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Sunday, February 15

First Year Chronicles

Getting admission in KEMU DPT is usually the best thing that happens to you after you don’t get in MBBS and naturally it pretty much explains low morale of the first year class. If you’ve got into KEMU, you probably worked hard and are currently disappointed. You probably feel cheated by the MCAT and may be under the impression that you haven’t been treated fairly. You also believe that you can do better next year and there are solid chances of you getting into MBBS unless you’ve already tried two to three times.

The first thing you encounter when you come here in KEMU are the seniors waiting for your lecture to end and start their siege of fooling and many of the first year class dislike this whole process of standing in the anatomical position and singing songs they don’t want to sing. Believe me when I tell you that these songs and fooling days are the days you’ll cherish forever, so enjoy while it lasts, blend in and make the best of it.

Now by now you do understand that some of the classes will be held in School of Physiotherapy while the basic sciences including anatomy and physiology will be taught in KEMU by the respective departments. The thing about KEMU departments is that they don’t discriminate between you and MBBS students and demand the same hard work in basic sciences by DPT students. The point is, take them seriously and go through lectures regularly. The subjects taught in school of physiotherapy are relatively easy and require less time to process but it doesn’t mean you can totally ignore them. On a second thought, you can ignore them; you’ll be able to catch up if you start prep 3 months before First Professional.

There are only two kinds of students, the ones who get all emotional and purchase every single book they are recommended and the ones who don’t purchase anything. Don’t be either of them, buy only what you can read and nothing more.  You have to understand that working hard isn’t going to cut it, you need to work intelligently and efficiently. 

If you are thinking of re-attempting the MCAT this year, keep your attendance good the rest of the year, concentrate on anatomy and physiology as these two will help you there in the test too. Take one month off before the test, nothing more or things will get messy and you wouldn’t be able to handle the situation. Most of you won’t qualify for the MCAT and you’ll have to make peace with your situation here. Keeping in view every aspect of life here, you should know that currently you are enrolled in Pakistan’s most prestigious university, in your field your school holds absolute control, the heads of 95 percent of physiotherapy colleges/universities in Punjab are from KEMU. The graduates from your university are respected in your field for being the best at what we do. Despite everything, you should be proud.

Asbar Javaid ( 
Final Year DPT, 2010-2014)


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