point when you will laugh on your stupidity.
It’s not like I’m advising you to ignore your studies. They are most important of course, but you need to refresh yourself as well. It boosts up you stamina. So, don’t let yourself become a workaholic or an irritating book worm. Stay cool and maintain a balanced personality. 
Play some productive video games. They are really good way to release your anger. For girls, it is best to engage themselves in some girlish activities like cooking and photography. Majority will prefer later one, I know :-P
In short, stick to positivity and whatever you do, remember one thing. Allah is always with you. He knows what a human being can never understand and He is the best planner. Never, give up and always keep faith. Don’t go on what people say because everything happens with Allah’s will. Otherwise, the world would have ended by 21 December, 2012 and I would never have written this blog. Make plans and follow them. If you are unable to do that, just let the life go in a flow. Because, making plans isn't important, but forgetting dark times is, as they hinder your way of success.
Now, I can’t maintain seriousness for such a long time, so it is better to put an end to this post. Moreover my moongphali basket is also empty and my mom would never allow me more with such a terrible flu. So, you just get up and make plans to welcome 2013 graciously 
See you in 2013!

Written By Hira Shaheen (SIMS)

Article Being an Mcat Repeater can be read Here :


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