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Thursday, October 16

CMH Past Paper ( 2012 Paper)

Past Paper of CMH

Below are some of the questions which were in the test of CMH held in 2012.

1) Which one is not a vector quantity?
a) Pressure
b) Impulse
c) Moment of force
d) Torque

2) For ATP synthesis which process is used?
a) Chemiosmosis
b) Photosynthesis
c) Phosphorylatn
d) Chemiosynthesis

3) Synonym of following words were asked:
i) morphine
iii) insipid

4) In CaCl2, calcium have which of the following type of hybridization
a) sp3
b) sp2
c) sp

5) Which of the following will have a half filled p-orbital on removal of an electron?
a) N-
b) N
c) C-
d) O+

6) Liver produces all of the following except
a) cholesterol
b) vitamin D
c) urea
d) plasma albumin

7) Amount of heat used to raise the temperature of the body by one degree is
a) molar heat
b) fermi heat
c) specific heat
d) latent heat

8) Tentative explanation after observation is known as:
a) law
b) theory
c) hypothesis
d) statement

9) Linear sequence of amino acids in enzyme is :
a) Primary structure
b) Secondary structure
c) Tertiary structure
d) Quaternary structure

10) Plasma membrane is mainly composed of
a) phospholipid and protein
b)carbohydrate and lipid

11) What sequence of bases is not found in the complementary DNA?
a) A-U
b) A-T
c) C-G
d) G-U

12) Number of floating ribs is ?

13) What is the function of megakaryocytes?

14) Red blood cells are produced in ?

15) Which one of these is not double membranous?
a) vacuole
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus


  1. Can anyone explain the fourth my?

  2. CaCl2 is using AB configuration according to VSEPR theory which means it is having a linear configuration, it has no p orbitals and Calcium is making two sigma bonds with two chloride ions.

  3. Please add more questions to this paper. Thank you!


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