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Thursday, October 16

FMH Entrance Test

FMH conducts its Entrance test every year for admissions in MBBS and BDS programs. 150 seats for MBBS and 75 seats for BDS are offered in FMH. 

Pattern of FMH Entrance Test

  • Biology: 10 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 10 MCQs
  • Physics: 10 MCQs
  • English: 15 MCQs
  • General Knowledge: 15 MCQs
  • Total MCQs: 60
  • Time allotted: 1 Hour
The test is computer based. Students are made to sit according to their roll numbers and the seating plan made by FMH. 
Past Paper of FMH is available on the following link: Past Paper of FMH

Get more details about FMH from the following links:


  1. Please share the paper soon

  2. Past Paper of FMH will be shared in a day or two


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