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Tuesday, November 13

Let Them Choose Their Path

choose path

Let them choose their path...

“Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Youth is an asset of a country and works like its backbone. Definition of ‘youth’ varies from country but for static purpose UN defines ‘youth’ as all those persons who fall between the ages of 15 and 24 years. Pakistan is sixth populous country in the world. As estimated 103 million Pakistanis (63%), fall under the age of 25 years and hence leading as a majority. The youth thus shouldn’t be demoralized by our society or the families as they can pave a path for better future.

While living in, and observing the society for past few years, we have observed that one of the biggest dilemmas for the students in Pakistan is the choice of a suitable career path. Normally, the students aren’t aware of all the options they have, to start with. On top of it, pressure, rather than encouragement, to opt for a specific profession, further aggravates matters. In developed countries around the globe, it has been noticed that students are free to, rather persuaded to, choose profession of their own choice which helps them a great deal in excelling in their career and lives, whereas in Pakistan, the situation is completely different. The parents compel their children that they can either take up the family business, or must adopt the profession chosen by them, if they are so keen about higher education. Considering the circumstances, most of the students comply with the professional fate destined by their parents. They achieve and secure good rank in their respective fields, but the urge to accomplish the goals they dreamt of always haunts them, not letting them excel in their area in equation to their talent.

 There is lack of awareness in the students and thus making them liable to bow before all the pressures, the one being the centre of focus is the parental control. A parental stereotype is, if they have bright children, they want them to choose the field of science, thus leading to medical or engineering, because they perceive that applied science is the most impressive and prestigious career and serves best as a status symbol. The situation leads some students to frustration and so, deviating from their destiny and wasting precious years of life, they cannot achieve anything substantial. Besides this, many other pressures like social pressure, cultural perceptions also play their roles in nuisance.

In Pakistani society students are open to influences. Owing to the lack of awareness in students leads them to destructive paths in future. Career counseling can play best part in this game like it is strengthening students and building confidence in students in countries around the globe to seek better and productive options for them and for the rise of their Nation or State. For an ordinary person, it is hard to focus on a picture and identify what was in painters mind while creating the art piece because he/she couldn’t go deep in-to the soul of the canvas. In the same manner for young and immature scholars it is not always possible for them to recognize their real potentials and with no proper guidelines they are bound to accept the decisions of their parents. Different institutions should provide the facility of career counseling and conduct seminars for the student which would help them in discovering and identifying their skills.

Ismail Gulgee was one of the famous self taught portrait painter and abstract artist of Pakistan, who earned name in the field of art around the world. He was also a qualified civil engineer in US. While giving an interview on Television, Gulgee revealed the fact that he was always interested in becoming an artist but the choice of his parents was to see him as an engineer so he opt for it. Though he became a capable engineer, still earned name in Art and received prestigious awards like Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (twice), Hilal-e-Imtiaz and made the country proud around the globe because of his talent and his passion.

On other hand, parents can play an important role to cope with this existing situation. They should support their children in finding their real abilities, aptitude and capabilities and shall not forcibly impose their decision on their offspring as it leads to complete failure, distorting their personalities. They should recognize them as individuals so that they might not lose their individuality and let them succeed in their missions. Parents should give the gift of responsibility and decision making to their children that helps the students to maintain the ability to lead a responsible independent life. Parents are the best teachers and role model for their children so the encouragement from their side can build and even break the personality of children.

Article written by Zainib Sanik .


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