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Sunday, November 18

Be Positive

Have you ever been around someone who is constantly unhappy, complaining all the time and who seems to have dark clouds hanging over his head? Likewise have you ever known someone who is so cheery and upbeat that you would purposely seek them out when you are feeling down, because their positive attitude makes you feel better?With both types of people around us, our lives tend to be in alignment with our chronic ways of thinking. Though, our habitual positive and negative thoughts serve consistently in creating positive and negative circumstances in our life. People around us sense our aoura and get affected by our thoughts.People are more disposed to help us only if we are positive as they dislike and avoid anything broadcasting negatively. Generally we have very strong negative or positive thoughts about something will manifest out of that eventually. There are two of the key features of negatively thinking that pre dominantly exist in our life are practiced by personalizing certain events, like when something bad occurs, we automatically blame ourselves.

Though becoming a positive thinker is not so easy. You have to go a lot of past negatively and beliefs before you are able to move forward. Attitude and thoughts do not change overnight we should always visualize only favorable and beneficial situations by using positive words in our conversation with others and smiling a bit more than usual, as this could help us think positively. Another very important aspect of rational thinking is self-talk which is endless stream of thoughts that continuously run through our head every day. These automatic thoughts can be negative or positive. Some self-talk comes from logic and reason. Others may rise from misconceptions that one creates because of lack of formation. Practicing positive self-talk will improve our outlook. When our stake of mind is optimistic, we are able to handle every stress in a constructive way, which also contributes widely to our mental health. Thoughts that may be positive or negative, will color our experience from that point forward. No matter what your circumstances are at present stage. Think positively, expect favorable results and situations and circumstances will change accordingly. It may take some time for the changes to take place, but eventually it works. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that gets absorbed gradually into thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. Knowing the fact that our thoughts will come back eventually in the form of positive or negative experiences in our life, why would we allow ourselves to have an unpleasant thought if it comes back to us? Thinking positively can escalate us smoothly through our day to day life as well as aid the plans we have made for the rest of our life.

Written by Sammar Sanik :)


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