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Wednesday, September 16

MCAT 2015 Paper

MCAT 2015

Given below are the MCQs that were in MCAT 2015 Paper. This is not a complete paper, I added all the MCQs which I could get, in this post. This post will be updated when I will get more mcqs.

Chemistry Portion:

1) How many moles of sodium are present in 0.1 g of sodium?
a) 4.03 × 10
b) 4.3 × 10-2
c) 4.01 × 10-8
d) 4.3 ×10-3

2) With the help of spectral data given, calculate the mass of neon and encircle the best
(percentage of Ne-20, Ne-21 and Ne-22 are 90.92%, 0.26% and 8.82% respectively).
a) 22.18 amu
b) 20.18 amu
c) 220.18%
d) 22.20 amu

Physics Portion:

1) Cobalt-60 is used in medicine and is an intense source of:
a) alpha particles
b) beta particles
c) gamma particles
d) neutrons

2)  According to the equation A ZX à Y +3 α particles, what are the atomic and mass numbers of ‘Y’? 
a) Z -2, A-4
b) Z-6, A-12
c) Z+1, A
d) Z+3, A

3) The excited state of RUBY laser has duration
A. 10-8 sec
B. 10-3 sec
C. 10-20 sec
D. 109 sec

4) The dimensional formula of magnetix field strength or induction is
A. M T-2 A-1
B. M-1 T-1 A-1
C M L T-2
D. M L-1 T-2

5) The force F acting on a conductor of length L and area A is
A. F = I L B sin(theta)
B. F = I L B
C. F = ma

6) The dimensions of pressure are
A. M L-1 T-2
B. M L2 T-2
C. M L-2 T-2
D. M L-1 T-1

7) The dimension of coefficient of viscosity are
A. M L-1 T-1
B. M L1 T-2
C. M L T-2
D. M L-2 T-2

8) In equation of continuity if V is doubled the area will be
A. Double
B. Half
C. One fourth
D. Remain same

9) What will be length of pedulum of time period 1 sec where g = 9.8 m/s2 ?
A. 0.25 m
B. 10 cm
C. 5 cm
D. 15 cm

10) The total energy stored in the spring is given by:
A. E= 0.5 kx2
B. E= 0.5 mv2
C. F= gh

11) The speed of sound is given by formula:

12) If an observer towards a source, frequency will be
A. f = [v + u°/v]
B. f = [v - u°/v]

13) The distance b/w bright fringes is
A. y = lambda L/d
B. y = L/d

14) The least distance of human eye is
A. 25 cm
B. 50 cm
C. 0.25 cm
D. 0.50 cm

15) In which of the following temperature is constant
A. Isothermal
B. Adiabatic
C. Isobatic
D. Isochoric

16) In triple point cell temperature of mixture is
A. 273.16 K
B. -273.16 K
C. 0 C
D. -0.15 C

17) Alpha particles leave tracks in Wilson cloud chamber
A. Straight , continuous
B. Curved discontinuous
C. No definite tracks

18) In X ray tube, electron after being accelerated through velocity v strike the target, then the wavelength of emitted x ray is:
a) not greater then hc/eV.
b) equal to hc/eV
c) not less then hc/eV
d) equal to h/mv

19) In reaction Th --> Po + e, the electron (e) emits from the 
a) 1st orbit 
b) 2nd orbit 
c) valence shell 
d) nucleus

20) A certain radioactive nuclide of mass number ‘x’ decays by Beta-emission and alpha emission to a second nuclide of mass number ‘t’. Which of the following correctly relates ‘x’ and ‘t’? 
a) x = t+4 
b) x = t-4 
c) x-3 = t
d) x-1 = t

21)  During the decay of radioactive isotope X(Atomic & Mass number of X were given) to a stable isotope, six alpha particles and four beta particles are emitted. What is the atomic number ‘Z’ and mass number ‘A’ of the stable isotopes? 
a) Z=70, A=220
b) Z=70, A=212
c) Z=82, A=208
d) Z=82, A=212

Sodium-24 has half-life of 1 hour and it is used in medicine to estimate:
a) plasma/blood volume
b) iron in plasma
c) thyroid function
d) kidney function 

23) In Wilson cloud chamber which of the following tracks represents beta particles?


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