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Friday, June 12

Conflict in Test Dates of GIKI & NUST

Entrance Test for GIKI 2015 Admissions is scheduled on July 5. The paper based test of NUST, that will be held in Karachi & Quetta is also scheduled on July 5. Students of Engineering are confused in which test they should appear. 

The best possible option is appear in both by appearing in computer based test of NUST which will be held in Islamabad. In this case students of Karachi & Quetta will have to travel to Islamabad to appear in computer based test. I contacted rector GIKI, and asked him if there is any possibility of change in the date. Given below is the reply received from the admission office of GIKI:

"NUST test was originally scheduled in June but is being conducted on July 05, 2015 due to some reason and hence conflict has arisen. As GIK Institute test is conducted simultaneously in seven major cities across Pakistan and advance booking of venues has been done, therefore it is not possible to change test date or timings, however, NUST has agreed to conduct CBT (Computer Based Test) for those interested in admission at GIK Institute, provided they can travel to Islamabad for the purpose. This may not be best of solution but under the circumstances no better solution is available."

The contact details of admission office of GIKI are as below:
Muhammad Faheem Akhtar
Director (Admissions & Examinations)
G03, HU Beg Administration Block
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
Topi 23640, District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PAKISTAN
Tel: +92-938-281026 Ext. 2205
Fax: +92-938-281052
Email: faheem@giki.edu.pk 


  1. that sorry figure,it clearly shows the mutual understanding among the institutes.institutes are national assets,ppl need to realize this.

  2. can any one tell me that is 21 jun last date for registration only or fee submission too?

  3. New Era Team 722 June 2015 at 15:15

    Please post something for MCAT 2015


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